Rumour: Sony Aiming For 16 Million PlayStation 4 Consoles For This Year

According to Taiwan's Digitimes, sources at the PS4's component makers are saying the plan is to begin shipping the PS4 this August, so it can arrive in stores by the end of the year.

Foxconn and Pegatron Technology will apparently assemble the console for Sony, and the goal is to have an annual shipment of 16 million units. That's... a lot! It such a high number that, quite honestly, I'm not entirely sure I believe it.

That isn't to say I don't think the PS4 will be a hit, but rather, I just don't see Sony flooding the market with sixteen million consoles at the end of this year. Maybe the sources refer to the financial year — which would end in the spring. That makes a little more sense. I guess.

For more on Digitimes, and the accuracy of their rumours, check out this Time article.

Kotaku is following up with Sony and will update this post should the company comment.

Sony to push for 16 million PS4 shipments in 2013, say sources [DigiTimes]

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    Yeah, that figure seems a bit much. Though it would be a further stretch if they said sales rather than shipments...

    Regardless, I will be one of the sales...

      "Annual Shipment of 16m" doesn't mean 16m by end of year though.
      From August to November, that would be about 4m for launch, split between regions, isn't too ridiculous.

      I still think not having built in BC makes it a difficult purchase when there's plenty of awesome PS3 games coming out this year and next that won't run on the new machine.

        I still don't get these BC complaints. If you own a ps3, keep it - it will still be able to play all of your ps3 games. If you don't own a ps3 or you're wanting to trade it in, then I can understand why you might want it built in so that you can get them combined. But don't fool yourself that BC would have made this cheaper than just buying both (or keeping the ps3). There is such a big change in architecture between each console generation that for Sony to include BC, in the past they have had to physically include the previous console in the new box (well the main chip at least) - which means more cooling needed - which means more bulk AND more importantly, more $$$. The main reason the ps3 launched at over 1000AUD was because of BC.

        Besides, Sony already asked their customers if they were willing to pay the extra cost for a BC console. People voted with their money when the ps3 was released. Also just remember, for every person that wants a 'one box to rule them all' solution, there are probably 10 or even 100 that don't want to be forced to pay for something they already own

    As long as it is priced right they could do it.

    If fairly priced and the timeframe is for the financial year (ending March 14), then possible, but price certainly would be a factor.

    If this is true then it should be released in Australia in that time-frame.

    Wouldn't that be the financial year? That's more realistic.

    I doubrt they could ship 16 million PS3s in that time let alone PS4s.

    I call BS.

    Nintendo are forecasting something like 4m Wii U sales for the financial year ending this month, aren't they? Does anybody know how many they've actually shipped? It'd be interesting from a comparison point of view.

    If Sony are forecasting significantly greater numbers than that, it could be an indication that the price of PS4 may be pretty reasonable.

    Good annual figure for a global launch, not so much if it's just US and Japan.

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