Report: Shenmue Creator Still Wants To Do Shenmue III

Back in 2010, Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki said he wanted to do Shenmue III. Now, in 2013, he reportedly told a French journalist that he still wants to do Shenmue III. But this time he's apparently thinking about doing a Kickstarter for the game. Progress!

According to Sebastien-Abdelhamid at Canal Street, Suzuki is also keen to wrap up Shenmue with a manga or an anime.

Back in 2010, Yu Suzuki launched a social networking game called Shenmue Town, which never really caught on and was shut down in December 2011.

The rights issue and Sega's involvement might make a Shenmue III Kickstarter tricky. Suzuki created his own studio, which developed Shenmue Town, and only remained on at Sega as an "advisor". Then, there's the fact that Yu Suzuki's studio hasn't updated its web page since February 2012...

Yu Suzuki déclare penser au Crownfunding type Kickstarter pour financer Shenmue 3 !, Yu Suzuki aimerait également poursuivre l'histoire de Shenmue en Anime ou en Manga [@SAbdelhamid via GameInformer]


    This'd be awesome. Granted I don't think Kickstarter will raise a billion dollars or whatever a game as complex as a Shenmue one would need, but if it could convince Sega... I would meet the target on my own (with armed robbery if I had to)

    I think this is a good initiative and some consumer fan funding could possibly kick the game into development. Obviously the game (Shenmue 3) would benefit being published on the PS3, XBox 360 due to their installment base - but it would be the graphical power of next gen's PS4 and the Xbox 720 where it would deserve a 'send off'. I'd be willing to fund up to US$200 for the game, granted I receive a copy on my choice of hardware... Would a game like Shenmue cost a minimum of 30 million to make...? Or more...?

      Shenmue 1 cost $47 million at the time. IGN said both games combined cost more than $70 million, without a precise figure. Given that was 12 years ago, with upscaling and the same scope it'd probably be a new record for game development (like $1-200 million). So they'd have to scale it down a bit if it got to that stage (or lose a boatload of money).

        I don't reckon. At the time Suzuki and AM2 were pushing the limits in R&D. Wouldn't cost all that much now to upgrade & rebuild the Shenmue 2 engine, or even better, just modify the Yakuza 5 engine that Sega already has :)

        But to get that Shenmue 'feel' Suzuki & AM2 do need to use the Shenmue codebase.

          Well, they might be able to modify the latest Virtua Fighter engine (6? Is that being worked on?). Or even integrate the two. It'd probably be a development hell situation, but maybe they learned their lesson after Shenmue 1 and 2 and Online. Ok, probably not

            While I would love for this to happen (I saved pocket money for years just to buy a Dreamcast for Shenmue and Sonic Adventure), I just don't think it will. Sega has effectively wiped their hands of the series, Yakuza is going great guns for them, and Yu Suzuki sadly hasn't done anything of note since 2003, with a bunch of cancelled games to his name. Sega has had plenty of opportunity to throw out a quick HD port of either or both games (particularly with their recent push with the rereleases of AM2 and Dreamcast games on Live Arcade and PlayStation Network) to gauge the popularity of the series and has chosen not to do so. Heck, Ryo Hazuki was REMOVED as a character in the latest All-Stars Racing game, which is a pretty good indication on where Sega sits on the franchise.

            I think we'd be more likely to get a reboot of the series this long after the last title in the series, and in many cases it would be likely to be a worse option than not getting a sequel at all. Either way, I think Shenmue is sadly as finished as it ever will be.

            *EDIT* This was supposed to be a standalone comment, not a reply to someone else. Weird...

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              Yeah, Sega was actually supposed to be releasing Shenmue HD & Shenmue 2 HD - don't know what happened. Probably stuck in the XBLA certification gauntlet!

                I think people jumped the gun on that, actually. I'm pretty sure people kept asking them about Shenmue ports when the Sonic Adventure 2 and Jet Set Radio ports were announced, and a Sega rep basically said that while they had nothing to announce, the fans had been heard and to keep their eyes peeled for future announcements from the company, which people read as "OMG Shenmue ports are happening!".

                  Last I heard, they games were already converted
                  That was 2012 though :/

    HD remake of 1-2 then a 3rd game would make my year :D
    I spent months playing Shenmue 1, i collected EVERY toy, and spent so long in the arcades playing Space harrier.
    never got to play 2 i refused to continue without my save converted over :( but if i could play through all 3 on the same console i'd be sold, even if it cost me a couple hundred.

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      Search for Shenmue 2 PAL on Ebay. The Dreamcast version ;)

      Will cost you AU$120+ though...

        Could be completely worth it, i still have my VMU with save data (i actually have it backed up on 4 seperate VMU's just in case) :D

          Yeah, you can transfer your saves too - haven't been able to test it myself (yet) but the top Shenmue Fansites say it's a go :)

    Even better. Offer the manga as a Kickstarter bonus for top bids!

    We need the game man! THE GAME!

    F*ck Shenmue Town!

    Shenmue is already in a town :P

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