Something's Starting Up With Final Fantasy XI

How mysterious! A tweet from the official Final Fantasy XI account read, "The heck is this... Is something starting up...?!" This image was included in the tweet.

Back in 2011, former Final Fantasy XI Hiromichi Tanaka mentioned that Square Enix was considering a straight port of FFXI to the PS Vita. But at that time, it was undecided and there was no concrete plan to do the port.

So maybe this tweet is referring to a PS Vita version of Final Fantasy XI? Or maybe it's a Wii U version? Who knows! Square Enix does, that's who.

これはいったい…何かが始まるのか……!? [@FFXI_JP via オレ的]


    I'd get it for Vita. Especially if it's free to play like Phantasy Star claims it will will be.


        doubt it would be free, seeing as there is a subscription for the pc version.

          I'd call it "PlayOnline subscription," since the PS2 and 360 players all play together with the PC players on the PlayOnline server.

    In the middle, with a cable leading to whatever the guy on the left is holding is a Vita charger.

    I would buy a ps vita and the game if it was released free to play.

      Which it won't be. As the PS2, PC and 360 all use PlayOnline (which allowed me to go from PC to 360), chances are that the VITA will use it as well.

      If SE were to make the VITA version of FFXI single-player, however... :D (wishful thinking)

        Wouldn't make sense to release it with a subscription, not a big enough install base. Most likely it will go free to play for all platforms with a premium option to try and hold people until the rerelease of XIV with a release on vita

          Isn't FFXI still Squeenix's cash cow though? I doubt they'd release a free to play version when so many people still subscribe.

    It won't be free to play for a long time. Squenix still makes lots of money from subscriptions for it, and XI going free would probably ruin all chances of FFXIV's reboot being profitable too.

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