SimCity Buyers Get Free Copy Of One Of Eight PC Games

If you register a copy of SimCity by March 25, you get a free copy of one of eight PC games from EA's catalogue, including Mass Effect 3 and Battlefield 3.

This is EA's way of saying sorry for the server issues that rendered the city-building game unplayable for almost a week after it launched on March 5.

"At Maxis, our studio values dictate that we innovate and create something that is quirky, complex and challenging," the company said in a blog post today. "Sometimes this bites us in the butt, but our servers are green and we're seeing record numbers of players all online and having a great time."

Here's the full list of options:

Battlefield 3 (Standard Edition) Bejeweled 3 Dead Space 3 (Standard Edition) Mass Effect 3 (Standard Edition) Medal of Honor Warfighter (Standard Edition) Need For Speed Most Wanted (Standard Edition) Plants vs. Zombies SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition

Not included: an offline version of SimCity.

BTW, here's what I just got when I tried to go to the blog post:

Can't make this stuff up, people.


    Who would pick plants vs zombies or bejeweled 3 XD.

      Someone who doesn't like shooters or racing games?

      I'm not really interested in any of the free games, but can't complain... It's free :P

      I love plants vs zombies. Such a great game!

      they are the games for kids under a certain age who are playing simcity

        im going to pick one of the big shot titles :D, but yea I agree, Throwing in a game thats worth like 10 bucks seems silly

    Surprised there is a bunch of AAA titles there. Hope people don't get blinded though and forget about past issues and future implications of Simcity's DRM/online game design.

    And congratulations to boogoose for predicting Warfighter is on offer. Have a cookie!

    When it says register does that mean the stuff u do before playing it? Or do you have to go to a website and fill something out.? Dont wanna missout on the free me3

    Dammit, I wanted NFS:The Run since I have all of these.

    I have ME3, and the rest look either uninteresting or crap.

    *slow clap*, EA. Good job.

      Wow... entitled gamer syndrome right here folks... right here.

        Is it. The product they actually paid for is crap, so EA offers an apology that doesn't really do anything for them. I guess hes entitled in the sense that he paid money for a product and he wants it to deliver on its promises.

          Yeah, but in that case the complaint should be about Sim City. Complaining about the free games given as compensation for Sim City's issues is barking up the wrong tree, I think.

            Not when they offer the free games but deny refunds.

              Or genuinely resolve the issue, which is remove the online mode.

                The issue isn't so much the online mode (everyone knew it would happen, and everyone knew the game wouldn't work for a good half week to week, just like Diablo 3). The always online requirement for SimCity was well advertised.

                The problem is EA made false claims and outright lies in advertising and selling their game. Particularly around why the always online and the servers were required, and the underlying design/simulation model.

                No one who paid for the game should be annoyed about the online mode, as it was very clear the game required an online connection to play well before its release.

                Everyone should be annoyed that what was released was a less functional version of previous SimCity games which doesn't perform in any way shape or means as it was advertised too prior to release. (The A.I is seriously dumb)

                And gaming publications and websites (like Kotaku), who gave this game (and Diablo 3) glowing reviews (in anticipation of everyone adoring the game and who didn't pick up on the issues everyone else did the second they loaded up the game), to then turn around alongside the general gaming population to join in the attack, just smacks of blatant populism rather than real journalism.

                  The game the Journalists played had servers that actually worked. The public servers went into meltdown.

                  This doesn't skew the review in my Opinion, although the dumb AI should have been mentioned.

                  This is meant to be a reply to dknight, but I can't reply for some reason.

                  I just want to clarify that yes, you are correct in that the game the journalists played were on working servers. I agree that that shouldn't skew the review in any way. (as when it is working, that would be a fair assessment). My complaint is that the SimCity Review and their Diablo 3 Review (and Kotaku US isn't the only culprate here, but it is one of them), were more than glowing of the games in every aspect.

                  However, once the game has launched, nearly all the US Kotaku writers have spent the last two weeks bitching about how the game is horrible, not worth buying, and completely broken (crap story in the instance of D3). All of which are complaints beyond the online only component.

