Surgeon Simulator 2013's Brain Surgery Treats Patients' Skulls Like Eggs

So, Surgeon Simulator 2013 came out of nowhere (well, this year's Global Game Jam) to be one of the most hilarious, disturbing games that some folks have played this year. And that was before the folks at Bossa Studios added brain surgery.

A new video gives a glimpse of just what it'll be like to be a maladroit neurosurgeon in the game. Let's just say that no patient is making a full recovery after SurgSim2013 players are doing hammering at that cranium. Surgeon Simulator 2013 is currently up on Steam Greenlight so there's a good chance you'll be whacking at some poor schmoe's head in this exact way very soon.


    This reminds me of that surgery game Adult Swim released a while ago.

    With me at the controls, not knowing what I'm doing, this will become a Dr. Patel simulator in seconds...

      hahahahaha omg so mean... i love it, That guy needs to die so bad

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