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    Today is my first day of Uni, wish me luck lads (and ladettes).

    Also have a merry Monday.

    Edit: Woo-hoo TAY GET!

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      HAVE FUN!

      (I mean this in both a sarcastic and/or genuine manner)

        GYM CHIKEN!

        I start next week >_>

        I'll probably forget you told me about gym chicken and never buy it. ...I still think it's a myth and you're making it all up

      Good luck! I'm sure it'll be fine =D

      Uni is awesome! I miss it heaps - make the most of it! Soak it all in.

      Also, good luck and have fun, etc.

      Have fun! Man I remember my first week of Uni... didn't know anyone, was a bit too shy and didn't really talk to anyone.. finished the week by thinking 'omg I'm not going to have any friends for the next 5 years' and blew of my last few classes that day.

      Funny thing happened in that a certain someone had her first niece born that same day, so blew off the classes too. We both had to come back and do a make up class, which was basically just the two of us in it, and turns out we got along really well.

      What followed was a love story for the ages ahhhhh......

        Luck would have it that 2 people I went to high school with are in my course.

          I didn't mind having a clean break from the HS crowd tbh - kinda like starting a fresh.

            These two peeps are friends of mine, which makes it tons better

    Morning TAY


    Crystal Echoes Back to our Tragedy by Crossfaith :D

    Have a nice day

      Meshuggah - Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion

      Spotify is actually starting to recommend good stuff :

      Thanks Spotify!

      Lightsaber cocksucking blues - Mclusky

    It's Oscars day in the office today!!!!
    You know what that means!??

      Comfortable headphones?

        HD280s. Does the job a little too well - can't hear anything or anyone.


            Sennheiser HD280s. Great headphones, I use the HD598s at home except they're open-backed so not really suited for shared spaces, but that's alright because no-one shares m-oh, you.

      Making sure you don't miss any of the announcements?

    Morning everyone.

    I hope everyone finds themselves well. Mum, Sid and I are struggling to cop with this weather. i was pretty sick most of yesterday because of it. Even worse hot weather stops me from doing anything.I hate it. Yesterday i went on a huge rant at the weather about how it belongs in Queensland. We've had nearly 2-3 of this weather.
    Sorry, as I said, it's getting to me.

      You know, I think I know who you are now :P Ollie's been lying on the tiles not moving and then jump into the swimming pool for some coolness before lying back down again

        how's Aria doing?
        (aka. you were right =P)

          She and Rocky just sit outside in the shade, and occasionally try to swim in Ollie's huge water bowl.

            Sid has a pool, but he's terrified of it. Do you guys want it for the cats?

              Oooo, how big is it etc? Send me a facebook pic ;)

    Been meaning to watch 'The Kingdom' (Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner) for several years now and picked it up for like $10 on the weekend. Was actually a pretty darned good movie, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    My slog through DBZ (anime) continues, and I finished up Cell Games on the weekend. It's been thoroughly enjoyable watching it all through again. Still found myself getting fidgety during tense moments, despite knowing the outcome. Laughing at some of the silliness (like King Kai's absurd jokes) and realising how much you come to care about many of the characters throughout the whole deal.

    Housemate decided to sit in and watch a small section of the Cell Games where Gohan ascends and kicks the shit out of Cell Jrs and Cell which for me is one of the most powerful moments in the series. She totally didn't get it. Kind of funny to watch, actually.

    Also decided I'm going to try and slog through all my 3DS games sitting there I haven't really played properly as yet. OoT 3D, Kingdom Hearts DDD, Starfox 64 3D, SMT Devil Survivor Overclocked, MGS3D, Steel Diver, Tom Clancy's Shadow Wars and Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D. Got some stuff to do. =(

      Great, now you're making me want to watch DBZ all over again.
      The Cell Games were so epic

        I've been buying the remastered 'seasons' on DVD off and on for a couple of years now (only 'cos they're $60 a pop and there's 9 of them) and recently got the ninth and final one a week or two ago.

