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    Mobile site is back!

    *jubilant dance*

      Dear Freeze,

      That's awesome news!

      Your pal,


        Dear @dc

        Good to see you keeping up with tradition.

        Yours in Technicolour


          Dear Red,

          Tradition can be good if it's fun at the same time!

          Your buddy,


    Dear Tay

    This is page seven.


    Kind Regards

    Readin' and 'ritin' Red.



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    Dear Repost,

    Does anyone know what game(s*) EA/Maxis will be offering for free for the whole Simcity thing?

    *I'm assuming it'll be a list of options...

    Thanks again,

      I don't think it's been announced yet. I'd prefer to get the first lot of DLC for free instead of a game, personally :P

    So I just applied for a job over in Nauru.. Dad's mate who has been doing contract work over there informed there were positions vacant in IT, so why not, right?

      Dear Virus__

      Nauru is from what I've heard not the nicest place to live. That said, a job is a job and you can alway give it a shot.

      All the Best

      Ambivalent Adviser Artifice.

        Yeah, dad's mate has said that, but he also said it's quite something.

    Dear diary: Today I was pompous and my sister was crazy. Today we were kidnapped by hill folk, never to be seen again. It was the best day ever.

      Also, I can kill you with my brain.

      Dear The Cracks,


      Sincerely, Numbers

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    Dear @powalen

    Your usage of slang language such as, ahem, YOLO made me drop my monocle.

    I will be billing you for a single monocle lens.

    Yours in snootiness

    Refined Red

      Yo redz

      u aint got enuf #swaggah to roll wit us


    Dear @greenius,

    I see you're watching the latest episode of The Amazing Race.

    Best to post here with spoiler tags instead of on twitter so you don't spoil @sughly.

    Your friend,


    Last edited 12/03/13 3:01 pm

      I'm sure someone already spoiled MONKEYS for him!

      I'm sure he knows the YouTubers need to tone it down :)

      Third one was vague! I'm sure you didn't even know which moment I was referring too!

        I assumed it was the part where they went into strangers house? :D

          Also applicable for the end! But yes, you were correct :)

    Powerpuff Girls Complete Collection!

    Region 1, so a region free player is recommended.

    $51.03 with free postage!

    I'd get it, but I'm looking for seasons 4-6 individually, seeing as I already have seasons 1-3, the movie, and T'was The Fight Before Christmas.

      Dear @crazyguy1990

      Did I hear correctly that they're talking about a remake/reboot of powerpuff girls? Do you know if Genndy Tartakovsky will be involved?

      Yours questioningly


      Oh man... 'magine Powerpuff... on BLURAY :O

    Atencion pendejos,

    Today is officially going too slowly.



    Dear TAY,

    I've only eaten chocolate today. D:

    Making a beef and potato pie to make up for it. Going to be good eatin'!

    Your buddy,


      Dear D.C.,

      When you say "making" do you really mean making?

      Sceptically yours,

        Dear BDKIAF,

        If only, cooking frozen pie from freezer.

        Keep watching the skies,


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    For old times sake.

    I'll just leave this here.

    Dear TAY

    I'm hungry. Send me food.

    Also buying a MacBook Pro today \o/

    Also yay for mobile Kotaku!

    Last edited 12/03/13 3:18 pm

    Dear tay
    Not sure if I'm ahead of my photoshop class because I'm really good or I'm doing everything wrong

    Yours in eternal gratitude
    The Funkster

    @dc @powalen

    I agree with everything said about the latest The Amazing Race episode!


    I disagree with you having to wait for HDness, go for the normal one, man!

      Duuuude... wait til you get a hd rip and play it on the tv. You cant go back afterwards. Even if it is just reality tv, looks so much better. It doesnt end up taking that much longer either, I was just downloading other stuff before it (ie newest Girls episode)

        HD docos and dramas and stuff, yeah, but nope on reality TV! :P

          Haha! I agree. I completely understand with dramas though. After seeing Game of Thrones in HD the standard definition broadcast on Foxtel doesn't even compare.

    To Whom It May Concern,

    This is my favourite SimCity review:

    Lovingly Yours,

      Dearest Modder of Tads,

      I was quite alarmed when, upon reading the url you supplied, I initially misread it. Minus the 'well' and changing one letter elsewhere, you may understand why.

      Captain AlexPants Softbeard

        Dearest Pantless Alex,

        I did chuckle once I understood your meaning. Completely unintentional, I promise you.


    Dear TAY,

    I feel as though someone must have been beating me up in my sleep. This cold has popped up all of a sudden, straight into full swing...

