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    So this happened on Saturday...

      I still have no idea what the Harlem Shake is. Is that it? One person dances then lots of people dance?

      That's fucking stupid.

        Apparently there's some cash prize for the vid on youtube with the most views or something... I don't know much about it either.

        The Harlem Shake starts off with one person doing a silly little dance while everyone else acts like he isn't there, then it cuts to everyone crazy dancing, usually with humorous costumes too. We didn't have any costumes on us at the time :P

          You know, I might have been happier before I knew this.

            It's alright, imagine it's just gangs shaking people down in Harlem

            Harlem Shake has to be one of the dumbest fads/memes to date.


              Big statement. Don't forget, it's contending with planking and milking. And that's just in the last 12 months.

              Not saying you're wrong, just saying it's a big statement.

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                Not really. Had I said "the dumbest", then yes.

                The key part is "one of". And it's definitely one of them.

        Human creatures are so easily amused...

    Man, Blighttown...

      He's a pretty cool guy!

        It's going down tonight. And that's final.

        I have found that Blighttown isn't too bad. except for those jerks that inflict you with "toxic". I probably spend more time getting lost in Lower Undead Berg.

          Really? That's like one long corridor :P

          Last night, I took down that Gaping Dragon on the first try. Epic battle. Wander off, spend the souls, then head off to Blighttown (VotD entrance) and get owned by some club-wielding barbarian straight away :P

            heh, the club guys are easy. Super slow swing speed. Also when going through the sewers part I have to collect everything. Plus trying to get the Greataxe from the boss can be a little difficult.

              One of those club guys at a time, I could have handled :P
              And I think you mean The Depths, not Lower Undead Burg. That place is a bit confusing! Re: greataxe, I got it! Summoning Solaire and Lautrec is key there! :)

      I was tempted to jump in Dark Souls last night, but Sunday lethargy took hold.

    Game of Thrones S2 Blu Ray! Tomb Raider! Batman Dark Knight Returns Part 2! Exciting week! Exclamation point!

      I was pretty blown away by Batman. There were some pretty intense moments. I don't think this will spoil anything, but still:

      It had probably one of the best/most monstrous interpretations of Joker I've ever seen.

        Pretty excited for batman, thought they did a really good job with Part 1.

    Has anyone here used a professional for-hire recording studio? If so, where/how much/was it any good?

      I do volunteer work at a radio station, does that count?

        Depends - is it for hire, and is it in Sydney?

      Depends what you're recording I suppose.

        An album. I'd need somewhere with enough space for 4-5 people and their instruments.

        The place I'm looking at now is mighty fine, but mighty expensive also (it looks like).

          Damn, Studios 301 have some serious credits.

          The two my band are looking at are Bearclaw and Electric Sun.

          That said, if your upper limit for an album is $4000, you're going to have to look very small.

            Yeah, I mean $4000 of my own cash. If it's only a little more, I may fork it out, if not, I might try for a kickstarter. Worth a shot at least!

              That much might get you an EP at a decent studio. Certainly not at Studios 301. I'd say you're probably going to need to source a bit more cash, Kickstarter might be worth a shot.

                Yeah, we'll see what kind of a quote they come back with. I'm still looking around at places. I want a good studio though, not one that will produce results similar to those I could get at home. I'll just keep on searching, I guess!

              You american ? Kickstarters still only for US residents...right?

                Actually? Lame.

                What about Pozible?

                  I think that's our local, yeah.

      Ask Pez? You'd have to find him on the facebooks though. He doesn't TAY or Twitter anymore.

        He's made it pretty clear he doesn't like me for whatever reason. Not going to step on any toes!

          Oh hey there, we have something in common!

      You could try ringing around schools/uni's? My college (year 11/12 here) had a recording studio that they rented out to bands. I doubt they'd be too expensive.

        In general, though, Uni's seem to just have a room for recording. They don't have the staff to master it effectively. I don't know much about sound engineering and would prefer a pro do it for me!

    Playing the show at Queanbeyan pool this weekend. There's going to be a magician, face painting, balloon animals and airbrush tattoos. Considering it's my birthday, I think I'll just assume it's all for me. That seems fair.

    Omg got a post on the front page of TAY better make it relevant. Yay Sim City this week. Probably going to distract me from Witcher 2 which I'm also enjoying ATM.

