SNL Proves That Racism Won't Die, Even After The Undead Apocalypse

Poor Kevin Hart. All he wanted to do when he hosted SNL this weekend was eat "white people brains" and do the dance from "Thriller."

Instead he got shot. It's a messed up world we live in, especially once the dead start walking.

Saturday Night Live

The Walking Dead [Hulu]


    Why post this story on Kotaku Australia when the video is not available outside the US?

    Damn Hulu is blocking me because I am not in the US and I have a plug in to by pass that fact. Lame.

      Go to unblock-us and sign up. You can then get access netflix and hulu.

      I got Hola Unblocker for chrome based on recommendations from Giz or LH and it doesn't seem to work.

      Then again, I guess that si my fault for trusting Giz or LH.

      There's a Firefox extension called Media Hint that solves all region based blocking problems. It's amazing.

    Apparently its so awesome it just cant be linked...

    this is why we shouldn't get copy and paste posts from the US kotaku

    Yeah, don't bother watching it. You would think the obvious joke would be the black guy getting killed and a new black guy replacing him, which has happened 3 times this season of Walking Dead but no they take the lazy approach and just make it a stupid and overdone joke about white guilt.

    It’s a messed up world we live in
    It certainly is - thanks USA copyright law.

    wow that's a great example of stupid linking

    Damnit, if the Walking Dead casting is racist it only 'proves' the real world is racist.

    MERLE showed that racism won't die, even after the undead Apocalypse, episode 2.

    Spoiler warning for anyone that hasn't seen the first half of season 3 yet.

    Last edited 04/03/13 5:51 pm

    Racism hasn't been as big of an issue here as it is in America, your article is invalid and stupid

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