    Undertook visit to JB HiFi to get me some fresh air. Ended up pre-ordering a PS4, even though no price or date has been announced... Sales staff guaranteed me that if they havent got the best deal at launch they will match any competitor and give me a free game on release.... also, other free stuff has been promised, at this stage they have advised that there are rumours of a free controller been bundled if you purchase 2 or more games along with the console...

    Love, Hugs, & Kisses,


    Dear @strange,

    you have broken me.
    I cannot work out what the show you were talking about was.
    I hereby exile myself from the library and information services industry in frustration.

    Shamefully yours,

    Edit: i was still looking at page 6 when I typed this. What an odd surprise to see that I've unknowingly contributed to another 'dear blah blah...' page.

    Edit 2: I'm just gonna assume that the show you're talking about does not actually exist.

    Last edited 12/03/13 3:37 pm

      Dear 35,

      She's a lovable monster. :'(

      Your buddy,


      Dear 35

      Is it possible it's just an epic troll?

      Questioning everything

        yeah, I did think of that. But I had no real reason to doubt the First Lady.

        ...until, that is, I couldnt find absolutely anything that was even close to what was described.

          That's what makes it even more effective. You're all trustingly going searching while she sits there and laughs her ass off.

            i'll know better next time.

            Edit: also, I have now lost all trust in others because of this.

            Last edited 12/03/13 3:41 pm

          Also I'm going to assume this is it.

            yeah, I saw that, but that was a 2012 or 2013 production. unless Strange is a time traveler, I dont think that fits.

            though Bernard Cribbins is in that show, so maybe...

            Yeah I keep seeing that. But it's definitely not it. Close but no cigar. And it's the main reason my searches are turning up nothing because the first billion results are always about that one. :(

      Maybe it's my fault for being so vague with my information. :(

    That bewbz ad on Gizmodo is pretty awesome :-)

    interesting. NSW lowers required supervised hours for L-platers from 120 hours, to 80 hours (that 80 hours must include 10hrs with a professional instructor & a safe driving course).

    this is a good thing. coz 120 hours was one of the main reasons I never bothered learning to drive.
    that, and not having anyone willing to sit in a car with me for that length of time.

    Last edited 12/03/13 4:07 pm

      I had to do 50 hours on my L's, which would have been around 2002/3? Think it went up not long after I was done.
      Unfortunately, I missed out on avoiding green Ps by like 3 months.

        I've had my L's for 10 years now. so yeah. I could've had em in 50 hours, but then it went up to 120 & I just couldnt be bothered.

      not having anyone willing to risk their life for that length of time.

        the 12 hours i did do, I was a pretty safe driver. had a few lessons with a pro instructor & he kept telling me to 'stop being so cautious, you'll never get anywhere'

        very rarely hear any stories of people crashing when they're being taught how to drive. its when the P's are on & theres no supervision that the dickishness tends to come out.

      I thought that amount of hours doesn't apply if you're over 21? Or is that just in Vic?

        Something to do with being either over 21 or over 25 in ACT, too. Think it's a short course thing, then off you go.

          Yeah I actually had a cold on the day of my driving test, and I still passed :P

        In Vic it's something like over 21 but you still have to hold your Ls for like 6 months

      There was no minimum hours, just a 6 month waiting period before your test. Then there were no levels of P's, just 3 years and you automatically change to opens.

      Don't have to do the 100 hrs in QLD if you are over 25.

        yeah, but you've gotta live in queensland to do that.
        Dont think I could survive 100 hours up there without thick cloud cover.

          Do what I do, spend very little time outside. :-)

          I was just up there, trust me they have thick cloud cover at the moment


      I got my L's when it was 50hrs. Then they expired while I was overseas. When I came back it was up to 120hrs.

      The 10 hours with a professional instructor sounds good. Most people can and will just drive with their parents/guardians/whoever which means they'll also pick up their bad habits. Sounds like you haven't driven before but I do recommend starting with an instructor of sorts so you learn the good stuff when you begin. I also recommend using an instructor towards the end as well.

      This is what I did and while my first instructor was rather terrible (personality wise - bit bitchy and controlling, couldn't teach very well but their advice was solid) I did learn all the safe road stuff. I used another instructor towards the end who was much better. They took me around the area of where the test is and gave me some further advice and hints to help pass and become a better driver.

      As for 120 hours I swear there was some sort of talk of it being raised to like 240 in Victoria but who knows... :P. The huge number of hours is just too much IMO and 80 with 10 sounds much better.

        I ageree on the 10 hours bit.
        I've only done something like 12hrs, but of them 5 were with a professional & i think i picked up more from her than from my parents.

      SA is 75 hours, 60 day, 15 night.

      but lucky me got his Ls before the cut-off date so I only have to do 50 hours (40 & 10 hours respectively)

        Ah, kids.

