Rumour: Final Fantasy X HD Comes With Final Fantasy X-2 HD On PS3

According to what looks like a Jump Magazine leak (below), the HD remaster of Final Fantasy X is coming to the PlayStation with a Final Fantasy X-2 remaster on the same disc. Both the Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD versions are also supposedly packed with the "international version" content. Originally, that consisted of bonus extras like concept art, trailers and interviews.

The HD versions of Final Fantasy X and it sequel X-2 will be sold separately on the Vita, the rumoured leak states.

In September 2011, Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy X was headed to the Vita and the PS3 in HD. Last month, Square Enix showed off the HD version of Final Fantasy X for the Vita.

Kotaku is following up with Square Enix and will update this post should the company comment.

ついにキタ大本命!PSV「ファイナルファンタジー10 HD Remaster」 PS3版は「X」と「X-2」を1枚のディスクに収録、インターナショナル版追加要素あり!! [あまえび]


    I want it even more... Why must SE taunt us?! -_-

    never finished FFX-2. I liked it but found some of the side quest/games annoying (such as the maths game to win the gambler sphere).
    havign this may give me a chance to finish it, despite owning it on PS2 still.

      I haven't "completed" a final fantasy game since FFIX. I played through to the end of X, but never did the Dark eons, never finished X-2. Got to a point in XII where I should have leveled more for the area I was in, but there was no way back, and no save outside the area, gave up through frustration, and haven't got round to finishing XIII (nor obviously starting XIII-2).
      So I'm right there with you, any encouragement to go back to FFX and FFX-2 would be good... even better if they find a way to let you import old PS2 saves...

      I own both on PS2 and still have a PS2, I'm getting 'em for Vita so I can play on the way to work!!!

        I think I'll stick with the PS3 versions but an option to transfer it to the Vita from the PS3 copy would be nice and handy. Even though would mean buying a new and much bigger memory card.

          Cross-buy would be nice. I'm sure it's not happening though...

    Meh. It seems like a logical choice, since X-2 re-used a huge amount of assets. Seems like remastering X-2 in HD at the same time as X would be cheaper, and sell it to us as a collection.
    Even though I am not really a fan of X-2, I will still buy this.

    @Jimu FINAL FANTASY X-2!

      I know, this article's actually a little behind, pretty sure it's confirmed now since it's in print in Japan. :p

      But yeah, I'm totes excited, my Vita is exploding with *Floating hearts*


      Don't make me justify that scene!

        Yeah, wasn't it supposed to be uncomfortable?

          For people watching, definitely. Though I justify it for a different reason (plot).

            Yeah, no. Of course plot. But it wasn't ACCIDENTLY uncomfortable. They made it that way on purpose.
            It was planned and executed to be that way.

              Can't argue with you because you are 100% right... though if my previous comment implied "it was an accidentally uncomfortable scene," my bad. I'm still waking up-ish.

    Actually the International version gave us stuff like the Dark Aeons which were not part of the original NTSC releases.

      X-2 has HEAPS more extras in the International *floating hearts*

    Even though I am long past liking JPRGs in the Final Fantasy style, I am kind of tempted by this.

    I'M SO EXCITED!!!! :D :D :D :D
    *floating hearts*

    Is there a set release date for these titles?

    To get both games would be a dream come true, as hd

    ehh I was never a big fan of FFX, I doubt I will be getting this.

    How can we make our voices heard on a cross play version?
    I'd buy it (have both on PS2) if I got Vita version free with PS3 version.

    I'm hoping that If I buy it on my PS3 I'll be able to transfer it to a Vita (which I'm in the middle of buying now.) I'll be upset if they expect me to buy it on both.

    I've finished FFX and part of FF X-2 on the PCSX2 emulator and you'd surprised at the amount of detail that's in the orignal game, just hindered by the low output resolution. Even upscaled to 1440p, it's just beautiful.

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