Splinter Cell Blacklist's Newest Trailer Shows Sam Fisher Getting Sneaky Three Ways

It's hard to know what to think about the next Splinter Cell right now. I liked Conviction, but the last Sam Fisher game was a clear break with some of the series' more iconic elements. Blacklist is clearly trying to bring some of that tech/stealth feel back while also expanding the options and scope of the game.

This video shows how some of that will play out, with the same area done in non-lethal and more aggressive playthroughs and puts Sam's new mini-drone and other gear and moves in the spotlight. The game looks nice, but I don't know that I'll be swayed until I get Blacklist in my hands myself.


    I totally read that headline as something pornographic... I'm a terrible man... I really am.

      I'm sure in between missions Sam is entitled to some sneaky three-ways.

    The changes Conviction made were difficult for me to accept to begin with, but what really hurt it for me was that they obviously didn't have the time to fully flesh out their concept beyond a measly few couple of features. I didn't like the story either in terms of its Hollywood blockbuster feel, but enough time has passed that I've kind of stopped caring about the series. I decided that I was done with Splinter Cell but I might give this a chance. The absence of Michael Ironside is really gonna hurt though.

      I'm kinda with you there... old school fan since I first saw a video of the first game on X-Box back in its day.

      Though the series lost me at Double Agent. Ubi Shanghai screwed up the 360 and PC versions pretty bad... that, and the multiplayer SvM mode was dumbed down and destroyed.

      Conviction, while entertaining... didn't really warrant any extended play beyond completing the story. The more fluid movement was welcomed though.

      Blacklist's lack of Ironside is a killer, and videos prior to this stealthy approach put me off greatly.
      I did hear Blacklist was bringing back the classic SvM multiplayer mode from PT/CT, but I've seen no evidence of this.

      I really hope it makes a return in a way that stays true to its original offerings.
      Hopes aren't very high though...

    If Sam Fisher used a box he probably get pass all those guards without detection n non-lethal/lethal takedowns.

    Double agent killed it for me too. I liked conviction though. This new one looks great to me!

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