Someone Put An Assassin's Creed Screengrab In A TV Report On Syria

Ah, the dangers of Google image search. On Feb. 26, Denmark's TV2 needed an over-the-shoulder shot for a report on the conflict in Syria, and some production assistant gave the control room a screengrab from the original Assassin's Creed (which features the city prominently) Apparently it's this one, from the game's unofficial wiki site. That's supposed to be the city's skyline as it appeared about 720 years ago, by the way.

This isn't the first time TV has mixed up video game images for real life when reporting on problems in Syria. Back in May, the BBC used the insignia of Halo's United Nations Space Command, which is fictitious, to illustrate the United Nations Security Council's position on fighting in the troubled Middle Eastern state.

Danes use game as Syria fill-in [Times of Israel via Polygon]


    /epic facepalm, followed by slow clap.

    GHAHAHAHAHAHA! I still remember the UNSC logo from Halo making it into a BBC story.

    Who else wrongly assumed this would be a story about FOX news??

    Just to make sure Owen is up to date on his geography. Syria is a nation not a city and that the city in question is Damascus.

    And people say we need more power for photo realistic graphics.

    What about when ITV in Britain used footage from ArmA2 in a documentary on the IRA?

    Sadly that 1191 Damasscus is probably in better condition then todays one

    That. Is. Awesome.

    Surely the lack of satellite dishes and TV aerials not to mention high-rise buildings is a dead give away?

    Well, you have to admit, reality would look much less spectacular.

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