Take A Look At Soul Sacrifice In Action

Soul Sacrifice is the latest game from the mind of Mega Man creator, Keiji Inafune. The game is scheduled to hit stores in Australia on May 1, giving people living in those areas a month to wait. However, for those of us in Japan, the game is already out. For a PS Vita game (someday I won't have to use that moniker), it's selling relatively well with over 12,000 copies sold.

Before its release, the game was critically viewed as a potential Monster Hunter clone, but Inafune promised much more. To see how the game looks in action and get a feel for it, check out the video above.

Note: Due to the fact that short of using a soldering iron and voiding the warranty, it is currently impossible to get a direct video capture from the PS Vita, the above video was taken by hand. Apologies for the low video and audio quality as well as any ambient noises and shaking of the screen. (It's really hard to keep your hands still with an action game…)

Notes on the video:

0:15 — In order to avoid story spoilers, I chose a relatively easy free boss mission.

1:14 — This is the "spirit eye" function that allows you to see enemies and ally health, hidden items, boss "weak points," and other things that can potentially get lost in the environment.

2:44 — I suck a dodging.

3:32 — Boss "weak points" can be damaged/destroyed.

5:34 — Enemy and ally health is color-coded from healthy to near death Green -> Yellow -> Orange -> Red. It's also difficult to see in the video, but boss "weak points" appear as red dots.

5:59 — The lock-on system can be annoying at times.

7:57 — Decisions, decisions...

Stay tuned for our full review of Soul Sacrifice.


    Necronomicon! Nice Evil Dead reference, if only you could play as Ash. It does look a LOT like Monster Hunter though.

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