                  My complaint is they go on to publish and push a view, which is only established once they hear the very vocal opinion of their rabid commenters, and contradicts their original review.

      Maybe they should have made you your ultimate game eh snowflake? Just for you!

        giving a customer what they want? don't be stupid.

      Not sure what you want then. Most of those games there are basically the best ea have to offer at the moment, unless you're interested in getting their older games which most people are not.

    For some reason I find it hilarious that they're offering to give people the previous iteration of Sim City for free.

      it was better/more advanced than the new one.

        It's the one I'm planning to pick up. SC5's not ready for prime time, I have ME3 (a regrettable purchase, but I wasn't to know until after the fact) and the others don't interest me.

          Simcity 4 is a great game, I highly recommend it. When I played it a few years back it was a little bit crashy, but nothing too devestating, and there's a good chance it's been patched since then. The terrain editor is great!

    Registration is one of the features they turned off when this whole thing started.

    considering dead space 3 is included i might actually buy sim city today... can get it for $50... $25 per game is fine by me lol

    Plants vs zombies does have better graphics than Dead Space 3 on PC though LOL.

    Their servers might be green, but its not fixed. I lost an hour of game play last night when the servers decided to rollback my city!!

    Its a big shame when a management decision to insist on always online destroys what's otherwise a great game! I feel sorry for the developers.

    Last edited 19/03/13 9:13 am

    Battlefield 3 and DEad Space are likely to still give EA some profit from the DLC (BF3 is worth it IMO) and micro transactions. Still if BF3 is still how it was web I played it proper months ago then the most popular servers and map rotations don't use any of the DLC.

    (Also early marketing for BF4 there)

      Yeah, my first thought was BF3 is nice but then you'd have to spend money to get the DLC to play on populated servers.

    I feel like half of these games won't even be complete unless I buy the DLC too...

      True. Battlefield and Mass Effect with their milking DLC. Others doesn't really have story DLC yet except DS3 with the newest DLC which is quite optional for the story.

    "Not included: an offline version of SimCity."

    I'm pretty sure that's called SimCity 4.

    Either NFS:MW or MOHW... Either way I'm probably only going to throw an hour or two at either of them.


    Im glad I held off buying most of the Origin Exclusive games, I don't have ME3 or BF3 :)

    “At Maxis, our studio values dictate that we innovate and create something that is quirky, complex and challenging,”

    Then giving EA games.. They keep trying to use Maxis as a shield then EA are giving away their games?

    I bought Mass Effect 3 when it was first released which is why I hate Origin so much. Same day DLC they removed a character from the game and charged extra for it and even when it was proven that had done this they were like, "Lol We're EA so f*ck you"

    I finished ME3, uninstalled origin straight away. Since Citadel game out I've been tempted but I just got shaped so this always online thing means I can't even play any of these games.

    Those are pretty good titles to give away so applaud EA for that, but sucks as have most of those games.

    Hell yeah I get to choose from games I either already own, or never wanted.

    Thanks EA!

    Can I ask the question, how many people whinging about simcity being always online have actually got the game? I have it and have had NO problems I got it last friday and have clocked over 16 hours on it without a hitch. Well the only problem I did have was a loss of power to my house mid game but becuase of the always online I did not lose a thing.
    As for the free game, well score for me.

    Medal of Honor! i betcha they cant even give that away!

    Also I note they are offering an offline Sim City, Sim City 4!

    Oh good, "Standard Edition" versions of the games.

    You know, without the hundreds of dollars of DLC that has come since the "standard edition" was released. You know, like in Battlefield where you probably can't find ANYONE without any of it, making the game nigh-impossible to play. So if you WANT to play it, you'll have to fork out more for DLC...

    As much as I applaud them for offering some of their good games for free, that still doesn't fix the original problem. People want an offline mode, give it to them. I'm willing to bet many people already have these games, I know I have all but 2 of the games listed there so if I had actually bought simcity, boy would I be pissed right now.

    Dead Space 3 is being given away already? Who still believes Dead Space 4 wasn't cancelled... ?

    Dead space 3 for me I think. Not interested in ME3, and I already own BF3 and NFSMW.

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