A while back, in the infancy of ScribbleTaku, barely a day would go by without Crotchdot completely guessing every bloody drawing I put on the site! It seems like Crotchdot had sort of... fallen off the radar — or maybe it was just other ScribbleTaku folk rising to the challenge, I'm not sure. But ladies and gentlemen — the King is back.

I should also give major props to Fractripro, who actually guessed the specifics of it first. Man, we have quite the ScribbleTaku crew nowadays

Anyways, good luck everyone!


    I don't know if that's a toilet, but it's all I can see now.

    So what has toilets in it? Goldeneye? Bully must have them? Boogerman was pretty gross.

    Laser squad?
    And now I have to buy the REAL mercenary 2 lol

    Dust Force

    Bike mice from mars (didnt make yesterdays as was on a course. :( )

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