      You know what would be good? A SimCity game for Wii U. Should work really well with the tablet gamepad. Plus they need to have Bowser as one of the disasters. (@doc_what) And they need to call it Siim Ciity U :P

    Mark of the ninja.... why do I not have enough time to play you more!

      I've been playing it recently. Doing NG+ and hoping to get all achieves. (Yes I'm a filthy achieve hore!

        Yeah, I replayed the first couple of levels after realizing I have objectives......

        Not that I minded as it is a pretty decent game, which for some reason remind me of XIII.

      Picked this up over the weekend for $5 on steam... then spent the next 7 hours on it :S

    That Nokia ad on the side of the page advertising the wireless charging feature? The no battery screen doesn't look like that.

    Which reminds me, why do TVs and movies have to come up with their own UIs for computers and mobile phones, etc? What's wrong with the ones already on those devices? They usually look better anyway.

      My guess is that the already-designed ones are too busy/distracting or display things too small for the camera to focus exactly on whatever text it wants the viewer to notice.

        Comes down to advertising and product placement, too.

        EDIT: i.e. money

        Last edited 04/03/13 8:54 am

      The didn't licence the OS so the cant use it? I dunno

        Hmmm, yeah. That probably has something to do with it. Arrow has a lot of MS advertising in it, and the iPhones that appear in it have a made up UI for incoming calls. The Windows computers, Phones and Surfaces have their real UIs though.

        This might be true. It's probably cheaper to develop a new screen animation to display than it is to licence the OS.

    You know the drill (I hope)! It's Monday morning so call in and make your Radio Numbers requests



    First off:

    Thanks to EVERYONE who donated to the Potaku "World's Greatest Shave" fund. We hit our total and are now on our way to our second target amount. Just so everyone knows -
    If we hit $2000 @blaghman will join us and shave his head!

    In other news, apparently everything I posted on facebook was only visible to the people mentioned in the status. For the statuses where no one was mentioned, only I could see it. NERD FAIL!

    My parents got a new Laptop at the weekend as well as an iPhone fore my mum and a Samsung Galaxy S III for my dad. I spent the best part of Saturday doing tech support and have a feeling this will continue for some time.

    I drew lots, played little and now am back at work... Fun...

    How is everyone else?

      On call, but thankfully it was a quiet weekend. Have games I need to play, but as per usual spent the entire weekend playing little bits of everything instead of getting anything major done. Although I did play a good 5-10 hours of Torchlight 2.

      Need to try and finish Wings of Liberty again before HotS comes out! Also, Castlevania 3DS this week!



        I'm finally trying to finish Gravity Rush. Screengrabbed a scene where Kat laments that she'll probably never get a boyfriend.

        Dat story, eh?

          Never finished that one either.

          It's a tragedy of.... some sort....

          I may be imagining it, but I think she also laments the size of her breasts at some point.

          I wish the story was a little stronger at the end of Gravity Rush. It sort of runs out of puff. Still the game is great, and I hope it has sold well enough to get a sequel.

      You realise I said I'd join you guys if you raise more than $5000?

        You did? I did not know this! I have edited the Potaku article to mention it!

        (Highly doubt we'll get to 5k, but thanks for the vote of confidence!)

    Tadmod, it all depends what you're doing and your budget for which studio is best.
    It can vary for a few hundred dollars a day to thousands. If you're on a limited budget and want to record a band then I would say that you need to be more picky about who is recording/producing it for you than where (as long is it is a studio and not a garage) it is being recorded.

      I'm currently looking at Studios 301 in Sydney (They're tailored for Muse, Lady Gaga and Coldplay, so not small by any means). It's for an album of 10 songs.

      I'm thinking an upper limit of about $4000 to get it recorded/mastered. If it's more than that, I might try for a kickstarter.

        It all depends on how many days it will take you to record 10 songs. Last time I did an EP at a studio it was recorded over a weekend and cost $4000 to get 4 songs recorded, mixed and mastered. Due to the minimal time spent on mixing in the following days, the results were satisfactory. We were told if we wanted a better mix, it would cost more.
        Since then I only get drums recorded in a studio and track everything else myself at home. That way I have much more money to spend on professional mixing and mastering. If you've got a decent computer and an audio interface, I recommend you track guitars, bass and vocals at home.

