RuneScape 3 Will Be Coming Out In Q3 2013

RuneScape 3, sequel to the super-popular browser-based fantasy MMOs RuneScape (which used to be called RuneScape 2, naturally), will be coming out sometime between June and August this year.

Here's the PR hype about the free-to-play game: "RuneScape 3 will see a massive leap forward in technology, with a new fully HTML5 engine, improved graphics, longer draw distances, new audio, new design features and a world changing content update as the game moves into a new age."

The game's creators talk about the big sequel in the video below.


    only people i ever knew who played RS had such bad pc's it was all they could run, it will be interesting if it will remain smooth on older machines.

    I spent Hundreds of hours in Runescape during high school, But it's changed to the point of not recognising what used to be fun.

      they released Old School Runescape last month, the game it was back in 2007, the servers are as popular as the main game.

        I kind of doubt that's really "old school," last time I played it was probably 2002.

          Heh, yeah, I was playing it in 2K1-2K4 (after hearing about it from the schoolies who'd come into my library). That, to me, was 'old school' RS.

            That was Runescape Classic and you can still play that if you have your account. RS2 came out March 2004.

              I haven't logged in for about 7 years. I wouldn't mind seeing if my account still exists...

          It is old schoool RS Circa 2007, need to be a member though to play on it.

          Well then you played Runescape Classic and it's still available to your account if you played during those years.

    The question is, how well will RS3 run on the Wii U. I used to play RS way back in 08-09 just after it's glory days and it was my first taste at an MMO and I loved it...until I got Minecraft.

    I've been having a blast with Oldschool Runescape.

    Honestly the last time i really played Runescape was 2007 i maybe spent a month just playing through out of boredom and then just dropped it.
    I went back now after 5 years and tried to give it a go again to see the changes but honestly i played for 2 hours and then never touched it again.
    Jagex and their improvements generally take away the major things that made it enjoyable in the first place, for example Ace Of Spades is only just starting to get good again.

    I used to play Runescape.. But then I discovered Minecraft.

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