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Well, we’re back with another series of Potaku for you all! Can you believe it? 4 series! And we’re glad to be back! We love this show!

On this week’s episode of Potaku, Shiggy, Doc and Pants all discuss what they’ve been playing over the break, Pants keep muting his microphone because he’s dying, Tomb Raider is discussed and why it’s SO DAMN GOOD (no comment from Shiggy), people rub their shaved heads and Minecraft is talked about – we totally have a server for that now. It’s a jam-packed ep that we hope you enjoy!

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And don’t forget that we have Potaku too, where anyone is free to write, contribute and help share ideas with other people! You can get in touch with our editor through his email or Twitter too! We have some great stuff up so feel free to look and contribute!

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Hope you guys enjoy the show, we’re changing up the show in a sorta biggie smalls way and we want to make sure it’s great! So if it ain’t let us know! Otherwise thanks for listening for another week and we hope you can rate, comment, subscribe and share the show with everyone you know and love!


    Rad, I'm gonna get all over this.

      Boo, didn't play in my car for some reason... maybe my mp3 player is broken :(

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