Sim City’s Issues Should Be Fixed By The Australian Launch

Sim City’s Issues Should Be Fixed By The Australian Launch

If I was in the US and I picked up a copy of Sim City? I’d probably be more than a little irritated by the issues Origin seems to be having. Server queues, installation issues, locked games. It’s far from ideal. Surely, you’d imagine, EA would have expected this. But, according to the official Origin twitter, EA expects to have all these issues sorted by the international launch date. Hopefully that means Australians won’t have to deal with these issues on day one.

The latest tweet from the official Origin twitter account stated the following…

Of course, EA will absolutely be hard at work fixing Sim City’s issues, but it’s hard to feel much sympathy. EA had to expect this and, considering its ‘always on’ DRM strategy, it has to be prepared for the inevitable backlash.


      • Yes, but there is still a choice to play single player, except its not that much fun, as the game is really multiplayer focused.

        • Look at the server problems, it’s not about playing online or off it’s that I shouldn’t be forced online for this game. Likewise I shouldn’t be forced to play online for Diablo 3. Borderlands 2 is better with four people but you can play solo offline if you so choose. This game should have been like that, better online but offline is possible. At the moment people can’t even do the freaking tutorial because of these issues.

          To play something like an MMO I’ll accept always online, 90% of the game is other people.

          It is a good game, it’s probably the best SimCity ever. But at the moment SimCity 4 is better since it actually works.

          • Good point I guess, they probably didnt expect that many payer to hit there servers at once on first release just like what happened to StarCraft2, it got congested within 2 hours!

    • What does it matter? If someone is absolutely desperate to play this but is vehemently opposed to EA’s requirement to be online to play SP (which is complete BS to me, IMHO), I give it a month or two before you’ll be able to D/L a dodgy copy void of or with hacked DRM anyways, and this will all have been for naught. It’s happened every single time with a big EA release, or when they’ve introduced some nasty kind of DRM. Case in point, remember all the hype about Spore’s draconian DRM in the lead up to it’s release, before taking the title of most pirated game in history? EA’s doing themselves no favours.

      • Apparently it’s not just the DRM that requires you to be always online; a lot of the actual game content and processing is server-side.

        • It might not be as long as you’d think – Diablo 3 had server emulators after about 9 months at most.

          EA should just license the server side out so people can set up their own servers should they want to, if the processing overhead is really as high as they claim. They won’t do this, though, as it means making their server-side portable to other hardware configurations, and capable of down-scaling to a single server… in short, far more work than they’re prepared to put into it, especially as it would give people an alternative to using their service.

  • If they had Pre-loading some issues may have been avoided….

    Has EA launched a single game off Origin successfully?

  • Simply moronic that they didn’t allow for pre-downloads to balance the load. I hope EA learns from this and either buys more servers, or at the very least buys static file hosting from Amazon or something to make sure they can meet demand.

  • I’ve already bought it. But the always online scares and annoys the crap out of me. I don’t mind it for online play, but for a game like Sim City, you’d think you should be able to play it offline… and certainly never have to queue in order to play single player (I’m yet to play it, but that’s what’s I’ve gathered so far).

    I really hope this doesn’t kill the game for me like it did with Diablo 3. Not being able to set the initial difficulty and having LAG in my singleplayer game stopped me from playing it past a single playthrough. Can’t I just opt out of any online features to just enjoy the game?

    • Yeah. Besides activation. Game Publishers can get out of our Computers!
      Corporations really love standing outside our virtual windows. Perverted really :/

      What’s the chance it’ll be cracked before EA sorts their shit out?

      • Why do they get a free pass for activation? It really serves no purpose as its not like the pirated copy will need activation.

        Activation is something that will only ever be on a legitimate copy.

  • I swear I read an article probably during the first beta test they had, with an interview to EA and the topic of server load/capacity at launch – and there was the response back almost promising this won’t be an issue, they have doubled the servers for launch bla bla bla… Yea nice work EA.
    I am still getting this game, as I really enjoyed it – and the concepts around the multiplayer aspects are appealing, but this could have been managed a whole lot better.

    • As if they were going to say “Oh, no. We’ll have issues for the first few days and very few people will be able to play”. Why would any company say that?

  • The issues will be fixed by the time is launches in Australia? You mean they are removing the always-online component?? Yay! Wait, no, I don’t think that’s what you meant. I am like a lot of other people who were looking forward to and would have been willing to buy the game, if not for the BS of EA. A no buy for me!

  • Very so often along comes a game worth buying.. Simcity is this kind of game,,
    Sick to hell of hearing ppl bitch about drm, get over it guys, I am sure someone will find a way to crack it so u can all pirate the game..

    But I have no issues supporting the industry

      • hell no.. just a mature age gamer who now has no issues paying for games.. I’m sure someone will crack it to play offline, & until then you’re going to either have to 1) pay for the game & support the industry or 2) wait an unknown amount of time so you can pirate the game..

        & if you are wanting to pirate, it sucks to be you I guess.

