PAX Australia Is Now Completely Sold Out

Being in transit, I totally missed this — so apologies in advance — but it looks as though PAX Australia is now completely sold out.

There will be no more tickets available as the venue is at capacity, so if you don't have a ticket by now? You'll most likely miss out. For those of you who have already bought tickets, the plan is to send them out in June.

Interestingly enough, the word on the official PAX Australia Facebook page is that the people who applied for Enforcer positions at the show will also be getting responses soon. Having just gotten back from PAX East I'd just like to say that the Enforcers at that show were amazingly helpful.

Enforcers are basically just volunteers at the show — they stopped me from getting lost on multiple occasions. Generally they just make the show run a lot more smoothly.

But anyways — PAX Australia. There are no more tickets. Sold out!


    I didn't bother checking, because I just assumed it was sold out months ago :-\

    holy cow! im glad i got tickets last year when they got released. me and 5 other mates are going, going to be awesome!

    Can't believe you missed this Mark. So disappointed in you. I will never read this publication again and I am henceforth cancelling my subscripton.

    Good say sir.

      Wait, you were paying for a subscription?

      Hate to break it to you, but Russian mobsters now have your bank details :)

    That's a rather ominous name for people who are supposed to be helpful.

    I knew I couldn't afford this one, I'm already planning to go next year, who knows they may even move it to a different city.

      They've already said that they plan to hold it in Melbourne for several more years yet.

        Don't break my delusions about the next one being local.

    Just goes to show how badly lacking Australia is in these sorts of shows. Just wish it was in Sydney so I could make it!

    Glad I bought tickets when I did.

    Last edited 27/03/13 12:03 pm

    Oh, please - PAX sold out years ago when they started letting ArenaNet sponsor their competitions.

    What happened? It used to be about the _fans_, man.

    Well crap. I assumed it would be like supernova with endless tickets, was planning on getting them closer to the date. The guys from extra credits better not be going or I'll be doubly saddened...

    Time to upgrade to a bigger venue?

      According to the Melbourne showground website, they are expecting about 33,000 people at PAX. if that's true, is there anywhere bigger that could fit more in Australia?

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