        I watched Frieza on DBZ Kai though, only because it's so painful in the original anime - just drags out far too long. It's even a struggle with DBZ Kai. But from there I've been watching the whole thing again. So much fun man. The entire Cell saga is just brilliant. I'm looking forward to Majin Buu/kid Buu, etc as well. That's a close second to Cell Saga.

      The Androids/Cell is the best arc in the entire series for me. Loved it!

    World's Greatest Shave update!!!
    We're at $800, $200 shy of our goal! Thank you everyone who has donated so far and if you haven't yet, here's something to tempt you. If we hit $1000, @cakesmith will shave his head! Even better, we hit $2000, @blaghman will shave his long luxurious locks! We still have a month to go so that's plenty of time to hit it! Hopefully you can help us out! Donate here:

      Awesome work, guys.

      I'm thinking about joining the team. It would mean shaving the day before I head to Adelaide to Oz Comic-Con. Trying to decide whether that would be good or bad for sales :P

        On one hand your scary shaved headness may scare customers away, but on the other hand your scary shaved headness could be used to scare customers into buying it OR ELSE

          But I don't look scary bald. I just look bald.

      Damn, no PayPal. Sorry guys! :(

        You can donate via Paypal. That's how I did it.

          Really? When I went to pay following Shiggy's link there was only credit card options like Visa, MasterCard etc.

          Maybe it's just Shiggy's mobile link above.

      @blaghman will shave his long luxurious locks!
      Sacrilege. I was considering donating but I can't be party to such monstrous actions

    If anyone wants a copy of Mass Effect 2 on the PS3, let me know.

      I've borrowed and finished the first two games off a friend but I rushed through 2 because I stupidly went with the default choices. I was holding out for a "Super Ultimate Sexy Trilogy Edition" that has all the DLCs since I don't own any of the games or DLC and haven't played 3 yet, but 3 was just announced a PS+ game in March.

      If I recall, the PS3 copy includes a comic which lets you choose the outcome of the first game? It'll probably be good to let my choices carry over from 1->2->3 since going with the default choices in 2 made the game a little bit worse as it didn't feel like "my" game.

      Basically all that backstory was to say it'll be good to have my choices carry over but I'm not in a rush to own the game and I'd still probably buy them again if this fabled Trilogy DLC Edition ever comes out. I therefore wouldn't mind the copy but would only want it if absolutely no one else who is even vaguely interested wants it and I'd feel super (gift) guilty taking another game off of your hands.

      But super kind gesture and thanks nevertheless :D

        Just play Dark Souls. And make @dc play too.

          I tried making D.C. play! I did get him closer though by telling him which mods/tweaks I'd use and how to set up the PS3 controller :)

          I dun good?

        I am yet to play part 3 so i decided to just get the trilogy and get part 1 for the PS3. I've already finished part one, but it'll be nice to go through it and part 2 again in anticipation for part 3.

        As far as i know, the trilogy doesn't have the DLC for any of the games, but i cant remember if ME1 had any substantial DLC and I've already finished all the ME2 DLC. And i cant really be bothered with it for 3.

          Yeah, the recently released Trilogy doesn't have the DLC but I'm still holding out for another one that does... it'll happen (maybe)... EA love money, right? :P

          I want to get the trilogy just to get Mass Effect on disc. Shitty that you can't buy it separately and I don't like digital (Also I want it for my collection because I'm OCD like that). Guess I'll be giving away 2 and 3 at some point.

            It's a very shifty move by EA to not offer the first game on its own as a physical disc. But whatever, it was $60 for the lot, so that's not bad.

      Have you seen the tags for TAY this week? :D

        I ALWAYS forget to read the tags until someone mentions to read the tags! Think of all the inside jokes I missed :'(!

        Iceberg would love it ;D

    First day, new job. Warpaint is appropriate in these circumstances, right?

      Warpaint compulsory, pants - optional.

      Yes, and if you don't fashion yourself a weapon out of whatever you can find in your new workplace within the first 15 minutes you will find yourself at a distinct disadvantage.

