Proof That There's Some Creepiness Left In Dead Space 3, Thanks To New Content

One of my biggest problems with Dead Space 3 is that it is utterly lacking in the hallucination department. What happened to all those twisted, freaky things I witnessed in the first two titles?

Playing as Isaac got you close to zero hallucinations. You could get minor satisfaction in co-op while playing as Carver, but even then the acid trippy moments felt thin. And weak.

Well, fortunately we're getting more Dead Space 3 content. Awakened, the DLC that releases today, brings some of the much-needed creepy back.

What kind of creepiness, you say? Look no further than the video above, which I captured earlier tonight while playing cooperatively with a friend. Beware of minor enemy spoilers, which are new in this latest chapter. But if you're up for a little tease, the video will give you a glimpse at what I'm referencing.

Expect my review of Awakened tomorrow.


    Almost seemed believable until the whole pew pew pew pew from the guy playing it with the universal ammo. Oooooh so scary.

    Sooo let me get this straight. After buying a "horror" game, you're expected to wait a month and then pay extra for the horror?

    Just read a review of this absolutely slating it as one of the worst pieces of DLC ever, if you want a 'sneak preview' that's actually worth something rather than a puff piece.

    I just played it, and I hadn't realized how much I'd missed the hallucinations and horror until now. Also the interplay between Isaac and Carver were pretty fun without the angsty melodrama of the main game where pretty much everything was about Ellie. Overall, really enjoyed it.

    The whole Earth invasion thing I'm not so sold on. Earth had been pretty much wrecked by the alien christianity cult so what the hell are they supposed to do about things the size of moons coming and eating them without the help of some colossally improbable Macguffin.

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