Someone Just Found A Secret Game Hidden In F-Zero GX

Anyone who ever owned a Nintendo GameCube should remember just how good F-Zero GX was. It may be one of my favourite racing games of all time. That game was released almost 10 years ago, but it was only discovered today that the arcade version of F-Zero GX, F-Zero AX, was completely hidden in that game's code all along. Amazing.

If you're interested in trying to make it work, you'll need a copy of the game, obviously, a GameCube, and an Action Replay device. You'll have to enter a series of pretty intensive codes which you can find here.

Personally, It's enough for me to know that it simply exists, and that something like this could have existed for so long without someone noticing it! I remember actually buying a copy of F-Zero GX day one in Japan, and I remember playing the arcade. It's insane that the two games were linked together on the same disc for all those years without anyone knowing. Incredible.


    See this is why i'm so critical on Nintendo these days.

    Such a great series.

      I don't plan on getting a Wii U unless and until the next F-Zero comes out on it. Best racing series ever.

        Word. Would've been great if they re-released F-Zero X on the 3DS. Now THAT would look sick with the 3D turned on.

        It'd be great overrall if Nintendo get back to making great games instead of fancy hardware without any games.

    I would love it if the system link stuff was still hidden away in there, and you could link up GameCubes to multiple TVs and have a whole multiplayer thing going.

    Also some way to read out the movement data that made the arcade machine move about, to recreate your own cabinet somehow :P

    I have a theory that news like this always comes out just before a major announcement to kick off the hype machine.

    I have a gamecube. I have F-Zero GX. I have an action replay. This is freaking awesome news.

      So do I !! Finally I get to use my action replay for something! Got weekend off. Yipeee

    It was always there, you needed to share your F Zero GX save file with F Zero AX by sticking a GC memory unit into the arade.

    It's mentioned in the manual, IIRC

    This actually makes perfect sense. Make the one game, and detect what hardware it's running on to change modes.

    Man, F-Zero was a difficult game. It's the only futuristic racing serious that holds a candle to Wipeout.

      Hahaha that's not how it goes. Wipeout is the one holding the candle to F-Zero.

      And F-Zero is the one blowing it out as it blasts past and crosses the finish line.

        It's about perceptions, man. As far as I'm concerned that IS how it goes. F-zero's gameplay is excellent but I prefer Wipeout.
        So what.

          Wipeout shits on F-Zero. By a long shot! Wipeout 2097 is a classic!

          Nah it's about taking your opinions and obnoxiously swinging them around the place with little regard for who or what you hit in the face with them :P

            Oh, snap. You win, F-zero is the greatest.
            This is one of those cases where it doesnt matter whether you're trolling or not - you're still a wanker.

    " Published on 28 Nov 2012"

    But still: pretty amazing.

    If you don't have an Action Replay, but you have a Wii and are comfortable with using homebrew, this may also be possible through there. I'll try and write up a guide in the next few days.

    That's awesome, I have a Gamecube and F-Zero GX but no Action Replay. TBH, I can't really be bothered sourcing one just to play this but it is cool to know it exists.

      As noted above (but in case you didn't see it), you can use a Wii with homebrew to apply Action Replay codes.

    Thats so awesome!

    I still think one of my greatest (and hardest) gaming achievements was unlocking the GX tracks for use in FX, it was so worth it as well, GX had some of the best tracks in the game!

    If only this was the case with Mario Kart arcade and Double Dash... :)

    Um, what's the difference between the GC and the Arcade?
    Anything actually worth going to all this trouble to play?

    Wipeout > F-Zero

      The arcade game had only a small set of tracks (different to those in GX) available, as well as possibly a more limited choice in drivers (though I could be wrong on that). It did have a series of characters to choose from that weren't in GX, too. Also the style of play is different, in that it's more of a Sega arcade racer - you have to make it from checkpoint to checkpoint before the time runs out, something that doesn't feature in GX.

      GX does, however, allow you to unlock all the AX content through fully-completing the hard-as-balls story mode though. It could also be done by taking your memory card to the arcade and using your GX save data there, which was much easier to do :P

      So all in all there isn't a whole lot to it, but it's still a very cool thing to have for the enthusiast.

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