Sorry, China, This Pig-Faced Fish Is Not Real

I'm no marine biologist, but I'm pretty dang sure that fish don't have pig faces. There are hogfish and pigfish. But little pig eyes? Pointy pig ears? Nah. That's bunk. Call it a hunch.

Yet, this photo has become a hot topic on uber popular Chinese bulletin board, TT.mop. With river pollution a serious problem, some on TT.mop wondered if this fish was a mutation. Others thought it looked like Photoshop. Others? Sorry, I meant smart people.

Whoever caught this pig-faced fish, should trade notes with the guy who sliced open the dragon he caught. Photoshop notes.

That actually isn't necessary. The image *seems* to have first emerged on parody site An Aspiring Mekubal on February 21. It didn't hit TT.mop until a few days later.

You can read an update An Aspiring Mekubal did on pigfish, if you like.

抓到一条鱼吓尿了~是杂交、变异还是进化??? [TT.mop via ロケットニュース]

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    I remember a while back in China someone dug up a fake rubber vagina, the Chinese media thought it was an ancient mushroom that only the emperor was aloud to eat.

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    oh i want a pig-fish its so cute :)

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