        • I want the game, but I am not buying it because of the online rubbish. This does not mean I am waiting for a version I can download for free… it means I am -never playing this game-. Unless of course they release a re-hashed version free from BS.

    • It’s not a question of supporting the industry. It’s getting what you payed for. And paying for a game IS supporting the industry.

      Common courtesy and mutual respect are the key words, and a lot of Corps. are not showing this to their customers. In the age when digital supposed to be easier than going to a retailer, buying a disc, and installing your game – the key part being able to actually play the damn thing!

      • Obviously, you fail to see this from the poor hard-done-by corporation’s point of view..

        Paying for the game is the most important part! You being able to play it after having paid is a privilege that you should be thankful for! After all, it doesn’t provide any value for the company.. unless maybe they put ads everywhere so your dedication becomes a resource they can sell.

        EA isn’t in the business of making games for you to play. They’re in the business of getting your cash from you, and they’ll readily turn games into shiny vending machines and charge you to rent them if it looks more profitable, with little regard as to whether anything but the cash store actually works properly.

    • Its not about that, i will be buying the game to support the Devs, but as soon as there is a pirate server available, i’ll be all over it.
      i dontw ant an always online, i wish to play when im traveling, or when i have free time, i dont want server queues and online checks when i want to just jump in and play.

    • I agree. Opinions on whether it is DRM or Multiplayer driven aside, I am so tired of the same person posting the almost identical thing about how much they hate this DRM on every single article that mentions SimCity.

      • You don’t want someone coming in here thinking that Sim City is a smart purchase because of all the money EA seems to be throwing at Kotaku to advertise the game.

        • I think they should be able to make up their own mind if it is a smart purchase or not, preferably without seeing some of the uneducated garble that some people are repeatedly typing out.

    • I hate pirating games, and I love sim city and I’ve brought everyone since my dad picked the first one up when I was still a toddler and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing only that I enjoyed drawing lines and coloured boxes.
      This will be the first Sim City game thatI will not buy. Not because I support pirating games, because I don’t, but because I think if we want to make changes to the industry we have to speak with our hard earned money. Yeah it’s a business and they want to make money, but it’s our money, and when we just roll over and let them do crap like this, we encourage them to do it.
      I love being able to play my old games. I still dig out my sim city 3000 and play it from time to time, hell, if they released DLC for it right now, I’d probably buy it. And you know what, I can do that because it’s my game and I brought it when that made sense, I doubt any of us will be saying the same thing in 5 years about the new sim city, and we sure as hell wont be saying it in 10 because they’re not going to support the game and it’s servers for that long.
      I don’t have a lot of money. I don’t have a lot of time. And as much as I’ve loved sim city since I was learning to talk, I won’t be waisting either of those things on a game that treats me like I’m a criminal when all I want to do is play it legally. My $90 can be spent on much better things.

      So maybe don’t treat everybody who’s saying they won’t buy it because of the DRM a potential pirate, because I am not, but I also won’t bend over and take EA’s flagrant whippings of my leisure time.

  • This is the only PC game I think I will buy in the last 10 years that I buy a physical copy. Downloading it looks like a giant pain and it’s not like there’s a difference in price.

    • That’s the tragedy of this situation. Downloading is so much cheaper and easier and yet here we are, games still cost the same and on top of that we get DLC’s. The media industries have been touting the line for decades about how products would be cheaper if the media were cheaper. In those days it was floppy disks and cartridges, then CDs came along which are cheaper, then DVDs and now no physical media at all but just data downloaded from the internet.

      • Why isn’t the government enquiry into Aus price differences looking at this? It is an extra $20 (30% more) in Aus for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

    • Unfortunately, you will still have to download the majority of the game. GOD knows WHY, but word is that even the disc only comes with the launcher, and you still need to download about 10-12GB of stuff… You haven’t bought it yet though, which is fine. By the time you get around to it, even if it is just this weekend, you’ll probably be ok.

      • Thanks for the heads up, looks like there’s no avoiding that small issue. As the server issues continue though, I really don’t see myself getting this game for a long long time. Which really does annoy me as I see an otherwise fantastic game that has been ruined by some gamebreaking decisions.

  • Oceanic server was almost empty last night… no problems there 😉
    (though actually getting the game to download took a lot more effort…)

    • Oceanic server was almost empty last night… no problems there 😉

      Well of course it was nearly empty last night, given that the game hasn’t been released in the region yet.

      • Actually, given there are 5 (?) servers, 2 US, 2 Europe, and 1 Oceanic (you get to choose! so the people in America who couldn’t get into US E or W could have played an Oceanic server for the evening if they wanted)… the parts of asia that have launched would have been using it (there were plenty of non-English region titles). I managed to find a small Aussie region called “Aussieland” so there are obviously other aussies playing. But yes; I’m sure things will be a bit busier once Australia and Japan come online properly.

        • Cities and regions aren’t transferrable between servers though, so if they’d played on Oceanic then they’d be stuck on Oceanic until they wanted to start a new region.

