Some Of You Will Get Into The Company Of Heroes 2 Closed Beta Next Week

If you pre-ordered Company of Heroes 2, then you’ll be able to take part in a closed beta that starts on Tuesday, April 2. Those who get in will have access to six competitive multiplayer maps and will be able to play against the AI solo or with teammates.

Don’t worry, the second phase of the beta will reportedly let more people in. Here’s the press release.


    $90 on steam. Can't remember the last time i paid $90 for any game let alone a PC game. Anyone know other places that offer beta access?

      EB Games, when i pre-ordered it, had the standard edition at $80, Collectors for $90.
      Both came with a Beta Access code.
      At least, that was when i pre-ordered it in Febuary.

        Now there's only the special edition for $88

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