      Pretty sure showing up naked is a requirement, to show dominance or something.

      Last edited 25/02/13 9:04 am

        He'd definitely be showing something.

    First actual day of Uni today! Although it's only a 1 hour lecture, at 1pm. I suppose I can head down to see some of the Uni o-week stuff, maybe.

    I bought a Vita. please add JmuHsn to your friends list.
    message ends.

      Am I understanding this correctly? The Vita which supposedly has no gaems etc actually has available to it all the FF I have missed via the PSN?

        Dissidia and Dissidia 012 are on the next page :D

          You havta buy the background? All I's gots is colours! (any free ones?) #cheapcheap

            You can use any jpg :)

            Do a google search and save em on the Vita

              Of course, just like PSP/3 *headdesk*

                No themes on the Vita. But you can set a different jpg for every page.

                  Themes are bit odd anyway. Some of them are almost unreadable.

        Now playing: Dissidia Duodecim, War of The Lions, FF8, FF7, FF9.

          I want a Vita :(

          I'd buy Virtues Last Reqard, Persona 4 Golden (even thoguh i already knwo teh story because of the anime), and download Final Fantasy 9...

            Yeah, P4G is on my list.
            Also want MGS HD for portability & Munch's Oddysey when it releases.

            I grabbed Mort Kombat, it has extra stuff even the Komplete edition doesn't and all the DLC. And I grabbed Sonic Racing Transformed because I love that game and it doesn't get enough love on my PS3 (it did for a while but pile o shame beckons).

            And I want other stuff like a billion PSone games I already own on disc and Dragon's Crown (look it up) and Muramasa remake because SPRITE'S RULE ( @doc_what will back me up!)

              Sprites seem to own their rulingness, I will leave that for "awesomeness"

              Waa I didn't knwo about the Muramasa remake - HD muramasa!

              PS I don't like fighitng games on handhelds b/c I'm a button mash hero :S

                It's a walk along beat em up though. Mashin' is the only way.

                (I tend to do a mix of mash & skill in actual fighting games)

                  Oh sorry, i meant muramasa and fighting games seperatly.

                  The fighters I enjoy are animu story ones - I'm all about Blazblue :P

                I need to check BlazBlu one day @Neinhandle has been on my case for ages. If there's one on Vita...maybeeeee.

                I'm a big fan of Street Fighter & Tekken for quality fighters and Mortal Kombat for bloods(an now mini-games & challenges)

                I also enjoy the boobs in DoA but can't for the life of me see what people see in that system. Mashing seems to work BETTER in that game. Boobs saves all.

                So wait, what do you mean you dnt like fighters on handhelds? How does mashin effect that? Screen wobbles too much or something?

                  I don't feel comfortable to mash the little buttons! I'm worried I mgiht break soemthing :P

    I prefer Link's Awakening too. But I presume that I (much like everyone else) amd Biased by it being the first one I was at the right age to play properly.

      I like certain aspects of A Link to the Past (two worlds, plenty of dungeons and items, map being filled with things) but just felt the overall gameplay just didn't feel as good.

      Biased by it being the first one I was at the right age to play properly.

      This is probably what makes me think Ocarina of Time is my favourite :P... actually Link's Awakening too! I played both around the same time ;D

      Last edited 25/02/13 9:12 am

      I played Link's Awakening on the grey brick too. Was my first Zelda, Link to the Past is pretty amazing though. The two vie for top spot on my Zelda list, although it only really includes these two plus OoT. Never been interested in Zelda games much since OoT.

      I don't remember being too young for LttP (1991 so we'd have been 9?). I definitely didn't "get" Zelda II until much later.

      I actually got bored of Link's Awakening. I didn't finish the game until it was released on 3DS.

        Honestly, I think LttP might be the better game (only by the tiniest of margins) but Link's Awakening wins for me mostly for sentimental points.

          @greenius @doc_what

          Just so ya'll know, I think Ocarina is the "best" game because Zelda was always meant to be 3D. Even though I prefer Majora's Mask. If that makes sense.

