Resident Evil 6 PC Players Say Bugs Are Making The Game Unplayable

The PC version of Resident Evil 6 has gotten some lovely updates since the title hit desktops last year, like the free upcoming crossover with Left 4 Dead 2. But players who have been trying to kill the bio-organic weapons in Capcom’s action game have been complaining of crippling bugs that stop the game from running optimally.

Among the bugs being reported by players (sent in by Adam at Bluegamer) are:

Other issues brought up on Capcom’s forums include voice chat volume not being able to be adjusted, wonky camera controls and dropped connections. Kotaku has reached out to Capcom for comment about these bugs and will update this story if they respond.


    I would have thought it was the game itself that made it unplayable regardless of bugs.

    I have had a few issues but nothing too major(out of video memory) but thats from running at 120fps, nothing after i returned it to 60fps

    since the title hit desktops last year,
    didn't this only just get released for PC?

      Yes. But that doesn't stop Kotaku from facting the facts. They do their research......sometimes....maybe.

    You forgot to mention those fucking terrible quick-time events.

    Why didn't they test it, Capcom is lowering it's level

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