Rumours Of Dead Space's Demise Are False, Says Studio

A report earlier this morning, citing unidentified sources, suggested that Electronic Arts had terminated its Dead Space franchise — including work on an unannounced Dead Space 4 — in light of poor sales of Dead Space 3. The game's studio says the rumours are false, and EA itself disputes the portrayal of Dead Space as a troubled brand.

"The reports of our death were greatly exaggerated," said Dino Ignacio, a member of the Dead Space development team, over Twitter. Another Visceral Games developer, writing on NeoGAF, called the rumour "completely false based on my knowledge".

An EA spokesperson at first told Kotaku that the company wouldn't comment on rumour or speculation, but later added: "While we have not announced sales data for Dead Space 3, we are proud of the game and it remains an important IP for EA."


    Dead Space 3 sold poorly?

      It sold 26% less then Dead Space 2. So I suppose aiming for that microtransaction gaming culture really paid off...

        Well, maybe they sold enough $$$ worth of microtransactions to make up for the shortfall in sales of the actual game. We do enjoy and are embracing that side of the business, remember.

        Or maybe 26% less still translates into profits. That'd be enough to greenlight another one.

    Well, many Dead Space fans considers the game to be dead...

      Many Dead Space fans also don't heed internet trends like knee-jerk reactions to everything because they like to be taken seriously in reality.

    Missed the perfect opportunity for "Rumors Of my demise have been greatly exaggerated" reference.

      You can't read, apparently. Someone made that reference.

      Derp, how'd I miss that! But I meant in the title.

    Damage control. How unusual of EA.

    Maybe it would be for the best to end it before EA run it into the ground...

    Or at least rest it for a while

    Last edited 06/03/13 11:09 am

    Well from what I've played so far (only got it yesterday), it seems to have strayed too far into 3rd person shooter territory. Drag #4 back towards survival horror, ideally with a new main character, and things could be good again.

    I bought the first two immediately and held onto them because to me their the same as several volumes of the godfather (a real masterpiece). Didn't buy the third one. why can't publishers understand that when you remove the fundamentals of what made a series a success, you DAMAGE the series and hence sales? at 30 I'm to fu*king smart to just buy it because for namesake, and they can shove microtransations in a full price console game.

      I'm with you brother! Or sister?

    I still believe that the first one is by far the best.

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