            For once your choice on best game in a series is reasonable! ;)

            (not so subtle stab at you for thinking Pokemon Platinum is DABEST)

              FF7 is DABEST, 8 is the fave of me.

              I dunno which Pokemon is DABEST, maybe BW2? Plat the fave.
              I guess X&Y when it comes?

              RE2 is my fave & DABEST!

        I just kept losing my way in LttP, I think I just played it too late though.
        I got lost in LA but cos I was 13 or 14 I just kept plugging away until I figured it out.

          I was stuck for ages on that puzzle where you had to kill the enemies in a certain order. Granted I would've been like 5 or whatever but I just used a walkthrough :P

          Went back and beat both (LA, LttP) a few years ago.

            All your life Walkthroughs have been available. Back in my day you just sat there for a week until you got lucky.

            I did have a bit of trouble on that I remember.
            I never finished LA for years because I couldn't figure out I needed to throw some dust at it.


    I am sadface :(

      Wait, are you double sadface? Or are you saying you are sadface then showing us said sadface?

        My sadface is so sad it's giving you a double viewing :(

          ALL THE SADFACE!

      Want to go postal without getting arrested?

      PS: Are you new in these parts? If so, WELCOME

      Last edited 25/02/13 9:07 am

        Yo! No, I'm not new to Kotaku, though most of the time I only have around half an hour to muck around before work starts. TAY is just a guilty pleasure I indulge in occasionally

        EDIT: Ooops, we just found out that we have a single bullet nerf gun in the office. I was gonna bring my Maverick to show them that there are netter guns out there :P

        Last edited 25/02/13 9:12 am

          First time posting though, right?

            Nah, I've been here on and off, hardly what you'd call active though :)

          Awesome. Well welcome aboard or welcome back, whichever you feel is most appropriate :)

          You should totally check out this. Sell your kidneys for it if you have to (yes, both of them).

          Also, its sequel is coming out in April!

            Do you take Spleen as a substitute?

              That's between you and The Book Depository :)

    Morning TAY!
    Ridiculously awesome weekend in Sydney!

    Tired as hell.
    Can't really speak.
    Forgot to wash work clothes.
    Massive network issues this morning.


    Morning all. Any day now and I will be a dad! Then, presents for me! Or are they for the kid?

      Your present is your kid.

      Nice way of saying no more presents for you. Possibly ever :P

      Any lego presents you have my permission to take for yourself :P

        Lego Star Wars - hell yes.

          I bought a Lego Darth Vader desk lamp. Because I'm a grown up.

    I get my Raiden Revegance Figure today \o/ (Cupcakes not included) also get my Naruto Figure later this week! \o/

      The Raiden Revengeance figure is amazingly awesome.


    How far behind is everyone and do you think a weekly podcast is hard to keep up with?

    Would anyone prefer longer breaks between series to catch-up or making the podcast fortnightly instead of weekly?

    Also, with series 3 finished, would anyone like to see any changes made to the show?

    Last edited 25/02/13 9:41 am

      I tend to fall behind a little, although I'm well behind atm. I like the weekly/topical nature of it, but perhaps if you cut it down to an hour it's be easier to keep up with

      Last one I listened to was in Series One. So yeah,I'm a little behind. Just a little. :P

      Might be easier on you guys if it was fortnightly though?

        I'm the same as you Strange. Still on series one

      I'm heaps far ebhind because I find it hard to concentrate on the podcast and work at the same time. I'm seriosuly consideirng downloading the podcast, bruning to cd, and lsitening to on the dirve to and form work.

      Also considering just using the and supplement that with b/c some fo these US articles are driving me nuts!

      I don't mind it being weekly, but I prefer hour-long podcasts over the longer ones.

      EDIT: I should probably add that I'm up to date (excluding the most recent one)

      Last edited 25/02/13 9:55 am

      I'd be fine with fortnightly. I listen when I can, and have heard about half of what's up so far. But that's life. Overall, a topic that interests me is more likely to get my attention (as you might expect), but that's probably not entirely fair, because no matter the topic, I haven't heard a dud episode yet.