        • Ooops, my mistake! Sorry if my previous comment came across a bit harsh! Given that you’ve played the game already, what do you think of the whole “always-online” deal? Does it actually diminish enjoyment of the game, or does it add to the experience?

          • This response is probably a bit late now that its out in Aus… but I think the always online stuff is a joke (and I was pretty defensive of it on behalf of the devs initially…)
            The problem is: in SimCity… you build cities, until they’re either “finished” or “crumbling”… in a 2km square map this doesn’t take that long… at that point you go and find somewhere else to build… what this means is you’re leaving a city behind thats unplayed and unable to provide anything more to the region than it already does… Short of playing a region with a group of friends, (or coordinated group setup on a forum or something) I think the multiplayer is just going to mean that its hard to get the things into your city that you need due to other players not being there and/or not knowing what you need (the communication system for regions is TERRIBLE).
            Tbh, I think part of it is that when I played the last few days, the inter-city components of the game have been super laggy, (for example, I gifted 70,000 simoleans to another one of my cities… it took 24 hours to arrive!), making the interaction almost worthless.

          • There’s a lot more focus on improvement than construction in this version of SimCity. It’s certainly easy to fill up the whole map area with buildings, but that’s only the first step. For the city to genuinely thrive, you need to tweak, adjust, upgrade and make compromises. One of the mistakes a lot of people make early on is improving their land value so much that they end up with not enough low income residential to provide workers for factories. The game, at least to me, seems much more focused on balancing the scales with tradeoffs and compromises rather than just building every need that ever arises without drawback.

  • Honestly I’ve waited several years for this game so i think i can wait another couple of months until it’s actually playable. I can live with the DRM (only just) but i do wish that i could just play the game on my own without having to jump through loops and creating yet another account for a service i don’t entirely trust just so that the multiplayer component i will rarely use is justified.

    The DRM does not bother me all that much, yes i loathe that i’m probably never going to be able to enjoy this while travelling or that in 6-10 years when EA thinks its no longer generating revenue they could just shut down the servers and make our purchase worthless, but what really bothers me is that this always online DRM just shuts off an entire branch of consumers from enjoying the game, anyone with a dodgy internet connection or people without an internet connection won’t be able to (or struggle to) play the game.

  • I worry that far too many people are becoming complacent about where DRM heading. The only way I will protest as a consumer is to continue not purchasing always online DRM games. If you are playing multiplay online, its needed.
    But when and where I play the game that I purchased should be up to me and not their serving capabilty, my ISP, network hardware, whether or not I have to pay for an extra 3g router/ plan when traveling, also as stated above, the timeline on which they wish to keep their servers functional.
    The meagre amount they miss out on by me not buying the game wouldn’t be noticed, if more people started doing it though, it could effect change.
    Its sad though, developers can take the hit because of publishers choices.

    • I’m with you… its kind of boring to keep hearing the same arguments against always on DRM, while at the same time everyone keeps buying them. There are PLENTY of other games out there to play, your not missing out on that much.

  • I’m not worried about always online, or game companies trying to make piracy harder. Good on them for doing so. It creates better hackers, and better hackers means a higher security standard, which in turn, theoretically, makes for a safer world, right? 🙂

    Personally I’d love to play this, but there’s so much more to my life I hardly have any time left over anyway. The current price is out of my budget unfortunately, but perhaps I will purchase it when they’re half way done with “Sim City 6”, if it ever comes 😀

  • spent an hr trying to have it install properly after a few errors, then can’t work on my city until i do the “getting started scenario” that wont load a tutorial so all i can do in tutorial is move the camera around and no icons or keys work for anything except camera controls, id rather mess around with a city and delete than watch a tutuorial anyway. then the solution i find says log on using europe’s servers and now i can’t claim a city at this time. so did we have to buy the game just so they can afford new servers? giant waste of time, ive been robbed , if this happens again by the wknd ill never play this again. full online gaming only is a joke for simcity

  • Its that it says ‘it will be released on march 6 and cannot be played’ despite its after that date and time :/

  • As long as it doesnt keep me waiting like dota 2 and runs smoothly like it did in the beta then im fine.

  • I disagree with a lot of what EA are trying to achieve with limiting how I enjoy the games I pay for but in all honesty I really want to play Sim City. The beta was a lot of fun and behind all the EA crap it’s a game well worth playing. Maxis have done an outstanding job and should be rewarded for it.

    I have every opportunity to pick it up tomorrow but alas I will do as I initially planned and hold out for as long as possible to see how things pan out.

    One thing I can guarantee though is as soon as there’s an offline crack which allows me to play the game without Origin or always online I’ll use it (however possible with most of the game data offered server side?). There is no excuse for a game like Sim City. I appreciate there being some forward thinking into a multiplayer or co-dependent gameplay option but to force it onto the consumer who doesn’t want or need it is just poor practice. Especially in light of the news that users cannot even set up a private game without much difficulty.

    I have a dream whereby EA see their nonsense and put an end to it. It won’t stop pirates, it never has. It will only serve to make things more difficult for those of us who would otherwise buy a legitimate copy. Forever dreaming it would seem.

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