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    Morning TAY

    Edit* I guess while it's a TAY get I better play everyone's favourite TAY game

    Last song played! :)

    Fake Messiah by Lamb of God

    Am really happy to hear Randy is not going to jail for manslaughter

    Had a great weekend, albeit a little short and Sam had to go home early

    I spent Sunday watching British comedy on DVD and finished Tomb Raider

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      But good morning to you anyways! :P

      EDIT 2:
      Last song - Wonderlust King

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        Good morning? It's Monday and I am back at work

        Bad morning is what you should have said

      We Fade Away - How To Destroy Angels

        Any good? I am keen on the new album

          Really digging it. It's ultimately an extended version of An Omen. I'm more than OK with that.

            I am also more than ok with that

            Must pick up a copy

            Get paid Wednesday

            Money! Get at me!

      Earth Song -- Michael Jackson!

      Cowboy Bebop OST - Tank! (The opening theme)


        I always love the varied responses :)

    Feel good link of Monday Morning:

    So I was looking at the SimCity patch notes, when I noticed something a little odd.

    "We've opened 1 new server: Antarctica"

    Seems legit.

      Closer to Australia though

      And wouldn't overheat

      talk about freezing assets!

        For that terrible pun, you will not be allowed to connect to the Antarctica server.

        You could say the Antarctica server is going to give you the "cold shoulder".

    Morning, all!

    I had an alright weekend. Thought I was over my cold but it came back for round two! Sneaky bugger.

    Didn't do much. Caught up with my old man. I attempted to show him Cabin in the Woods which went... better than expected! He actually said it wasn't too bad and talked to me about it the next morning! (he doesn't like ANY movies, let alone thought about them after it was over :P). So yeah, basically a glowing recommendation for anybody who hasn't seen it.

    Other than that, not much! Have a good Monday.

      Cabin in the Woods box quote:
      ""Wasn't too bad" - Pow's Dad"

      Fucking great movie

      Hope you get over the cold soon Pow

      Strangely I feel like shit this morning too

      So do a lot of people in my office

      We are all just....quiet and withdrawn

      Wanted to upvote for your old man, but didn't want to upvote your ninja cold.

      Come to my house and we'll share a pot of tea, and you can tell me all about your troubles. And how about that crazy Nook fellow?! What a champ! Always selling that awesome whacky furniture and stuff!

    Hey fronds!

    I'm not sure how long I can stay on TAY until my phone catches fire and/or explodes due to loading the main site. Probably spent 80% of my weekend playing Sim City. Nobville was a failure however "New Nobville" was a success and "New New Nobville" is probably my best city. \o/

    How was everyone else's weekend?

      My weekend was good.

      EDIT: Turns out you can't put spoilers inside spoilers... NO SPOILERCEPTION FOR ME :(

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        Ha! If you'd bothered to be around more often earlier you would have already known this. One of the first things people tried with the spoilertag. :D

      Also I think my city had about 6million dollars just sitting there doing nothing. Also I gave $1million to @cakesmith and $600k to glahmang.

        Playing favourites already!

          Cakesmith promised me residents, but they all went to work in faction's city. Im going to send some people over to his city to "teach him a lesson".

        All the free money!

        My city's actually making money now!

    Ville de Reves Casses fluctuates heavily. One minute I'm getting a $250,000 payout, the next I'm bleeding $16,000 and having all my residents up and leave due to "high taxes" which sit at 9%.

    Perhaps I should change the legal tender from Somalians to Simolians finally. Might make some people a little happier.

    Feeling disgustingly sick with the added benefit with having to work. Yay.

    Random thought #1 - I wonder how Link feels at times. He does an incredible amount of work in, risking his life hundreds of times often to save people he's just met yet Zelda, who usually does extremely little, if anything, is the one who gets the legends written about her. They can't even remember Link's name. "Yeah that dude who did that thing."

    Random thought #2 - While playing Tomb Raider for a bit yesterday it struck me why most modern games annoy me and lose my interest so fast. I think it's because they are trying to be movies. But I don't want to watch a movie. I want to play a game. Tomb Raider is INCREDIBLY easy and at times seems to require very little input or thought from me. Just going through the motions to move the story along. I think this is why I love Dark Souls so much. It's in no way trying to be a movie and is squarely in game territory. The story is secondary to the experience and cut scenes are few and far between, often just a few seconds to introduce a boss. If I wanted to watch a movie is watch a movie. I'm here for a game thanks.

