Splinter Cell Short Film Looks Just Like A Splinter Cell Video Game

Teaming up with some stunt performers, the film crew at Warialasky have made this amazing Splinter Cell video that shoots real actors as though this was gameplay footage.

Because this is a third-person game, that makes it a lot more impressive than it is the flood of similar videos for first-person shooters you see on YouTube.

Splinter Cell – Live Action [Warialasky]


  • In other news, Plunkett needs to get a Tumblr account if all he wants to do is mindlessly share content he finds on the internet. Save Kotaku articles for actual journalism. Oh, and the embed is broken, so… well done, guy.

    • Oh wow, how about “shut the hell up, Kieron”?!

      Honestly, what the hell is wrong with you people, carrying on like this? Don’t like the way things are done here? Go start your own highly successful website, you snarky little tool!

  • Pretty neat, but using Ironside’s voice was kind of weird. Felt like he was using one of those robot voice things. And one thing they missed from game’s display was the b&w filter.

  • Seriously Luke this shit is getting old. Why keep posting videos that are at best, just okay?

    Yeah it’s an ok video but am I going to watch it for 5mins?

    No way. It’s a waste of time.

    It’s getting to the point where I’m just going to start avoiding your articles if you don’t pick up the quality. I would feel bad saying that to most journalists, but you’re not creating this stuff, you’re just finding it and linking to it.

    So start finding better stuff!

    • You can’t be serious, you ignorant, self-righteous dick! Just exactly who the hell do you think you are, speaking to someone like that?!!!
      If you don’t want to sit and watch a 5-minute live-action Splinter Cell video, great! Don’t watch it, but here’s a news-flash for you, champ… Your opinon of something doen’t alter its quality or worth.
      Luke found a cool vid and he shared it with us. I, for one, thought it was awesome. You, on the other hand, are a mean-spirited, nasty little prick. Attacking a complete stranger for doing his job because you didn’t like a video? You’re really that lonely and petty?! FFS, go outside for a walk or something!
      Mr Plunkett, thank you, once again, for the cool view, keep up the good work.
      Rowan, vile, stupid people like you are the reason human kind is stuck here instead of exploring the stars. You suck.

      • Wow. Let’s see how you feel after about 50 of these videos. Feedback is allowed you know. And you’ll notice i didn’t call anyone any names. Unlike yourself. Think about that. You’re the one hating the hardest on this thread.

        • Dearest rowan,

          Perhaps I explained myself badly, or maybe you’re just not very bright. Either way, let’s try again… If these sorts of videos bug you so much, then don’t watch them. Simple. Surely it occurred to you after the 45th one that maybe you had a choice as to what you watch. Do you not understand how that works?

          Watching these videos when you know you hate them, then complaining about them is a bit like hitting yourself in the thumb with a hammer, then whining that it hurts. Stop doing it!

          It’s Luke’s job to find cool stuff for us to look at and he’s being doing it well, so how about you shut your pie hole and let him continue?

          You’re correct when you say you that feedback is allowed, but there’s a difference between feedback and saying “because I, personally, didn’t like this video, you’re doing a shit job”.

          Yes, I brought some hate to this thread, but only because a self-opinionated jerk like you thinks it’s okay to be so nasty and vitriolic, completely unprovoked. At least I’m being awful to you for a reason, jerk.

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          Kind regards,


          • And let’s hear it for the furious man! Well done. I especially enjoy the irony, as everything you throw at me, seems to be much more applicable to yourself.

            You’re a fantastic example of… something. Carry on furious man, carry on!

          • Dude, straight-up, if you think your initial comment, with phrases like “this shit is getting old” and “find better stuff” is an appropriate way to address someone you’ve never met,, then I’ve already lost this argument.

            You seem to think that you’re 100% justified in being so horribly rude to a man who was just doing his job and THAT is what makes me so angry.

            Try being polite next time and you won’t cop a mouthful of abuse from normally kind people like myself. I only ever lash out at pricks like you who are rude to begin with and, if you can’t see that you were out of line, then I’m wasting my time.

            Anyone else think this guy was a jerk, or was it just me?

            Have a nice life, toots!

          • Try this. Copy and paste our conversations. Now transpose the names. Can you see what you sound like?

            An angry person.

            Chill pills. Try them. You’ll live longer.

          • OKay, fair enough, big guy. I give up… I’ve gone back and read your opening comment to Luke and you know what? It was fine…

            You were perfectly within your rights to lash out at him like you did and it was very kind of you to call his work out as worthless.

            That’s exactly the sort of nastiness that should be encouraged on this site and I apologise, profusely, for attempting to intervene.

            Thanks for being such a lovely chap! Bye!

  • Its seems you some active haters Luke, best listen to them before they post more angry posts about how references to Video Games suck.

  • The first 2 minute sequence is done in one take, Hardboiled style.
    That in itself is pretty cool.

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