Spot The Differences In This BioShock Infinite Gameplay Video... From 2010

Take any game and compare its released version to a build from three years ago (if it even existed) and you're going to notice more than a few changes. BioShock Infinite is no exception and while we can't dig through Irrational's source control for a previous iteration of the game, we can use old videos as a point of comparison.

Note: Even though the video above is from 2010, it could be considered a spoiler.

I have yet to play Infinite, so I can't make any comparisons myself, but this Reddit thread, which invited readers to play spot the difference between the retail version and a gameplay video from 2010, points out that Elizabeth no longer has telekinetic powers or the ability to control the weather. It also appears a few mechanics were modified (such as Vigor usage).

While I'm sure the changes were made in the interests of delivering a better game (and getting it done on time), is there anything missing that you wish Irrational had kept in?

Bioshock Infinite Early Gameplay Footage [YouTube, via Reddit]


    Does anyone else think this video is prerendered? It seems to have a lot more detail than the actual game has.

      It's probably the PC version.

        I've got the PC version. I can see stuff in the trailer that's not in the game. Like the crow that lands on his hand. Why redo it? And in a way that doesn't look as good as in a trailer from a few years ago?

        That doesn't make sense to me.

          the crow on his hand with the flesh still in its beak is still in the game, i distinctly remember seeing it and thinking back to this old video

            Of course, but it's slightly different. I can't be bothered frapping it, then youtubing or whatnot. But when I saw this video, i immediately thought 'weird, it's slightly different'.

            Almost like it's been prerendered, and then they had to recreate it in engine.

            Meh, not that it matters anyway. I love the game.

      Clearly you weren't running it on ultra/playing it on a console. If anything I'd say that Elizabeth looks a great deal worse.

        Man, the details and textures were pretty bad on console. Even by todays standards. Look through a window, or better yet, go look closely at an apple.

        Playing it on ultra on my pc, and its absolutely *gorgeous*. Loving the art style, phenomenal.

        Yep. Ultra. V-Sync. AA'd at a rediculous level. I don't remember the tracks having ANY detail, and you definitely couldn't melee someone off a track.

        And there was just about NO environment manipulation going on in the game, But in the trailer awesome shit is happening all over the joint. That tower collapsing in the 1st level? Awesome. Dropping a bridge on a handyman? How cool is that???

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          I have it on PC and it looks just as good if not better than anything in that trailer. And the crow did land on my hand like that.

            But yeah, I agree, some of that stuff that was taken out does look awesome! Must have been a hard decision to remove it so I'm sure they must have had their reasons.

        I have it on PC and my Fiance has it on PS3. PS3 looks like rubbish by today's standards, the PC version looks sweet. Now to get a better graphics card to run it on super-mega-ultra

          I'm a ps3 player and I'm not offended at what you said just remember to get a joystick or something because PC controls suck.

          PC games, you either walk forward or turn around at one time and not both while shooting a gun and vigors at the same time.

    what surprises me more is that those graphics are pretty much the same as it is now (on PC at least), don't get me wrong, they're damn good, but imagine how much better received they'd be back in 2010!

    if moore's law applies... it's been 2 years and it's basically been the same.. (but this is just shallow hypothetics)

      It's not about overall power, though. Keep in mind that a game released in 2010 would have generally been in development for 2-5 years, so the graphics tech would have existed 2-5 years before release.

    Oh yeah - the 2010, 2011 and even some of the 2012 stuff they showed in previews for infinite never made it into the game. Levine said that they created and then discarded enough content for 5 games - they just kept of making stuff and then chucking it out if they felt that it didn't fit right. From what I gather, the game was re-written and re-designed numerous times. We'll probably see a lot of the stuff they didn't use in DLC.

    I'm glad that they took as long as they did, since I really, really, really like the game.

    Having just finished Bioshock Infinite, I kinda wish it was more like the trailer. Obviously a lot of the gameplay featured in that trailer is simply impractical to design and construct, but the themes and more importantly the atmosphere looked so much more potent. I remember that the overall level of critical portrayal of religion was toned down in response to internal complaints (someone threatened to leave iirc too), but I think it's a bit toothless as-is.

    The ending is GOOD, though, and it really felt Bioshock-y and awesome.

    I like how they included Elizabeth's original look in the ending with all the others.

    I would have just been happy if the world objects had physics applied to them rather than being nailed down. Its tech we've had around for a long time (HL2, FEAR, etc) but is rarely seen. Everything's just nailed down, and is sort of immersion breaking when a scripted sequence blows debris everywhere, but you cant move a book off a table.

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