Star Citizen's Starfighter Building Options Are Like A 90's Childhood Fantasy Come True

Star Citizen, the upcoming space shooter whose development is being led by Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts, lets you customise the look and construction of your starfighter.

The game's site says "It will be your home, your mode of transportation, your line of defence against pirates, Vanduul raiders and the dangers of vacuum itself… and what’s more, it will be an expression of your personal style and gameplay preferences". It is not kidding around.

You'll be able to mess around with just about every aspect of your craft, from the hull to weapons right down to avionics and fuel tanks.

There's a detailed run-down of all the customisation options available below.

Engineering: Ship Components Systems [RSI]


    I love that you can install "illegal" mods to your ship, and then have to worry if the "UEE Advocacy" police force will inspect your ship and impound those components. That's details thinking, alright.

    I'm getting way too much into this game already, I've already sat down with the cutaway for the MSI Freelancer to see where I can put up the girlie posters. I'm thinking either the galley or the secondary cargo hold ...

      Indeed, I love that too about this game, they're really pushing forward with the 'do what you want' aspect. Loving it. *loving* it. I just missed out on helping with kickstarter unfortunately but bet your ass I'll be buying two or three copies for my household so we can play it here multiplayer!!!!

        You can still back the game now, IIRC, but you'll just miss out on things like lifetime garaging and insurance for your starter ships.

        I'm still trying to decide if I want to plonk down for a Drake Cutlass, but pirating just isn't my style. Smuggling on the other hand....

    It looks like somebody is building me the game that will consume my life. Nice knowing you all.

    The game just sounds better and better with every news release, I do hope the game doesn't get over hyped though.

    I backed this game a while ago, In that time he raised an extra $3million! And it keeps sounding better and better!

    Wing Commander 2 was the first game I ever saved up and bought all by myself. I was 12 and it cost $110!

    And I thought it was worth every penny.

    I backed this as soon as it was announced. I think I'll pick up a sweet joystick before it comes out to enjoy it with.

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