Siobhan Reddy From Media Molecule Named Australian Woman Of The Year

Siobhan Reddy From Media Molecule Named Australian Woman Of The Year

Siobhan Reddy grew up in Sydney, and ended up working for Media Molecule — the creators of LittleBigPlanet in the UK. Now, she has been named the Australian Woman of the Year in the UK, receiving the award in London on Wednesday night.

According to Siobhan, the award just gives her motivation to do more for young female developers trying to break into the games industry.

“I feel it’s given me probably a bit of a rocket up the bum in some way,” she said.

“I’ve had my head down for so long just making things, that I’ve been bad in realising how low the numbers of women are within games.

“In the last months I’ve started to think more about how I can encourage young women to get into games.”

Siobhan received a video message from Prime Minister Julia Gillard telling her to “keep up the good work”.

Siobhan is currently still at Media Molecule working on new projects, but as part of the award she won a return business class ticket to Australia.

“It’s really kind of mental,” she said.

Video game developer Siobhan Reddy to be named Australian Woman of the Year [Daily Telegraph]


  • It’s great that she’s trying to introduce equality and all, but “Woman of the Year”? Surely there are more significant achievements being made by women in Australia than this…

    Congrats to her, though…

    (Yeah, downvote me if you like – I just feel the award could have gone to someone who has done something more significant closer to home)

    • I don’t think you have been reading Kotaku lately, this is a big achievement!

      On a serious note, Siobhan half quote of “I’ve had my head down for so long just making things” is for anyone who want to make it into anything and she will have done more for women by simply being in the industry and doing what she (hopefully) loves then those who exacerbate the issue.

    • Mark’s actually misreported this slightly (an innocent mistake I’m sure). The award is actually ‘Australian Woman of the Year in the United Kingdom’. An achievement nonetheless, but its a much narrower category.

      • That actually clarifies a lot. Thanks for that (I should point out, though, that there isn’t any obvious mention of it on the linked Daily Telegraph article either.)

        Also, cc @markserrels.

        • Yeah, the tele article is really confusing. They actually do refer to the awrd by its correct name in the body of the article, but they made it sound a lot like they mean she is Australian Woman of the Year receiving the award while in the UK.

  • That name is so annoyingly familiar. Almost like it was one of the people I went to uni with, but I can’t remember well enough to figure out if my brain is just making things up or not.

  • On an unrelated note, I’ve always found the spelling of the name Siobhan confusing, even after I have a niece with that middle name. I know it’s dutch or something, but still whenever I read it I first read it as “Sio-ban”, rather than “Shibvorn”.

      • Yep. It’s Irish. 🙂

        It’s my name too, and there is a kind of logic behind the pronunciation that kinda makes it make more sense. Still really confusing though to anybody who hasn’t seen it before though. XD

        Basically, you have to think of it like this:

        When you pronounce the letter “v” on it’s own your mouth and lips pretty much make the same shape as they do when pronouncing the letter “f”. The same for the letters “b” and “p”.

        Therefore, if we pronounce “ph” as “f” then it makes sense that “bh” = “v”.

        So, there is a sort of logic behind it. But I still think it’s crazy confusing. ..A lot better though than when people use the phonetic version, “Shavon” *shudder*.

  • I just have to share a story about her. After hearing that not only was she some awesome powerful person in the UK but also grew up around where I live. I said Hi to her on twitter and had a brief discussion about the quality of the local hot chips. Super cool and down to earth… Congrats.

  • Good for her! More women are needed in a number of fields. I blame culture for the lack of women in such fields.

    • More importantly, the women need to be appropriately qualified, much of the debate I have seen appears to assume women should just be handed jobs because they are women, rather than encourage them to take up the necessary studies to achieve such a role.

      • Completely agree. Though I’ve seen situations where certain jobs couldn’t get done due to the sole situation of the only member being able to get the job done being a woman. Its really dumb. Looking at cultures that support this sh!t such as middle east cultures there are many things women are looked down on, even things such as not allowed to drive a car without her male partner in it. Though we would like to say that we are better since we don’t do this but in many of our cultures, the woman usually is the cook in the house and cleans too while the male goes to work and provide the house hold with requirements. Though I don’t see why both sexes couldnt do all and help and contribute to each other. I don’t know how-to explain it lol, best way to observe and observe a lot.

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