State Of Decay Is An RPG, An RTS And A Zombie Survival Game

This is State of Decay, a new Microsoft-published Xbox Live Arcade game that might be one of the most ambitious digital titles I've ever seen. It's an RPG, an RTS, a zombie survival game and a simulator.

If you're confused by all this, I know exactly how you feel. You can watch some video footage — and listen to me try to talk after destroying my voice at PAX East last weekend — above.


    Game looks interesting. Sounds like somebody has been taking to many hits.

    I'm actually looking forward to this game. It looks a bit clunky but I'm more interested in the survival aspect of the zombie apocalypse.

    What's the release date?

    That's not an RTS. Looks like it *might* be really good though.

    Looks like it has a lot of potential, its a shame that its only going to be XBLA though and not an actual retail release. I'm looking forward to it.

    Jason sounds like Julien from Madagascar in this video.

    You know what would make this game more interesting for me? IF IT DIDN'T HAVE ZOMBIES IN IT!

      Wait, so you'd prefer to be surviving against nothing? I don't know if that would make the game more interesting bro.. Just saying.

        No, I'd just love a game that had something OTHER than zombies.

        What about just crazy people trying to survive (ala The Road), or mutated fiend-looking humans (I Am Legend)... You know at this point, a bloody WIND like in The Happening would be more original and interesting than Zombies hahaha.

          I hear ya and agree but zombies have the benefit of dodging some censorship and ethics issues. As dead 'things' you can do a lot of badness to them. It's a weird semantics problem with censorship too, if those zombies were say, just infected crazy people like 28 Days Later (not zombies!!) the restrictions would be harsher and the rating would be maxed. All we have otherwise is Aliens and Nazi's (to a point).

          They weren't crazy people in the road, they were the strongest, so they survived. In I Am Legend they were vampires (book) proto-zombies in the Will Smith film. I think the problem is that these zombie survival games focus on the fictional action as opposed to factual survival requirements. The more it's based on fantasy the more jaded people like you will become.

            or maybe I'm just over zombies...? haha

              It's kinda funny. It's come full circle - by now, I'm actually more tired of people complaining about the overuse of zombies than I am tired of the overuse of zombies.

    Was extremely worried when I read a preview that described this as an RTS, which seemed to go against the open-world sandbox RPG feel of earlier previews. Less worried now that it makes more sense - looks more like resource management than classic RTS, which makes up the survival part, I suppose. The whole "evolving world" thing sounds pretty ambitious, but also pretty awesome if they manage to pull it off.

    Did I miss the RTS elements in the video? It looks like an interesting 3rd person action/rpg, and judging by the mini-map, possibly open world.

      Apparently customising weapons = RTS :\

    And if it launches successfully, it is supposed to evolve into perhaps the only MMO I will play

      From what I read the full blown MMO will be on Xbox Next if this one pans out alright!

    Billions of melee weapons? I get the girl is there to sell it the game, but maybe lay off the speed

    I've been keen on this game since last year when the first preview came out, and yes, I'm as sick of zombies as the rest of society - but they seem to be doing something a little different here, and on XBLA too which hasn't had a good game since Mark of the Ninja

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