Sega Wants To Know If We Want This Virtual Idol Rhythm Game In The West

Sega Wants To Know If We Want This Virtual Idol Rhythm Game In The West
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We’ve covered Sega’s Hatsune Miku-powered rhythm game Project Diva – F for the PlayStation Vita and PS3 quite a lot here at Kotaku, but all of that coverage has been from afar. Now Sega’s wondering if the West wouldn’t mind a closer look.

All you have to do is like this post on the official Sega Facebook page, maybe share it with a couple of friends and who knows — maybe I won’t have to spend $US85 to import the PlayStation 3 version from Play-Asia after all.


  • Hell yes bring it out over here bring it all out over here if there where more anime styled games out over here I would actualy consider buying a PS3

    • Dude are you serious? There are plenty of anime styled PS3 exclusive games. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, Atelier Rorona, Totori, Meruru, and Ayesha. Disgaea 3 and 4, Valkyria Chronicles, Tales of Graces F, Agarest: Generations of War. And quite a few coming out this year too like Tales of Xillia and Time and Eternity.

    • I see it as her providing a creative outlet for talented musicians who don’t have a “frontman”. Sure its all commercial, but the music’s pretty decent in my opinion.

      • Hmm, I guess I can see it that way. But I still don’t agree with the concept. That you can be a fantastic singer and be replaced by some robot, who can’t have problems against being exploited. Especially in Japan where women line up on streets all day just singing, hoping that someone might notice them and get them an actual job. Even if it is as something as lame as being an “idol”.

  • Personally, I’d love it if they could export the game over to us in the West, however…

    It wouldn’t make financial sense for them to do so. Those who like Miku enough already have it, those who know nothing about Miku wouldn’t buy it, so the only market would be those on the fence and go “hey it’s in English now, better get it then”. The Hatsune Miku design isn’t for the Western Mainstream Audience, so it won’t break any new grounds, Sega loses some (more) money and they’ll clam up even more in the future.

    • I disagree, there’s a big gap between “I like Miku” and “I’m going to import a $85+ Miku game in another language”

      It’d be a cheap game to localize as it’s just basically text translations. Unlikely to be issues relicensing the music for the west. Also they know it’s a niche game – it’s a reasonable seller in Japan but to a niche market there as well. They won’t be expecting to sell a million copies in English or anything. They’d probably go digital to remove the shipping & production costs as well.

      Incidentally I own the Vita version and I was kind of considering the PS3 release as well, but now will hold off in case it comes out in English instead.

    • Everyone I know that likes the game already has a copy (myself included) because its so simple to play even in another language.

      That being said, translation wouldn’t take very much. All they really need to do is translate menus, and (maybe, not necessary) add english subtitles to the songs.

      That being said, it’s a genuinely great rhythm game, even if you don’t care about Vocaloids.

  • While I would much rather the Yakuza HD collection and Yakuza 5 receive a swift and definite localisation I would be happy with Miku also.

  • Gibbs your an idiot and a troll. Miku hatsune in the west would be amazing to see. And also if it came to australia it would be even more better

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