        I did the test only for mine. No logbook.

      Jesus H Christ! It was 120 hours? Here it's only 50 :S Less if you go with a driving instructor for up to 10 hours,

        Less? That's nuts.

        Since I had to get my P's quickly for work I did about 100+ hours in 3 months (20+ hours during one long weekend)

      The NSW gov't also thought a while back that 1 hour with an instructor should be equal to 3 normal hours. I think they still think this tbh.

      I'd like to point out from what friends have said around here it's something like 60 bucks for a 1 hour lesson with an instructor, which is a joke. Also a safe driving course? Unless you're in school and able to go to one for cheap there's another several hundred dollars you get to fork over.

      At least all of that is only optional, because having to fork out that kind of money if it wasn't optional would kill a lot of people getting licenses if they had to hand over anywhere close to a grand for 10 hours of lessons and a safety driver course.

      I also personally wouldn't go for a lesson with any of the local instructors, they're dangerous, they teach people to crawl in the gutter at around about 10km/h in suburban streets, where people don't look when exiting their drive ways, which to me is just dangerous with concealed driveways and irresponsible children in the area. None of what they seem to teach looks safe to me.

    *upvotes old comment*

    D: it jumped up by two!

    I see @masha2932 is catching up as well :D


      Masha you read slowwwww

      Dear Colourbro

      Never. Change.

      Yours in Rainbow


      What comment are you referring to? :-)

        Case 1:

        Last edited 12/03/13 6:29 pm

          Case 2:

    Spoiler warning for Kirk Hamiltons tomb raider article on the front page.
    Also spoilers for the movie the decent in the same article.

    Dear TAY,

    I am installing SC2: WOL at the moment so that I may then install SC2: HOTS. This makes me ever-so-excited.


    So I just stumbled upon this in my Facebook feed (it's a Facebook link btw, but viewable without an account) i'm not sure whether I should laugh or cry at their paranoia.

      This is ABSOLUTELY INSANE. who is Obama to come into our country and make decisions like this! What happen to being a free country and freedom of speech?! Now this hypocrite lying two faced non American pos wants to try to control us like puppets I say HE'LL NO!!! This can only go bad in SOOO MANY WAYS.

      Fundies say the darnedest things.

        They sure do.

        Like this from the person who posted it originally, all of my wut.
        Bella Salamonie Good thing I don’t believe in snopes!!! The ONE thing and the ONLY thing I do believe in ~ is GOD and his word

          And evidently random things posted on Facebook.

      Dear Virus___

      Too much reading infowars and prison planet does this to a brain.
      This particular conspirscy also ties into religious nutjobbery, as some people consider this stuff the "mark of the Beast"

      Ask them about Agenda 21 or fluoridation, sit back, and make popcorn.

      Skeptically yours


        Yeah, I just didn't expect to see this kinda crap shared from people who I thought were normal. Well they're off the Christmas card list!

          All your facebook friends seem to be conspiracy theorists! XD

            I unfriended that lunatic when I called him a hypocrite the other week for denying people to discover music. Since he claims to be a musician himself, but believes music should never be free and all artists should charge money for live gigs and all this other crap he went on and on about.

      Funny thing is, I'd actually get a chip like that implanted.

      Get my work doors coded for it.

        Dear Red

        That makes you officially Satan. Or perhaps Santa, I'm not really sure


      Dear Virus


      Amazing how they can bring it back to their pet hate no matter what. If that be anti-obama, pro-christian, pro-gun or whatever barrow they are pushing.

      It also appears that both grammar and spelling is not a requirement for posting in those threads


    Dark Souls update:

    I decided to go exploring in another direction. Was cool to see new stuff. A skeleton killed me. The end.

      Fuck skeletons

        Dear B-Funk

        Do you have a boner thinking about that?

        Punning for jesus


          Dear red

          I don't find these puns humerus

          not sure if he's on page 6 or 7

            Still page one!

              Dear Poster,

              We were unable to process and send your post as you did not state who was to receive the post. Please ensure you always include who you intend to receive your post at the beginning of a post.

              Delivery Man Nob.

            Dear Funk

            Aren't these jokes tickling your funny bone?



          Dear Red Face Guy,

          I found that pun bone dry.

          Your neighbourhood joke critic,


            Dear Nob

            I'd consider these bone puns to strike home with anyone who's a fan of bones- the're quite a cortical hit!

            Bone-nerdingly yours




      Is that the name of the Skeleton who killed me! D:

        Dear Poster #1749158 & #6283016,

        We were unable to process and send your post as you did not state who was to receive the post. Please ensure you always include who you intend to receive your post at the beginning of a post.

        Delivery Man Nob.

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