Path Of Exile, An Action RPG Developed By Kiwis, Hits 2 Million Players

Path Of Exile, An Action RPG Developed By Kiwis, Hits 2 Million Players

Whether Blizzard likes it or not, Diablo III fell short of satiating our hunger for action RPGs. Torchlight 2 provided a hearty meal to fill the void, but the time’s now perfect for another tasty morsel to hit the plate and Path Of Exile, from Auckland-based Grinding Gear Games, looks the goods.

A piece of VentureBeat reports that since opening the doors to its open beta on January 23, PoE has clocked 2 million registered players, a staggering figure in anyone’s books and right up there with triple-A heavyweights.

GGG seems happy with the numbers as well, going by the following quote from the game’s producer Chris Wilson:

“We’re really pleased with Path of Exile’s reception. It blew our expectations out of the water and continues to grow every day … The continued feedback and support from our fans has been great. We expect to add a lot of new content and features during the Open Beta period as we approach full release later this year.”

At the moment, the game is set for a September release on PC, which, yeah, is an agonisingly long way away. But given the development time GGG has poured into the game already and the care it’s taken to get the game just right, I trust its judgement regarding the date.

New Zealand’s Path of Exile game scores 2m players in two months [VentureBeat]


  • I was really enjoying it until I got to Vaal, the Act II boss. I don’t mind a boss who is a challenge, but one that can one hit kill you and after resurrecting you have to go back up the 3 or 4 levels of the pyramid,no thanks I’m out. Which sux cause act III looks awesome.

    EDIT: Vaals dead

    • U can dodge the one hit kill and you can always put a Town Portal before u start the fight and everytime u die.

  • Trek:people like you are why diablo 3 started out bad and got worse. A game without consequence is no fun at all. If you were getting one shot you were doing something wrong.

    • Wait, are you really being such a huge dick to think that you decide what is fun to other people? You know everyone hates people like you?

      • He’s not really being a dick, he is saying what is some what he thinks is truthful, however blunt it maybe.

        Challenges are fun, if someone cannot get past a certain point it drives the player to learn and build on it as a player, if he cannot handle it there are plenty of other games, no need to cry about something you cannot do or something that isn’t on the same level of play as you are.

  • Been playing PoE for quite sometime, and I’m loving it. However the lack of AUS/NZ servers is the only gripe i have with it. It’s fine on the American server but when it spikes in the middle of races or hardcore, it becomes pretty frustrating.

  • I have been playing since Closed Beta started, shits amazing, can’t believe this is the first kotaku has written on it as it’s own post and it only gets that measly copy pasta from VentureBeat.

  • It’s an awesome game. Reached 78 hardcore. Got bored and stopped playing, but for a free game – you can’t complain.

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