Stunning Debut Trailer For Hardware, A Game By Some Guys Who Made Homeworld

First revealed all the way back in 2011, it's only today that we're getting our first proper look at Hardware, a new game from a studio made up of a number of former Relic developers, including Rob Cunningham, Homeworld's art director.

So if you think the trailer above looks familiar, that's why. It's also why it's giving me goosebumps.


    man.. the atmosphere is exciting! can't wait!

    although the quick cuts in the end kinda doesn't work with static animation

    Is that James Remar's (Dexters Dad in Dexter, The Warriors) voice??? Either way, awesome trailer!!! Peaked my interest that's for sure.

      Sounds very similar but there is a subtle difference.

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      Lance Henriksen

    The vibe I got from that was a cross between Trigun and Dune.

    Looks like a neat IP. I'm not seeing anything approaching a "game" here though. They might be making a cartoon, movie, or graphic novel for all the trailer shows..

    I guess it does it's job though 'cause I'm off to hunt for further details.

      I want more details. But if it's in the same vein as Homeworld, I'm interested.

        [quote]world’s first planetary-scale social strategy game[/quote]

        That's what I got from the site at the end of the vid

      clicking on the link in the first line provides you with more information...

        It links to a meagre description of the game with a bunch of concept art.. which is nice, but it'd be great to see some gameplay mock-ups and have a clearer idea how the "social" aspects will fit into the concept.

    YAWN! Nothing special visible.

    At 0:55 seconds the guy looks at the screen, imagine him saying BOO!

    According to the site it's a multiplayer "social strategy" game. What a shame. Homeworld was an excellent single player game which was why I loved it. Why do game studios want to make everything multiplayer now? Look at how it's ruined simcity!

    Needs more Lenny from Motörhead.

      Motörhead has a Lenny? Did Lemmy die and they had to replace him with a lookalike?

      Then again, who the hell could look like Lemmy??

        Nice catch. Damn you autocorrect, damn you to hell! BTW did you see the british sci-fi movie 'hardware', it was really good.

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    "In this persistent multiplayer game"... well, that's me out. Bugger.

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