    I don't have much time for mucking about today, but just have to put out a huge thankyou to SerNobulus, Sughly, Freeze and DC for the awesome day out yesterday! Was great meeting new faces including DC, Mrs Freeze, Tigerion and Mrs Tigerion!!
    Highlights of the day were many, including riding the tower of terror 2 four times in a row cos there was no line up, Sughly eating chocolate off the floor in the food court, SerNobulus admitting his hair dresser asked him what grade he was in while getting a haircut, and well.. fuck the whole day was a highlight really! Fun from go to whoa!
    This is really a bit below my usual standard of post meat write up, but I gots some important stuffs to do today, and not a lot of time in which to pull it off.
    Oh, and Freeze, I accidentally brought your lighter home with me (mrs freeze gave it to me to use, and I forgot it was in my pocket) I shall return it next time I see you!
    TAYbies are teh bestest peoples! Hi 5's all round!

      Glad to see you enjoyed yourself even through these current tough times sire :)

        Thanks! Probably the only fun I've had since the last meat I attended.. and the Frenzal Rhomb concert I got a ticket for on my b'day!
        Really can't thank the aforementioned people enough. Even though internally I was pretty badly stressing all day, at least I was able to share some laughs with someone other than my tv for a change! :)

          I've recently taken up Heroes 6 again, multiplayer at some point? :)

            Yeah we totally should.. I haven't played it in ages.. have to install it again. Think I can do it through uplay or steam.. what's yours through?

              Both :(, as how it was designed in Steam. Actually has three layers of DRM
              1: Steam
              2: uPlay (Pro tip, never EVER use cloud saves)
              3: Conflux - Heroes 6 multiplayer service

              If you can install through uPlay, might be best to go through that.

                k. I'll msg you on msn once I'm done and ready

      They don't like Star Wars. Therefore their opinion is invalid :P

      Want me to post a torrent of negative abuse pointing how wrong in every regard they are?

        Uh... no.

        I honestly didn't think The Lesser Evil was all that political. I was trying to put the characters front and centre in the story.

        I think either these people have the wrong idea about my book, or I do.

          I think these people have the wrong idea about a lot of things. Like pink text. :P

          I was joking.

          I think being self confesses politic haters they just saw the slightest mention of it and just assumed it was all that. Admitting you hate Star Wars because of the politics says it all really.

      I'm fairly certain that layout just did severe damage to my eyes.

      I can still see it when I blink.

    MORE Dreamworld write-ups please.


      I didn't go.
      The end.

      Last edited 04/03/13 9:22 am

        Beaten to the joke.

      I'll give it a shot.

      I went to Dreamworld once.
      It went okay...

      There weren't any TAYbies when I went.

      I rode a tiger and watched a man feed the Tower of Terror.


    Last song played game gang

    Hurt by Nine Inch Nails

    Amazing amazing amazing

    How are we all?

    Sam stayed Sunday night as well this weekend, so this morning I had to wake her up and make sure we both got off to the train station

      Asthma Attack - Confession

      make sure we both got off to the train station

      You guys are into some weird shit.

        You know it baby ;)

        Stupid later train :(

      last song played - nothing. my mp3 player died.
      public transport without music is terrible.

        Preaching to the choir on that one man

        As I was reading this comment, my mp3 player stopped working.

        It was low battery, but there was still a moment of terror, wondering how on earth you managed to do that.

          wasn't me man. it is not something that I would wish on anyone.

            Of course, I just thought it was funny :)

      Rip It Up (The Pragmatic Remix) -

      Four Horseman - Metallica

      Seeing those guys at Soundwave renewed my faith in metal, I hope I can still play as fast and neat at their age!

      Hurt by Nine Inch Nails

      You shouldn't listen to that - it will make you depressed.

        Nothing makes me depressed

        Spaghett is unstoppable :D

    Just caught up on fhis article:

    How the hell can so many people defend in-app transactions? It's not about stupid parents or bratty kids, it's a deliberately sneaky money making environment setup by devs and supported completely by Apple. As one commenter did point out, if they were serious about customer choice, they would provide an OS level lock on micro transactions.