      Last edited 25/02/13 10:58 am

      Fortnightly on the weeks that 8-4 doesn't record so that I actually have time to listen.

      I think I missed about half of season 2.
      Podbean is totalled brokened for me both at work and home - get 404 error trying to download the podcasts from any internet browser known to mankind. Then I discovered that I could download the podcasts perfectly with my phone, so I've been using that, just haven't gone back to get the episodes I missed.

      I'm happy with the once a week format. I appreciate that it's actually a fairly intense schedule for you and shiggy - you're recording and releasing in 24-48 hours usually, and you've got only about a 5-6 day turnaround on gaming stuff to talk about.
      I do really enjoy the podcasts - I often find that I want to contribute to the conversation, then I realise that it's pre-recorded and I'm not in the skype conversation.

      I'm happy with the general format of the podcast as well. I think you cover a good range of topics in the time you allow yourselves.

      So yeah, keep it up.

    Howdy Tayberinos

    Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I spent Saturday mucking about with trailers, my supervisor at work had a couch & bookshelf she was getting rid of as part of a declutter exercise that is now sitting in my loungeroom (cat hair free). Was a reasonably straightforward exercise except they both had to go up to the first floor.

    I then went to the Adelaide Fringe to see my brother's comedy show, which he nailed. We found out yesterday that his girlfriend had broken up with him in the afternoon, and he had performed in five shows that day- what a trooper!

    So, a comedy question: Which games have been the funniest? either because of the tone of the whole game or just had some moments which were hilarious? I actually thought some of the dialogue options in Dragon Age were pretty funny

      I still think Portal/Portal 2 are pretty freakin' hilarious. Valve has a certain affinity for black humour, and I've lost count of how many times I cracked up at GLaDOS, Wheatley or Cave Johnson.

      Fallout 2, so many hilarious conversations you can have and so many crazy / random parts.

      What is your brothers stage name?

        Angus Hodge

        Coincidentally, it's also his actual name :)

          Omg there is more than one comedian in SA with a brother! In otherwords, you are not the brother of someone I know :(

      Psychonauts has some great humour in it, as does portal.
      Maybe the rain slick precipice of darkness games instead, so much wtf and random puns

      Goemon Mystical Ninja, obscure Japanese humour and hilarious sound effects, one of the first missions u had to give a cross dresser money to go to a beutician. Oh and Mischief Makers.... "Help me Marina"

    Hey all,

    I don't TAY much, but just wanted to say that today my wife and I are going for an ultrasound. Well, technically just her. I'm just watching, I guess.

    It's pretty cool. Our first kid! And we kinda thought it would never happen. A very pleasant surprise :)

      Rad dude. Your life is about to change though - welcome to the club ;)

      PS look after your wife :D

        I'm looking forward to it :) And, yes... Caring for the pregnant lady is currently where it's at ;)

      Awesome \o/ Enjoy the ultrasound. Ask to get the pics (printouts or a CD) - you'll want to see them again in the future!

      Congrats human!

        Ah, see, now you're presuming I'm human, lol. Guess we'll find out for certain today ;)

          You obviously don't know me if you're saying that haha :)

      Exactly what Shane said, also bring along a blank DVD and get a VIDEO COPY!


    This weekend. Can I get some idea of who's going so we can be all "hey guys, we still have to wait for (blank) to show up".

    As far as I know @dc, @tigerion and his wife, @welbot and @sughly are confirmed.

    I do believe I remember @welbot offering to give @strange a ride which removes her excuse.

    @trjn is a maybe

    @virus__ needs to get back to me.

    @sernobulus hasn't confirmed but has shown hype which I'm not sure what that means.

    @dkzeitgeist hasn't commuted to anything.

    Haven't heard much from @beardymcmuttonchops.

    @jimu hates theme parks and fun.

    @lambomann007 says unable to make it :(

    Anyone I missed or who has changed their minds not to be a square?

