Sim City In The Process Of Being Patched, Oceanic Server Already Done

Considering the multiple issues other regions have been struggling with on Sim City — game drop-outs, server queues — it's only natural that Australians would be a little nervous about the launch here. EA had expected these issues to be fixed before the game's launch in other regions, including Australia, but it's still in the process of patching specific servers. The good news is that the Oceanic 1 server has already received the patch.

This means that, hopefully, Australians will have less issues with the game, but I'm keen to hear your experiences. EA is currently applying patches to all other servers globally, but you have to wonder if this will solve all of the problems consumers have been having with Sim City?

It's been a complete disaster of a launch for this much anticipated game, and one that has frustrated gamers who simply want to play a single player game without the hassles of connecting. EA had to be aware that a game as popular as Sim City, as hyped and anticipated as it was, would require a serious amount of support.

If you're going to make your game 'always-on', you have to make sure it 'always works'. Teething problems, server difficulties aside, the consumer is owed this. Poor show.


    Played 30mins at 1am without probs. but had to play it on us west coast server oceanic server was full

    I hope they are making more Oceanic servers... They were Full at 5am this morning :/

      The problem was that when all the yanks couldn't get on their server, ours was open despite us not having access yet and so they flooded onto our only server. Ashats.

    all downloaded ready to go for when I get home from work tonight...hopefully all/most issues are sorted out by then!

    One server? sigh. I've been really looking forward to playing this for so long and bought it a few days ago, kind of wish I hadn't bothered now. Given all these problems, I really hope they offer up some DLC packs for free as a show of good faith.

      That's the most wishful thinking I've ever heard.

        Indeed it is, I'm not expecting it to happen.

          It's possible, I mean they have been releasing a lot of free multiplayer DLC for ME3 since the ending fiasco.

            From what i understand, EA is desperate to change its image. So, you never know.

    Still a better launch than Diablo 3

    So let me get this right, there will be times that the servers will be "full" (like waiting in a queue to get on to an MMO) where you won't be able to play?
    I thought being "always on" it may (most likely will) fail because the servers were "busy", but not being able to play because of a set limit of players.

    I'm probably not being very clear, but the distinction between "the servers are overloaded, try again later" and "we are at the limit of players, you can't play" is something that irks me.

    The servers being busy would be annoying but expected. I would not expect to get the game and not be able to play it alone because there are too many other people playing the game.

    Absolute rubbish.

      A fixed limit is always better than overloading the server. An overloaded server means nobody gets to play, or you can just barely play but it's a terrible experience.

      Either is still complete rubbish for what is essentially a single player game though.

        Yeah, that's kind of what I was trying to get at.
        I guess the problem I have is that for a single player game, you are limited by the number of other people playing the game. Whether that is overloading or a preset limit, the end result is the same that you can't play the game you bought.
        Haven't played Sim City before and it really interested me before I heard of the "always on" thing. Decided I wasn't going to get it then, but after this it just reinforced my feelings on it.

    Oh god... nonononono, stop it people, please stop it! Stop GIVING THEM MONEY. Just don't buy it for a while! It can wait, it's a video game!

    Can you honestly look at your steam library and tell me that you have zero games in your pile of shame? Play one of those! Just... stop giving these bastards money!

      I play every single game I buy. I'm beginning to think I'm the only one that does.

        No, I do too. I like to at least finish a game's main campaign before I buy the next one I want to play. Only exception seems to be on my Vita where I play more than one at a go. It has a bad influence on my attention span. And that you can pick up PSP and PS1 gems for a steal through PSN at a swipe of the touch screen makes impulse control all that much harder. I tend to be a bit more discerning when dropping nearly $100 on a new game though.

          You pay nearly $100 for games? Why?

            laziness mostly.

              I buy online. I don't need to leave my desk and they're delivered to my door. That's laziness done right.

              And I haven't paid more than $70 for a new release in years.

                oh see, I consider $70 "nearly $100". As an engineer I like outrageous approximations when they suit my needs.

                  Well if we're talking approximations, I pay just over $50 for new games then.