    But as it stands, it's like gambling-lite in that it encourages addictive behavior, where those with little self control (like, say, kids) can burn through loads of cash in no time at all. Even worse, at least gambling provides a chance of some kind of return - this offers nothing more than the opportunity to waste more money. And the only real defense is to stop "buying" games that support them. Which is becoming increasingly impossible and translates to "don't play games". I'm seriously concerned about how I will be able stop my son wasting money on this crap when he is old enough and I am most definitely not uninformed or lazy.

    Bah. Mad Monday. Point is we most definitely should be vocal in our opposition to in-app transactions, and support articles like this rather than shout them down. Otherwise we will end up with full pricesd retail games trying to pull this crap... Oh...

    Ps: @markserrels I'd be interested to hear from local devs about microtransactions. I know it's become an essential part of money making now, but how do they deal with the ethics, and do they ever consider methods like, say, maximum per account expenditure?

      Hear, hear!
      I love the my little pony app, but i hate how you're pretty much forced to spend as you need to buy gems (the microtransaction currency) to proceed the story. That's like putting DLC in the game halfway and you can't proceed until you buy it.
      I wish they had a better alternative like just make the items really expensive with the in game currency.
      Really, they should put a time limit like they do when you're building stuff, or else be liable.

        LoL does this perfectly. You play games to earn Influence Points (IP) which can buy champions (player characters) or runes (active buffs) or you can pay cash to get Riot Points (RP) which can buy players, rune pages (more rune combos at any one time), character skins (cosmetic change only) and small boosts to IP or experience gains

          Not 100% perfectly, they've been notorious for not having the same RP amounts buyable. You can't get exactly 975 RP for instance, it's either 650 or 1380 for $5 and $10 respectively. Jo and I were talking about this once how RP purchasing is extremely inconvenient when all you wanted was one skin, only to have that small unusable amount of RP left looking back at you on your screen

      Isn't it a bit unfair to force all the responsibility onto the developers? Parents need to take some responsibility for their children. I'm not saying there aren't dodgy apps out there but I just can't see the problem with not providing a child with your apple id password.

        I think there should be guidelines to more clearly define a moment that will cost real money, with a confirmation screen, but ultimately, that's not the developer's responsibility either.

        From what I've read, the system itself is kind of broken, mandating a stored credit card number, and providing no way to said block credit card from being accessed from individual apps. And without some sort of legislation or something, there's no reason to assume this apple'n'gravy train will slow down any time soon.

        So yes, responsibility at the moment is the parents'. They should know by now that you don't get anything for free.

        Honestly, though, if you're passing a $500-700 piece of droppable technology to a child, you're asking for trouble even if they don't engage in microtransactions :P

        Last edited 04/03/13 10:02 am

          You raise a couple of points there:
          that's not the developer's responsibility either
          No, but there's no reason that, say, EA couldn't come out and say "We will mandate that all games we sell have a maximum of $20 worth of in-app purchases per account per game". That would be a responsible policy that helps to mature the market by taking it in a responsible direction. A $20 return on a "free" mobile game is still pretty frickin' sweet, and it's annoying but not infuriating if you're the one stung by it.

          And without some sort of legislation or something, there's no reason to assume this apple'n'gravy train will slow down any time soon.
          Maybe. Apple (and everybody else) could make the default settings on their device are "always require password", "disable in-app purchases", etc, and provide very clear opt-in decisions along the way.

          Honestly, though, if you're passing a $500-700 piece of droppable technology to a child, you're asking for trouble even if they don't engage in microtransactions :P
          That's all well and good, but what if it's an iPhone 3G that's worth nothing that's been sitting in a drawer? Or if it's a 10 year old kid who has saved up their pocket money for years to buy an iPod touch? Or what if it has become so pervasive that what you're saying translates to "if you let kids play games you're asking for trouble"? Think back to your childhood, and it's sad that it's going to come this.

            I agree with all your points. It would be lovely if things were different, of course.

            Ultimately, morality of the situation aside, no one is doing anything, so for the moments, parents need to be vigilant.

            And I'm not saying that letting kids game is a recipe for disaster. But the FTP-model + kids IS. Get them a console instead.

            Also, even if you're not going to give your kids a dedicated gaming device, there are plenty of games out there that cost a few bucks and have no microtransactions. The 'nothing free for free' point still stands. The price of a 'free' game must be supervision.