      I'll be there for the Dreamworld November meat. Hopefully.

      Are there any other plans made around Tigerion being up here? Because I've realised I don't really want to spend a bunch of money on a ticket for just hanging around watching all you guys going on rides(especially as I'd have to use my saving-for-tattoos fund to do so).
      I'd love to do a dinner thing with everyone afterwards, though if that's at all on the cards.

        I was going to start hassling people this week
        We fly out on the 9th so have the entire week after dreamworld to fill

        So keen for any other plans or dinners and the like. If anything else is happening let me know and we can probably make it

        Also what should we be looking at doing, other than the main attractions is there anything else you guys could recommend that we should do when we are up?

          It'll be good to meet you, man!

      This is the first I have heard of any plans involving Dreamworld.

      I'm going. =P

      Last edited 25/02/13 10:11 am

    Good morning TAY!

    When I get to work on Monday I make a cup of tea, sit down, and open up TAY. Best start to the day!

    I also read Kotaku but scrolling through and openign every article that looks interesting in a new tab. Than I slowely work through the tabs. However lately it seems that my comp is struggling with all the tabs that get open. I wonder if it is because all the ads are animated now?

    PS just you wait until support page 6!

      Dad Joke page 6.

        Yeah, we all ask for support and you cheer us up with dad jokes. Win-win brother!

    Stuff. Specifically regarding events that transpired on Saturday evening.

    5.00 : get a bit annoyed about the rain. its gonna make tonight a bit difficu.... oh wait. its stopped. thats awesome.

    6.00 : head into the city. uneventful trip.

    6.50 : Go to the Bavarian to find @Ruffleberg waiting. We talked about rebellious teenagers & about the crazy kids following him and breaking up repeatedly.

    7.00 : Other people turn up. I think there was @rocketman, @rize, @effluvium-boy, Hugo @Blaghman @cakesmith & Hollie in this batch. then more people turned up. @Doc_What, @shiggyninty & @alexpants i believe. we loitered around a bit more before going inside.

    7.30 : Beer happened. then @cj arrived.

    8.00 : Food arrives. & also @batguy arrives. Food at the Bavarian is always good. & Batguy is pretty ok as well. Hugo & Hugo's friend order a giant plate of meat. there was several whole animals on it. they made a heroic effort in getting through most of it.

    8.45 : head on over to Mojo. I had a few friends already waiting there who had scored a booth. there was like 18 more people coming, so this small bar was about to get very packed.

    9.00 : I find myself in possession of a growler of tasty beer. people crowd up the place & stand around talking about stuff.

    9.15 : Cakesmith starts shouting the word 'SHOTS?!' repeatedly. not sure what he meant, but before long, there was tiny glasses of tequila in peoples hands. Warm tequila. which adds a bit of a kick. Someone hands me another growler.

    at this point I lost track of time.

    later : @harli turned up! #HiHarli
    bit later still : we stole a second booth. Success!
    ...more talking & drinking.
    ...Batguy's umbrella is the focus of much attention.
    ...some people start heading off.

    about midnight : we get told that that place is closing & to get out.
    we go outside & its raining. Cakesmith & Pants head off to the train station. Hugo & Hugo's friend decide theres more drinking to be done & trek off into the increasingly heavy rain to find more beer.

    Rize, Blaghman & myself take shelter under an awning from the rain that really was quite heavy now. I gave up on trying to stay dry & jumped into a taxi & headded off.

    I assume Rize & Blaghs found their way back to their hotel that night.

    So yeah. that was it.
    Awesomely big thanks to everyone who turned up & made it a fun night.

    Last edited 25/02/13 10:22 am

      9 O'clock tequila shots, oohh things gonna get messy

      Sounds awesome. What's the deal with @batguy's umbrella? Mrs Tigs has an awesome one with frogs on it that gets lots of attention.

        it was a pretty standard black one. Rize was just trying to work out how to open it. It was like the beginning of 2001, but with umbrellas instead of monoliths.

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