Sweet Dark Souls Posters Look Suitably Satisfying

Crowsmack has the walls of Dark Souls fans in mind with these two vintage-inspired posters based on the game, which are available as prints here.


    It looks like it says "Praife the Sun" down in the bottom right.

      Old school S. Used to be all written like that. Mississippi was Miffiffippi.

    If only I could be so grossly incandescent !

    I really don't understand using other people's ip. It seems like a case of 'have they noticed? no? good, keep going!' 'oh they have? guess I have to find a new ip..'

    $55 to buy it and get it shipped to australia

      If you really want it, open up the image in illustrator and retrace it. It's a simple image so you wouldn't have too much trouble. Then you can put it up on a site like zazzle and buy your own copy for a lot less

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