                  Sounds good, man. I was just trying to make the point that PSP MGS game for $7.50 or whatever from PSN is different to paying...just over $50 for a new game.

      I swear, this gaming press is absurd. Can you imagine if news outlets started reporting, "A major restaurant chain is experiencing problems with diners being given plates of human human waste instead of food. We're waiting on advice on how soon we can expect the shit-on-a-plate issues to continue, but in the meantime, here are some tips on how to dine there and minimize your chances of eating a turd."


      Only in gaming...

        Couldn't agree more. Comparing this slap-in-the face disresepect of loyal SC fans to a giant plate of steaming shit is very apt. SC 4 didn't even have the bullshit DRM and I picked it up for $10 when it was a few months old. Maybe I'll do that with this new one when some clever monkey has made a crack or work around the always online shit. But seriously WHY REWARD EA's blatant assholishness with my money so they can be YAY we sold so many copies and even though everyone is dissatisfied, we are comforted by our great big pile of money.

        Not quite how I would have put it, but you're spot on. If this happened in any number of other industries, there would be a huge uproar.

        Was thinking of a car analogy (probably crap, but most people can relate to a car analogy).
        You buy a car for yourself, but you can only drive it if there aren't a heap of other people driving their same model of car at the same time.
        Or if your car's manufacturer goes bankrupt, your car locks itself and you are no longer able to use the car or get any belongings you may have stored in the car.

          You can pay many many thousands time more than the cost of a video game on a car. You pay $60 for a game and in a few years if the servers are dead then big whoop.

            It's more the principle of the thing.
            transientmind's analogy is probably better. It doesn't matter how much you pay for something, if it you pay for something and you don't get what you paid for, then there is a problem.
            As in his analogy, if you did the same thing in another industry that EA is doing now (giving promises of it being fixed, but still providing a rubbish service at the moment), then people would rightly be upset.

              That happens in a lot of industries. Telecommunications is another big one. People are always complaining about their signal and what not and the telecoms are always saying they're fixing it.

                Quick addition to this: Know your rights. In the telecoms industry, if you're being promised something and it's not delivered, you can and should seek assistance from the TIO (Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman).

                Telcos face heavy, heavy penalties if the TIO finds there is a case against them - like, in the tens of thousands of dollars. Every provider has a special TIO liaison whose sole purpose is to get them out of shit with the TIO. They will have discretionary powers that any team leader you have spoken to previously does not.

                Lodge a complaint with the carrier. Get a reference number. (This is important.) Get a deadline.
                If/when they don't make it, make a concrete demand - such as not paying for the period you've not had access and/or release from your contract.

                If they stall or reject you, advise them that you will be taking your complaint reference to the TIO. At this point they may immediately reverse their position. Sidenote: try to resist the temptation to simply agree to getting credits. Agree to them as 'goodwill' gestures, but insist that the problem is fixed - the problem is the deal-breaker, not the money.

                But if they don't, follow through. Contact the TIO, give them the reference and the rundown. Keep it brief, simple, don't embellish with how you're being ripped off, etc, they don't give a shit and don't need to hear it.

                You will get a resolution. The TIO overwhelmingly supports the consumer. If the resolution isn't in your favour, you never had a case to begin with and were probably just trying to get something for nothing or regretting a bad/ill-informed decision you made.

                I've worked in the telecoms industry for 10+ yrs and I'm frequently disappointed that more people don't know their rights in this regard. You do NOT have to put up with poor telecoms services.

                  That settles it then, I'm becoming the first VGIO (Video Games Ombudsmen) and I'm going to send a lot of angry emails to EA.

                  @mdn Heh. I wish we could have something like that. Something with the five-to-six-figure fines that capture the recipient's attention ever so quickly.

                  It's definitely true that there's a difference between, "It doesn't work," and, "It's bad." But not so much difference when you add, "It doesn't work, and they told us that might be the case, but we agreed anyway."

                  Which is why I keep screaming from the rooftops for people to simply withhold their money.

    Don't worry, in six months they'll have premium servers that you can join without any issues. You'll have to pay for the game again... but it'll include some DLC you probably had no intention of buying separately.