            Last edited 04/03/13 11:36 am

              Understood. And getting back to my original rant, "no one is doing anything" but there are plenty of gamers quick to say "Oh, stupid parents" rather than ask serious pointed questions of the ones perpetuating the unpleasant situation. Which is why I'm going to ask everybody's favourite journalist (TM) if there is any story in asking these pointed questions...

              I'm talking about Clark Kent, by the way. Not that Mark Serrels hack.

        I won't cop that. It's tough being a parent, even if you are vigilant. If you're working against a system designed to sneakily squeeze money out of your kids and teach compulsive behaviour, it's an almost impossible situation.

        But you're doing exactly what I'm arguing against - we should not be apologising for the developer behaviour of including these microtransactions. We should be opposing it en-masse so that they get the idea that unscrupulous use of them is not OK.

          I agree with all this, but would add that you are unnecessarily stacking the odds against yourself if you give your kids a mobile device that has cc details saved to it :P

            Yes, definitely, and I make a point of never doing it myself. But as things get sneakier, I don't know that I'll even be able to leave the room while my kid is playing Sonic on the xbox without having to worry about these things.

      YEP. Some of those games for kids on the iPhone are brutal. All of them are free-to-play. Sneaky indeed. It's a top idea for a story.

    Autumn Melbourne meat!

    Who; You! (if you are able to come) and other Melbourne Taybies
    What: A meat! Lunch and catch up
    When: Saturday the 9th of March, 11am.
    Where: Melbourne CBD. Meet up at Optic (it's next to acmi) and will move to yoyogi's later.
    Why: Because @smurfydog wants okonomiyaki.

      I thought What was a Scottish Doctor!?

        Everyone makes that joke so I thought I'd be different.
        Is that so wrong? =(

    So, in 10 sleeps it will be my birthday. I'll be ... 30! AARRGGHH!!!!! It's come up a lot quicker than I expected, but I am actually looking forward to it. Also, today I start Uni again after a year's exclusion. Hopefully I can survive it this time.

      10 sleeps, eh?

      Obviously all you need to do is sleep 9 times and then stay awake for the rest of your life, therefore granting you immortality. Or a short life span. Whichever comes first.

    We started playing Dota2 games against real people and were glorious in our victories. The one that stands out was when there were two disconnections and we managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat when the three remaining players on the other team managed to get so fed from our laziness that they were winning pretty much every team fight.

    Still, the important thing is that we are undefeated and that Windrunner can be quite the carry if she gets fed early (even if you planned on going support). She's a flexible little minx.

      I haven't played for ages, finding that the games I was playing were taking much longer than the LoL game sI was used to. I wonder if that has changed as Beta has progressed, as I'm really thinking of jumping back in. Time is critical for me b/c a game like that i can't pause if I'm needed (crying kid for example), so i gotta try and fit it in the best block of time I can get as possible.

      So yeah my question is how long is a game for you, usually?

        30-50 minutes. Definitely shorter than they used to be (where a 30 minute game seemed like it was impossible) but still fairly lengthy.

          Ok yeah hitting that 50 min mark and knowing I still had the hard slog of actually taking their base out was what made me stop playing. I might try it again.

          BTW I'm terribel at the game, so that doesn't help :P

            Co-ordination helps a lot. In one of our games, we had a friendly bit of banter with the other team. Well, the one guy from the other team that knew how to do all talk.

            He asked what hacks we were using when we starting to roll them. I told him TeamSpeak.

            It really makes a huge difference. That and warding properly. Map vision is worth so much more whatever piddling little stat bonus you'd get for the same price.

      I think I'm going to pick a couple of character to specialise with, and so far I think the Treant will be one of them.
      Y'know...the funny thing is, I finished watching The Two Towers not long before playing as him. I think that may have been an influence on this decision.

        Yes, it was definitely The Two Towers that influenced you and not all of that "pipeweed" you were smoking. Damned kids and their drugs.


    -- Trained into the city at 8am. Stood around Roma Street station for an hour psyching myself up before Sughly made his triumphant arrival. We then drove around in the rain for a whiles, talked to old man Freeze on the phone and bought Dreamworld tickets from a dilapidated parking lot somewhere. I totally forgot to sign out of my e-mail address on his phone too. (Have fun reading my lack of e-mails. :P)

    -- Welbot. I was kind of nervous. Dreamworld was my 11th meat and this was the first time meeting him. He endured some patented D.C. awkward ramblings, the thing I do whenever I'm introduced to a new TAYbie for the first time. Calmed down eventually, made our way to coast.

