Original Captain Kirk And Old-School Gorn Fight Over New Star Trek Game

The next instalment in J.J. Abrams's re-imagining of Star Trek is out in a couple of weeks, promising all kinds of gut-wrenching tragedy and hard-won vengeance. The tie-in game acts as a prequel for Into Darkness and is a co-op experience where Kirk and Spock team up to battle the Gorn.

So who better to cast in a commercial for the new game than William Shatner and some unnamed, sweating-to-death actor in a terrible rubber Gorn suit? In case you forgot what it looked like when these two last fought, here’s a clip from the classic original Trek episode “Arena.”

There’s no way those fat Gorn fingers are any good on a PS3 controller. Bill, you need a new friend/enemy to play with.


    Hilarious ad, but the game looks terrible, there just seems something wrong with the graphics?

      To me, it looks about as authentic as the original series.

        Hah, if that was the look they were going for then kudos ;)

    THIS = 86x awesome

    Well, I was up in the air about whether to buy this or not, but that add has done it's job. I am sold.

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