    Don't believe me? They did it with Battlefield 3.

    A "complete disaster"? Sounds like hyperbole to me.

    I downloaded it, logged on and proceeded to play for a couple of hours after the official AU launch last night. I was playing on USWest2 because Oceanic was full, but there wasn't any noticeable lag. No issues whatsoever.

      no probs here whatsoever!
      preloaded the game 6pm, started at 12:02am, in the servers by 12.06

      Good for you but I’ve seen plenty of people saying the exact same thing and then having huge troubles logging in later (including journalists who were giving glowing reviews up to that point). This is a disaster.

        If you say so. I've still yet to encounter issues.

    Never was into this game. From the looks of things, No thanks. I thought you could get away with the single player.

    I was just playing through the (obligatory) tutorial and looking forward to beginning an actual game but just got booted out and now I'm left staring at the launch screen with the error message "SimCity servers are down. Attempting to reconnect."

    These server issues are going to persist for quite some time and that means that any city you're currently building could at any moment just disappear into oblivion, leaving you staring at the launch screen like a dumbass wondering what has become of the fruits of your last two hours of labour.

    As a SimCity fan since the very first version I'll stick with this and be as patient as I need to be in order to eventually play this game but I'll feel like one hell of a gullible dumbass whilst doing so,

    The only way EA could fix this is to license servers out to the public so that people could run their own servers in much the same way as a persistent Minecraft server is run. Sure there'd be a few hurdles for EA to overcome in order to do this (server hardware compatibility being the major issue) but at the end of the day I'm sure there are multitudes of people who would be willing to pay a small monthly fee towards running - or being a member of - a semi-private SimCity server.

    As it stands, however, EA has managed to produce the very opposite of a polished turd: a gold bar covered in poop.

    Last edited 07/03/13 1:04 pm

      a gold bar covered in poop.

      I like that and it really does seem to be the case here. Still, I'm leaning towards picking it up after work today because I'm a big fan of the series.

        You definitely should still pick a copy up and give it a whirl over the weekend. It's still the SimCity you no-doubt know and love (that'd be the gold bar) and server issues (the poop) notwithstanding it's a great addition to the franchise. The game's worthy of a nine-out-of-ten or above; it's just EA itself that scores a 1/10.

          Glad to hear that the game itself is indeed good. As someone who played a whole lot of the original Sim City I was pretty excited picking up my copy at lunch time. I probably won't get a crack at it until tomorrow night so I'm hoping I can get in then.

    wow so much butthurt over EA, there doing there best and I support them. There was never a proper beta stress test and there going through this now because of that. the game is good and I believe in maxis and the sims world.... this new sim city has features of multiplay and sharing like what citiesXL did at the start... only they couldnt afford the servers... you should be thankfull that there are even servers for sim city

    I wonder how much EA is worth... must be alot considering there piece of the pie. you all sign the agreement... this is the first time everones connected and there having server issues.. well guess what this has been happening ever scince online gaming started... you all must be from the singleplayer worlds of playstations and xboxs.... i would like to see ANYBODY have millions of incoming connections and be able to cope with it all... for god sakes noone in this world copes

      Before release the Simcity community begged for EA to do a 'proper' stress test on the servers via beta.... they replied in confidence that they would be able to handle the situation on day 1. Why you would support this level of ignorance I don't know :(

        because ive been a supporter of EA from master system mega drive

          Regardless of your loyalty, they messed up by not listening to the community to begin with. This whole situation could have been avoided if they had learned from past publishers and been prepared day 1. By all means support EA but dont be oblivious to the situation.

            hey man im pissed off too i wanna play!


      I realise there are a million things wrong with your posts, from your awful grammar to your small-minded opinions. I just thought we could start with baby steps and help you understand that “There” has three variations that mean significantly different things.

        go bloody be an english teacher then

        save the cheerleader save the world

          I would but it’s obvious that you never turned up to class anyway.

            i was kicked out coz i had too many girls in class

            k buddy have a bone

            so go be a teacher and actually teach all your students then come back in 20 years

            Last edited 07/03/13 4:54 pm

    Just an idea... I know its CRAZY But why don't they just let us play the game on our own PC's. I mean if I spend a lot on a game (witch i did) then why cant i play it on my own PC. Why do i need to play it on their failing servers to just in the end no be able to play it at all. This really pisses me off! I Will never buy from ORIGIN OR EA AGAIN UNLESS THEY FIX THIS BS I MEAN COME THE F ON!