    -- Rain seemed a lot worse in Brisbane. Just a little overcast on the Gold Coast when we arrived at the park. Despite being half an hour late, we still beat all the locals. (Except for Nobs who had already entered Dreamworld.) Eventually we all arrived, met Mr. and Mrs. Tigerion and made our way in.

    -- First port of call was The Claw. So much fun. I sat next to Mrs. Freeze who screamed like a trooper the entire time. (Warning me after the ride that she screams. I worked that out on my own. Haha!) Such a cool ride. I think we all had a crazy fear that the harnesses might open midway through and we'll fall to our deaths, but atleast it'd be a fun way to go. :P

    -- Afterwards we went on the WipeOut, Sughly realized he'd lost his 8 month pass dealy only minutes after buying it. Went back to find it, but was gone alas. Oh man, WipeOut's probably the closest I got to feeling sick the entire day. All that spinning, upside down spinning. Sughly said my face was crazy red. :S

    -- Started raining. Decided Alien Vs. Predator laser tag would be good to do, being undercover and all that. I was nervous, man. Last time I played laser tag at the NovaMeat I didn't do particularly well, but I redeemed myself. Not last. :D

    -- Good thing about raining theme park is hardly any queues when the rides are opened, unfortunately they shut the roller coasters down in bad weather. We decided to get lunch instead. Good eating! (Except for not actually getting any thing to eat!)

    -- Decided to get our annual passes. Sughly and I went on an expedition to find his lost ticket. Lady at the front desk gave him a new one. Things were well. Went back and got our pictures taken. (Worst. Pictures. Ever.) Then mosied over to the Tower of Terror 2.

    -- We rode the Tower of Terror 2 back-to-back four times in a row, because there was no queue. This was the highlight of the day for me. So much fun. Mrs. Freeze shouting out who she thought would be the first to vomit or leave the ride. So damn good.

    -- Afterwards the others went on this crazy, spinning dealy. I know my limits when it comes to rides and this was it. I sat with Mrs. Tigs and we justified our cowardly ways as the others rode. I truly think it would've finished what the WipeOut started earlier, so was happy to not ride this mofo.

    -- Group seperated for a while, Mrs and Mr. Tigs went to feed tigers at Tiger Island (!!!), while Nobs, Sughly, Freeze, Mrs. Freeze, Welbot and I decided to brave the Buzzsaw. Oh man, so damn intense. So damn fun. The restraints is one bar that goes over your gut. Felt secure, though. Cut off oxygen too. :D

    -- We went on the River Rapids ride. Last two times I'd been to Dreamworld I destroyed a pair of shoes on this thing, but tentatively went on anyways. Was really awesome. We were freaked out over who'd get soaked. Turns out that would be EVERYONE except for Sughly. Spent the rest of the day dripping wet. (Atleast the water doesn't smell like a swamp any more! That's something!)

    -- Welbot, Freeze, Nobs, Sughly and I went on the Giant Drop. All kinds of fun. Took a while to drop, so Sughly and I started talking about random stuff... midway through screaming commences. Mrs. Freeze watched from below, taking photos and all that.

    -- MotoCoaster! This is so damn weird, you sit down, hunched forward with your knees bent. Then the restraint locks in place from behind. Weird, uncomfortable feeling but fun ride all the same. Some crazy lady tried to steal Mrs. Freeze's bag. (Which had all our phones, wallets, etc in it.) People are crazy.

    -- Cyclone! Welbot and I sat at the back. Was fun except for slamming our knees good and proper on the carriage. They're all bruised today. D:

    -- ShockWave! New ride, slightly sickening. Decent enough. Another ride with weird seating arrangements. Many a joke ensued.

    -- We found the Tigerions at Tiger Island. Tigs seemed all kinds of happy, he had fed himself a Tiger don't you know! These critters are freakin' awesome too. There was a hermit Tiger that refused to participate earlier. Sughly said it was the D.C. of the tiger world. Poor Tiger. :'(

    -- We went on the dodgem cars then the Alien Vs. Predator laser tag again. I didn't come last again. Phew. Also the ride operator was all kinds of d-bag like. Broke character and routinely screamed at all of us for having fun. Haha.