      Every time link defeats Ganondorf he thinks to himself. "This time they will remember ... THIS TIME!"

        Sadly, it turns out that Zelda is very egotistical, and since Link can't speak, and can barely even read -let alone write- he can't object when Zelda takes all the credit.

    A short "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" comment:

    The Curse of the Reptilian Were-Mummy!

    You are in the Ancient History Museum of Helsinki. None of the lights are operational. You can only see the vague outlines of a T-Rex and an Easter Island head-statue-thing by the green aura of the EXIT signs.

    You hear a creepy noise. Turning around, you spot a hideous creature. You recoil in horror at it's very image, attempting not to throw up. You turn away from the wax statue of Tony Abbott in Speedo's and suddenly spot the REPTILIAN WERE-MUMMY!

    What do you do?
    1 - Turn and run. Call the army. Nuke the museum from orbit.
    2 - Try to talk to it.
    3 - Try to fight it.

    You call Barack Obama on his cell-phone. He calls in the SWAT team. They fire a nuke at the museum. The museum blows up, killing the reptilian were-mummy with it! There is a bit of collateral damage (nuclear war between Europe and America) but the curse of the reptilian were-mummy is gone!

    YOU WIN!

    You get eaten by a grue.

    You try to fight the monster. You wrestle visciously with it, tearing at its bandages and clawing at it's face. Eventually you gain the upper hand!

    The monster manages to duck away. It plugs in its iPod and plays a song over the museum loud-speakers.

    You melt in horror.

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    So that SimCity.

    Apparently I put 24hrs into it over the weekend.

      Dammit Sim City people! So none of you are having much trouble connecting anymore?

      ...anybody know the cheapest place to buy it? :P (download/retail/online, don't mind)


        Video Ezy seems to be the place and their 20% off sale expires in 8 days.

        EDIT: just read this comment on OzBargain

        "Just be warned, Video Ezy not able to secure enough stock of SimCity Limited edition and have cancelled orders. Hopefully this wont happen but just letting people know how they operate."

        Last edited 11/03/13 9:20 am

        Woah, $27!

        Looks like an awfully shady process though haha


          But yeah, dodgy as :P

            I might try it anyway... :x

              It worked! $27.01! (Don't have the fancy card mentioned)

                I just did too. Holding my breath until I get some sort of response though :P (There's a $27.05 pending charge on my [also non-fancy] card, so fingers crossed)

                EDIT: Just got an email receipt! Downloading now! :D

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      I've gone back from "Don't giving a shit about this game" to "I may buy it after finishing Tomb Raider".

        I played until 4:30am on Sunday. Then woke up at 9am and starting playing again. I haven't done that in a game since...The Burning Crusade?

          I did that with New Vegas Friday night, and again till 2am Sunday night...Maybe it's the change in seasons or something?

            You need to buy this game Rize. Purely so you can make a city full of highrise buildings.


            Also I want to send you my shit.

              He's not even kidding. You can outsource services such as waste management.

          I did EXACTLY the same thing, same times and all. It's like you're me, an hour and a half in the future o.0

    I've been playing Sonic Dash on my iPhone. It's pretty fun, and the graphics are good. Well worth the $1.99 in my opinion.

    Morning everyone
    It's already hot. I'm so fed up with this weather.
    in other news, Thanks again Aleph, for gifting me sim city. You've n idea how happy that made me. also, I'm going to start again on my city as I don't like the way it turned out

      Don't worry, the first city is always a practise. Nobville (the original) was a complete failure.

        I've put way too much time into Ville de Reve Casses for it to be practice... This city will WORK dammit.

      Saying thank you for a gift instead of having a mental breakdown? In someways we're VERY different people! :P (Sorry Shane!) Aleph is awesome!

        I'd already filled my mental breakdown quota for that day.

    Morning folks!



          Brother, I really want Simcity

          Should we take the plunge in a couple of weeks when *hopefully* a lot of the server problems are gone

          I would love to rock an anxiety ridden city with you as a neighbour

            Haha! I'm not a fan of the always on thing even if the game works awesomely around it. Won't be playing this SimCity at all. :'( (I think I've played every Sim City up to SC4, even the SNES and iPad versions. D:)


              Come on!!!!!

              Think about Multiplayer games!

              Got to be online for those if you wish to play against others! :D

                Multiplayer? You remember I'm a crazed hermit, don't you? :P

                  I've heard that you aren't even a hermit at all!