    The server issues are an absolute disgrace. Even though they've 'patched' the oceanic server, it still will not work. I live in Western Australia and have been trying to play for the last four hours, but no luck. All I want to do is play single player, I don't give a **** about multiplayer. I hate you EA.

    i've just purchased the game today, in the 5 hours since installing i've as of yet been unable to play the game due to australian server issues, i really hope EA picks up they're game, or i will be demanding a refund.

    Has anyone actually managed to get it working since the "patch"? Oceanic 1 is still borked for me.

    I have tried to play all day but no luck.
    I got through the tutorial but that is it. I think EA could do a little better with updates on where they are up to in resolving this problem with their servers.
    Is it just heavy traffic? Not enough capacity? What is the issue?


    I posted this in another Thread, but before buying this game, I think people should know what they are getting into.
    Spill the beans wrote

    Sim City has the following restrictions (features) that have all been stated by Maxis employees:

    You must be connected to the internet 100% of the time you are playing.
    ...... You must connect to Origin to load or save your city (see next item).
    ...... Games are saved to the cloud (EA Servers).
    ...... If you're net connection goes down for more than a couple of minutes then all gameplay since last save is lost.
    ...... The installed game is only half the software, the rest is on EA's Serves so requires a fast, reliable internet connection to transfer data.
    ...... Other players Cities will influence yours even in 'single player' mode.
    ...... Saved games once loaded must be saved so you can't change your mind and go back and reload the city.
    ...... If the game flops and servers are switched off (usually within a year) it will become unplayable.

    No god mode terraforming. (This includes how much resources are available and where they are).
    No modding allowed at launch (if at all due to online requirements/cloud computing).
    No building density zoning.
    Buildings may spam along a single road.
    Dumbed down micro-management.
    Limited population (Max 100,000 Sims per city)
    The city tile size is only equivalent to a medium city in SC4, and that is the only size available.
    You only get European building sets if you buy the game as a digital download direct from origin.

    *tried to use the quote thing didn't work hence edit*

    If you have a telstra 3g connection, this game will use up your bandwidth playing single player. Its not just authenticating.
    You will get lag. Downloading in the background you will feel it..
    They have a single Oceanic Server. It gets full,

    Last edited 07/03/13 8:48 pm

    Looks like it's fail everywhere I look.

    Oh well, I think Cities XL will remain my builder of choice for a good while yet. It's a dream compared to this festering pile of shit.

    Thanks for ruining a great franchise EA. You've really out done yourselves this time.

    And who needs online features in a city builder anyway?

    What a joke.

    Well for what it's worth - 12am and the servers are down. So.... you're a day in and I for one cannot play your game yet (this is, after 6 "failed" messages regarding installing the game, patching the game and logging in with the game at all).

    Aside from Australia getting the usual shaft in the server timing department, I can only say this is the last EA game I will be purchasing. Which I know means next to nothing to EA, but hopefully if enough of us over time feel the same way they will eventually change their attitudes about the "importance" of their customers.

    worst launch ever.. never pre-ordering a game from EA again & never buying any single player game that requires an internet connection.. i get it now.. but still, what i've played, is awesome.

    i cant log on i keep getting
    server Oceanic 1
    authenticating with simcity servers.......
    then login is closed at this time. please check back soon
    i cant believe that they would do this I promise that this is the last ever EA pc game I ever buy and recommend to any of my retail customers.

    Simcity has always been a single player game, to ruin a game with this constant DRM just for the sake of a few pirateers is just sad, considering they would still be making more than enough to cover expenses AND huge profit margins.. This is is the problem with EA they dont care, they could have had an amazing game here and everyone would have loved them for it

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