Say There, Is That An Awkward Product Placement Starring A PS Vita?

House of Cards isn't a "free" show — you still have to pay to see it the same as you would to watch Breaking Bad. Netflix itself is the primary distributor, and it outbid HBO, AMC and all the rest to make it the streaming service's first original programming, launching the entire first season back on February 1.

So, yeah, it's probably a good idea for Netflix and the show's writers to come up with some creative ways to make that money back. They should be a little less ... awkward than this though. Then again, unless you're Foghorn Leghorn, everything said in a fake Southern accent sounds awkward.

[YouTube — h/t mindsale]


    I like this type of advertising - it is nothing more than a slight diversion and it at least involves the characters we are interested in watching; preferable to a jarring ad break that destroys immersion and sets an artificial structure for the episode to fit in around.

    This sort of thing is showing up more these days, but it's not really new. There's a reason soapies are called soapies.

    White Collar has some pretty overt product placement.

    *cut to random car scene, an orange light turns on*
    "What's that?"
    "Oh, that's my new Ford's blind spot indicator. It lets me know there's someone in my blind spot."
    *end scene*

    This is a little bit hard to understand without the context of the earlier episodes, that part of the conversation actually fits quite well with his character and isn't out of place.

    Yeah watching this scene on it's own is a little awkward, but seeing the previous episodes you understand why this moment happened and what it means. It's actually not about the Vita at all. Amazing show by the way.

    To give some context, Kevin Spacey's character in the series is a gamer, often playing at night to unwind after a tough day in office - this is featured in several scenes in the series.
    Personally I think they seem to be pretty democratic about the devices used in the series - they features Macs, iPhones, Blackberries and Dells to name a few.

    It's a brilliant show, but I can't remember it having the awful Windows 8 plug that every other show seems to have had, where they show the metro UI being used for about 3 seconds with no reason for doing so.

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