                  When it comes to multiplayer I still have the cred, though. At Hellscream's birthday dealy I refused to play games. Haha!

                  Remember? How could I forget!?!

                  I will just name the City Hermington DC

                  After it's founder


                  I'll even build a cave

                  And fill it with heroin

                  The drugs don't work, they just you worse Spaghett.

                  ahh the verve.. loooong time since I listened to them

      It's Dark Souls day!

        Maybe. So sleepy and full of excuses, though! :P

    MORNING TAY! How is everyone?

    Only $325 left till @blaghman shaves his head! WE CAN DO THIS PEOPLE!

      Good morning Gentleman What?. Good to see you again. ;)

      Yeah, not bad, you?
      Excited for PSO2V? It has a character creeeeaaatoooooorrrrrrr!

        This is giving me a woody. And not because she's a female!

    Seriously fucking over this. Come into work and there's a massive pile of yet to be done work yet when I check the paperwork the clowns who were here had no work on all the day. Worst thing is these jokers get paid more than I do yet they get a percentage of a possible bonus while their douchebaggery means I get none. Why the fuck do I bother?

      :S Any progress on the police front? Sooner you get out of there the better!

      You need to stop giving a [email protected]#k.

      I know it goes against your nature, but if you can get yourself into that headspace it's amazingly liberating!

      What?!? - it's a legitimate coping strategy for working in retail :P

      Last edited 11/03/13 9:44 am

        It's a legitimate coping strategy for dealing with life...imho.

    @dc - @sughly: Just watched Martha Marcy May Marlene! Oh man, what a damn good movie! Disturbing too. Elizabeth Olsen and Sarah Paulson were especially great.

    Haha, just saw this! So glad you liked it! I've recommended it to a bunch of people but this one's mostly gone on deaf ears. Hearing you talk about those different elements makes me want to go back and see it again now XD

    Last edited 11/03/13 9:51 am

      Haha! Probably not the easiest movie to recommend too, took a while for me to not stumble over the name. :P When I see a movie like that it makes me want to watch more. MORE. Thanks for the recommendation. Feels good to cross something off the list. :D

        How good is she as an actress though right? Made me follow up her other films, very impressive. There's a horror film called silent house which was all done in essentially a couple of takes (apparently its one, I dont believe it... I'm sure there's a cut somewhere because I'm mr skeptical) - it's not that great, but she's dang good in it too.

        edit: also its a remake of a foreign film, which I havent seen. Boo for me, but I just wanted to see her anyways XD

        Last edited 11/03/13 10:11 am

          So damn good. Really sympathetic character too. Felt for her family and the like. I kept on talking to the TV, "Just tell them!". XD Sarah Paulson, I've seen her in a whole lot of things including Sorkin's Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and she's always excellent too. That was the director's first movie, right? Inspiring stuff! Made me literally open Final Draft afterwards and contemplate things. Haha.

          Also, your recommendations seem to be awesome so feel free to add more suggestions to the list of things D.C. should see! :D

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    700 free digital Marvel comics...

    We are the woooooorld, we are the children.

      When will the lies end, DC.

        There aren't words to describe how much this comment wins.

      Did you just call me the world?
      Are you calling me fat?

      I'm just... big boned, okay?

    2013 is shaping up to be an amazing year for games. Lots of new IP and awesome takes on old IP. So far this year I've played Ni No Kuni, The Cave, Zombi U, Tomb Raider and To the Moon.

      Oh hey, got to the credits of ni no last night! Weee! I REALLY really enjoyed it. It's definitely a flawed game, but I've had/am having a heap of fun with it. Watching those watercolour pics during the credits was great

        Japanese end credits song is about ten times better than the English one. Haha! Apparently the DS version was called Ni No Kuni: The Jet-Black Mage. No mention of the White Witch. I thought the pacing in that last part felt so weird, like Oliver's arc had finished and I was playing something added onto the end. I wonder if the White Witch was even in the DS version!

        I agree though, excellent game. Not a huge fan of the JRPG gameplay mechanics, but every thing else about it I loved. (Especiallly the art direction and score!) Make sure to play some of the post campaign quests. There's a cool one in particular!

        Last edited 11/03/13 10:22 am

          Yeah I do know what you mean by the whole added on element. It felt like the writing became reaaaaally rushed and not very well thought out towards the end, it had a lot more subtlety and attention in the first half. Ah well. I liked the whole thing with Pea being part of the Queen... would have been nicer if it was written better :/

            Plus there was no Ghibli 2D animation after the Shadar stuff finished! :'(

        I'm still in the pig city...

