Straight From Your Dreams (Or Nightmares), It’s The PSWiiU60 Combo Console

Ben Heckendorn is a wizard, one who makes modern electronics into magical creations. The master modder has turned out several varieties of Xbox 360 laptops, another Xbox 360 with Atari 2600 styling, and a Bill Paxton pinball machine.

But his new creation might be his most ambitious feat of technomancy yet. This time, he's created a Frankenstein's Monster out of the parts of all three current-generation video game consoles.

Starting this week, new episodes of The Ben Heck Show video series on Element 14 document the process of getting all that hardware into one enclosure. You can see him take apart the super-slim PS3, the Xbox 360 and the Wii U. It's funny how Heckendorn name-checks the hours-long update for the new Nintendo system even though he's never handled one before. Guess that meme really got out there, huh?

I have to say that getting all those guts into one place with ostensibly less cables and power plugs would make many a gamer's life much easier. So, how much would you pay for this beast?


    Would all the system parts be on at once? If so it would use alot of power and make alot of heat :(

      Looking at the image closely, it seems there's power and eject buttons for each console, and one "select" button. So I suppose you could have them all on at once, and then toggle between them with the select button, or you could just have whichever one you want to use on by itself.

      There's 3 power buttons in the pic each labelled for a different machine. So I'd guess not.

    It just sounds easier to build a PC and create an emulator.

    But by all means, Ben Heck has done a lot of awesome stuff.

      It may sound easier.... but if it were then that's probably what would have been done.....

      Let me know when you've got a cycle-accurate PS3 emulator up and running ;-)

      Interestingly, emulation *should* in theory be a lot easier this coming generation, with the unanimous adoption of the x86 architecture. There is still a big challenge in breaking through the DRM and I/O protocols, but the underlying instructions themselves won't have to be emulated, which will give a large boost in speed.

      Easier to emulate an Xbox 360 and PS3?

      Given the overhead involved in emulating moderately powerful CPUs and Graphics chipsets, I wouldn't expect this to be feasible any time soon with available computing power. Hell they don't even have the previous generation (Wii aside) down pat yet.

    How is this any different to having 3 consoles stacked on top of each other?

      It's in one box!

        I got a box lying around here somewhere, just stack them all in there then. done

    That thing is huge.. I've never really been a big fan of Ben Heck.. His hacks are like those a 16 year old would do in their parents house..

    Put some real work in, figure out the most efficient way to fit all the circuits in as efficient an area as possible, factor in effective power solutions and cooling, and put it in something you wouldn't feel ashamed to try and sell to someone else... Or atleast innovate SOMETHING. Next thing we will be honoring someone who superglues the three and a powerboard and cable management strip together as an infamous hacker..

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