    -- When we left AvP, EVERYTHING was deserted. Seems they had closed the park without telling us. (Tigs hadn't picked up his Tiger Island photos yet from the gift shop.) We all mosied out of the park. Hope you guys can work the picture thing out. :S

    -- We went back to the Freeze homestead and had dinner. Freeze fixed my glasses. Dogs were petted. Cats were admired. Frogs were picked up. Pizza was eaten. It was all kinds of awesome.

    -- Sughly, Welbot and I left pretty early alas. (I had to catch the last train at 11pm, welbot had plans for the next day.) Would've loved to stay longer at the Freezes' place, though. They're so damn awesome and all kinds of hospitable. Talked Arcade Fire and a variety of other topics with these folks before we all went our seperate way.

    -- Took the train home, track works, transferred to buses, got home before midnight.

    Was really excellent meating Tigs and his wife. Hope you guys had a good time!

    Awesome day. You guys are awesome. :')

    Last edited 04/03/13 9:41 am

      You picked up random frogs?! D:

        Freeze's place is filled with animals! They've got pet frogs. Mrs. Tigs was all kinds of psyched!

      You forgot the part where Sughly mentioned having a nightmare where he fell of the claw and died seconds before the ride started also the part where Sughly at chocolate off the floor.

        Haha! I had that dream too. Was a little weirded out by that fact. Final Destination? :P

        People are used to Sughly's food eating antics now. XD

          To be fair, it was recently dropped chocolate.

            On dubious looking discoloured concrete. :P

              To be fair it was Magnum ice cream chocolate


        Most of us got 8 month passes to Dreamworld that expire at the end of November. Shane Meet-and-greet experience!

          Hope it happens! So much up in the air right now :\

      In addition to this, I discovered I'm actually better at laser tag than I expected! Must be all that quake 2 & 3 mid air rail practice I got years ago!

    FORGOT TO SAY! New look is up! Many thanks to Potaku team member no. 4, @Powalen for all his hard work. If anyone notices any bugs, please let someone know. Enjoy!

      AHHHH, my eyes, etc.

      I'll go have a look now.

      I found a bug, so I emailed Malcolm Turnbull about it, but he hasn't got back to me.

      I think your bug report system needs work.

        He'd just say that under the coalition's NBN you'll be able to access all the Potaku you ever need

        At least until the copper rots.

    Hola Tayberinos

    Hope all your weekends were fantastic.

    I was laid low Saturday with a lousy head cold and headache, which I managed to improve through a combination of Nurofen and KFC. Also managed to finish Far Cry 3 and read a chunk more of War and Peace.

    A Monday Morning question: Given I've talked above about KFC as a cure, what in game health or powerup would you like to try? I'd love to give Saints Flow a taste, as long as I got the running and fireballs.

      1 Up Mushroom or something similar for a second life!

      Also, it's not often you hear about KFC fixing or helping problems instead of causing them :P

      Last edited 04/03/13 9:49 am

        It's not something I'd usually reach for, but I think the salt, sugar and liquid from the pepsi with it helped.

          Yeah, if I feel a cold coming on when I'm at work I hit up KFC for lunch.

      Gotta be something Mario, I think. Either a fire flower or a star (I'm a traditionalist).

      Hope you're feeling better, man!

      Last edited 04/03/13 9:54 am

        still a bit sniffly, but otherwise as good as one can be on a monday morning

      1-UP mushroom. A whole extra life would be nice!

      Blue shell. Fuck the 1%!

      read a chunk more of War and Peace.

      Good book but i find I've never been able to mention reading it without being accused (non verbally) of being pretentious. and I never bring it up. Like if some one makes a joke about 'yeah too long like reading war and peace' and i say 'oh but i read it and enjoyed it so...' and they will look at me like 'well look who thinks they r clever'

      Probably why i have no friends i guess :P

        I get that with Crime and Punishment! But because it never comes up naturally in conversation, I am forced to mention it, which amplifies the smug pretentiousness of the moment.

        Like now.

          I didn't get real far into that one, I'll revisit it later in the year

            I went through a 'Russian Classics' stage in Uni and read any Tolstoy and Dostoevsky I could get my hands on. Glad I did because they were enriching experiences, but quite isolating because I can't talk to anyone about them. Don't you know the cool kids play vidya gaems, not read.

