Rumour: Leaked Screenshots Reveal Poker Night At The Inventory 2's Cast

Up to this point, information has been scarce about the follow-up to Telltale Games' 2010 poker game, Poker Night at the Inventory. But screenshots that allegedly show the characters of the upcoming sequel have now popped up on NeoGAF. Warning: spoilers ahead!

According to these shots, the characters you'll be playing poker with are:

GlaDOS and her turrets from Portal also seem to appear in some capacity.

We're asking Telltale for a comment on the authenticity of the screenshots, and will update this post should they reply.

[Vert [email protected], via Polygon]


    I hope Bruce Campbell and Patrick Warburton voice their respective characters.
    I like the first game a lot, just a pity about Claptrap. Frikkin' Jar Jar Binks of the robot world.

    Well, seeing as Valve added the achievement items for this game into TF2 a few weeks ago, I'd say you could call it authentic enough.,_2013_Patch#cite_note-1

    all we need now is archer and it'd be awesome

    Last edited 29/03/13 3:51 pm

    Ooooh! It looks like Telltale has a new Sam model! New Sam & Max game incoming I'd say!

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