          First time I saw that place, I think my jaw dropped. So pretty.

    Rhianna Pratchett wrote Tomb Raider. That's all kinds of awesome. Also pretty cool how the two big acton/adventures at the moment are controlled creatively by lady folk! (Amy Hennig at Naughty Dog!)

      She was also a writer on the Overlord games, Mirror's Edge and Heavenly Sword :)

      Oh, and lead writer on The Watch :D

      I was pretty happy back when she "came out" as the Tomb Raider writer.

    Happy Monday!

    Radio Numbers requests? Anyone?

      Life on Mars? -- David Bowie

      Intervention -- Arcade Fire

        I'll take a look, been having bad luck with some of Bowie's sings.

          Haha! You've still had some for the past two weeks, though. I'll understand if you pass on that one.

          I Hung My Head -- Johnny Cash

            Done, you have now used your 3 requests for the week.

            Come back next week for more Raaaadio Nuuummmberrrrrrrs!

          Bad luck with Bowie? But... it's David Bowie!

            Yeah, we don't have some of his songs, it kinda sucks.

              If they don't have Life on Mars, that's justification to blow up the radio station. :P


      Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz

      Original Sin by INXS

      Nothing Else Matters by Metallica

      Move your Body by Eiffel 65

      In the End by Linkin Park

      Take your pick/s

        New rule: 3 requests per person per week, maximum.

        In other news, Gorillaz, INXS, and Metalica are on the list

          Haha! Sorry about all the requests, man. Don't expect you to play them all. Just stuff to pick and choose from. XD



    I want to play it

    I bought Tropico 4, and enjoyed what I did play *mostly tutorials*

    I don't really have the time for a game like this though

    And, *this will sound stupid* these kinds of games make me anxious

    I don't want things to go wrong

    So I have hardly touched Tropico 4

    Due to time and anxiety

    And buying other stuff *Damn you weak willed Spaghett!*


      :( That's too bad, man. Video games for me are escapism, a place to get away from anxieties and the like. Sucks that it bleeds into them for you. :'(

        Thanks brother

        A lot of games are escapism to me too

        I just, I never want something to go wrong

        Fucking up in Super Meat Boy? That's no problem

        But my entire city burning down or something

        Nope, not handling it

          That's how I feel about the XCom reboot. Granted, I loved the original XCom and I certainly lost more than I won. But I'm older now, and I don't have the same level of commitment/time to make such a commitment.

          So I've put off doing an Iron Man playthrough because I don't want to get screwed and have to start over after putting in 10 hours, even though that's exactly the point of the challenge! You're not SUPPOSED to win!

          I've gotten so used to games telling a story that it feels like a crime when your own lack of skill prevents you seeing the ending. It's totally just me and not the games.

    I went to a birthday party yesterday and drank beer and red wine. A fair amount of each. This was, in hindsight, not my wisest decision. I never fully appreciated the warnings about not mixing alcohol types, until now.

    I had to run the last 50 meters to catch my train after sleeping in with a monster headache and this triggered some kind of reaction in my body that took almost the entire 1 hour journey to shake off. Thank goodness it was an air conditioned train, and that I had a bottle of water with me. Had these conditions not been just so, I would have had to disembark, possibly be sick on the paltform, then crawl back home.

    As it stands, I am at my desk, trying very hard to get focused on work. While on one hand I feel like I am being unproductive, I've also managed a fair amount considering it's only 10:30am.

    I guess it all balances out.

      :S Hope you feel better, man.

        I'm just being a little bitch about working with a hangover. :P I don't normally drink on a Sunday.

    How are we still on page one? Its Monday, right?

      Public holiday in half the states, I think.

      Wow I'm in a negative headspace today.

      I think I'll return later.

      Last edited 11/03/13 11:05 am

        I always want to be here. Christmas Day should've proved that. :P

        Edit: I thought you were joking, man. D: Hope you feel better.

        Last edited 11/03/13 11:06 am

        Did you say something mean to me? I thought you loved me :'(

        edit: To clarify my post too, I'm not upset by it being on page 1 by any means, just genuinely surprised that I've actually been able to see all the posts so far.

        Last edited 11/03/13 11:07 am

          Don't worry, man. Comment wasn't directed at you!

          (Or any one in particular.)

          Last edited 11/03/13 11:17 am

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