        I think people are just intimidated by its reputation.

        I found this with Anna Karenina, but Tolstoy is actually a reasonably easy read, very clear and concise.

          What a sad book :(

            It is sad, but it's very much an of-its-time tragedy

            Nowadays she'd have divorced him in the first chapter :)

    More meat write-ups! (So I can over think things from other peoples perspective! :P)


      Man, @dc is awkward around people. He tries hard, but just makes everyone else uncomfortable. I told him rides make me scream, but really it was him.

      - Mrs Freeze

      Oh man, all the @dc, all the time. I was hoping to catch something nasty from the floor so I could at least get away in an ambulance.
      - Sughly

      The best bit was when the group split up and we got away from @dc
      - Mr and Mrs Tigs

      The end. Overthink away!

        I've had some of these worries! :P

          I always imagine when I leave a meat that people spend five minutes discussing my oddities in between peals of derisive laughter and then promptly forget I exist.

          Channeling that kind of made it easy to get into your head for the troll post above :P

    Fringe series 4 talk:
    possibly @dc because Anna Torv.

    what the shit is with series 4? seriously... alt timeline overwriting the prime timeline?!?! what about the last 3 years of character development? just been undone & made permanent? that is so annoying. 3 years of growth & change deus-ex-machina'ed out of existence...
    I want the old characters back dammit.

      Season four couldn't exist without whatever came before, even if the characters don't remember. Don't want to spoil any thing, but just keep on watching. Lots of fans had issues with that arc too, though. :'(

        I suppose the whole point of this is to show how alienated Peter is, being dropped back into existence in this alt-timeline & not knowing any of his friends, but still.... I'm amazed at how unlikeable the Amber Universe people are. I'll stick with it of course, but there had better be a good resolution to this.

      Keep watching, it does get much better.... pitty its finished now :(

    Good morning.

    Which page is support page now? I'll wait until then before I have my break down if you like.

      The doctor will see you now, even without an appointment.

        @greenius and @dc because you also made the mistake of showing interest by upvoting shane and because I'm curious in what you think about it all.


          Play the games you want and try to ignore achievement/trophies and activity logs. While all are nice features I like and wish more games had, when they're missing it's not too big of a deal. What type of things do you think you'll be taking note of? One of my favourite features in games is just knowing how long I spent it in which is something RPGs do well, frequently displaying your play time. I liked it when the Wii had a sort of activity log for everything played and loved how the 3DS improved upon it and I wish all the platforms have it.

          I don't find myself too attached to trophies/achievements as I'll just play through the games I want to ignoring them and then looking through the list after to see if there's any interesting or easy ones I can pick up (cheevo trophy whore!). If I look at them before I have a feeling it might influence the way I play a game (both positively or negatively). For example in Mirror's Edge there was one for completing the whole game without firing a gun. It's not something I would've done otherwise but I decided to go for on my first playthrough and while it was challenging it also wasn't that fun...

          The Steam version of Mirror's Edge doesn't have achievements at all and neither do a lot of other games I've played on consoles. It makes me a bit sad because I do like them but I can move on and enjoy the game for what it is :D. Since the PC version of Mirror's Edge didn't have achievements there's no way I would've easily found out or gone for the no using guns achievement which does give me a bit of incentive and reasons to play the game again. You can always make up your own challenges or things to do. Like early Pokemon games don't have achievements but people have done things like single Pokemon runs, single type runs or Nuzlocke runs, never feel like you're being held down by dem cheevs!

          Pretty much just play what you want on whatever platform you want and make sure one of these is Xenoblade :D (it has achievements!)

            What type of things do you think you'll be taking note of?

            Probably just what i played and what it made me think of feel.

            For example, I played Walking Dead Episode 4 last ngiht, so i might note that and make some comments about how annoying Ben is and that I hope i get a chance ot feed him to the zombies.

            Or, another exmaple, i was finishing up Rin's story in Katawa Shoujo the other day and the argument I was having with he rin game mirrored in tone an argument I wa shaving wiht my wife at the time. i thought it was quite interesting and would have written a few lines about that.

              Ben is the worst! - also a bit of spoiler but you're safe here in page 1 :)

      Jus doo eeet