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    EDIT: Also, Australian Business Insider is a thing (look at the bar at the top)

    EDIT #2: Removed it.

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      Edit: The comment above this was originally a link to @tadmod's Pozible for his debut album. I'm going to post the link here so people see it because making music is one of the most rewarding things I've ever done and I'd like Tad to be able to do it too.

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            I get it, you don't like the project and are trying to detract from it. FINE. I won't post about it anymore. In fact, I'll remove the link from the website completely.

              That's not the point at all. Don't remove the link. I was just posting the sites that usually get linked here.


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              Huh? I don't think that was the case, he was just posting other people who pimp out their also awesome projects


              !! :D

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                Yeah, this.

                I'm all for your project. I was actually going to back it.


                  Sorry, I'm being testy. It's a Monday morning, I woke up late, I've had a cold all week and I'm reading too much into stuff.

                  Sorry. :(


                  Now put your comment back!


      Oh man that perspectives/tadmoden thing blew my mind! I even went all upside down to check that it was legit :)

        You BDKIAF just pulled the biggest D.C. edit/disappearing act of all time.


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          My first comment went into moderation. I assume this removed the whole comment tree? I can still see it.

            Yep, everything is gone for me. Why did it go into moderation? Did you edit in more links?

              I might have put in another link..


            I promise you I didn't report it. I'm stubborn, but not a dick.

              I edited it. Two links put it into moderation. Don't worry :P

    Seriously though, that's freakin' awesome.

      Agreedified. Shiggy looks the same, though :P

      Shaved heads suit you guys too. Congrats!

      Three of them look like they're just waiting for a mate. :p

      Love your work, gents!

    This is an awesome change of the featured image, Mark. Nice pick.

    Anyway, morning Taybies. How was le weekend?

    I've been listening to the Mass Effect 2/3 Soundtrack on Spotify on my way to work. Epic.

    Was standing at an intersection crossing when the lights went green and halfway over the timer came up, and at the same time, a track from the soundtrack came on with the exact same timing - was pretty epic and amazing because I felt like OH SHIT I'M GONNA DIE.

      I think I like ME1 OST better, but I can't be sure since I haven't even played ME3 let alone listened to the OST.

    This is the first time I've ever seen another image used for TAY. I can't think of a more fitting image, though.

    On a completely unrelated note......... BIOSHOCK INFINITE!

      I don't know man. I just can't get keen for it. I feel like they announced it way too early and tried to keep the hype train fueled for too long.

      I'll see what the reviews are, but I honestly can't seem to get excited about it. :\

        I wish I didn't agree with you. I never even found the first one to be that amazing aside from the execution of that twist.

      Hey man! Hope you're well? My psyched levels are at critical levels!

    Purchased and fitted the second GTX670 last week, and all I can say is.... holy flaming fuckshit, Crysis 3 looks utterly incredible. Having never actually played through any of them, I am newly committed to playing through all 3.

    Also worth noting that despite being a 6 year old game, the original Crysis still looks fucking amazing.

    Yes, yes, master race and all, but my god. Current gen consoles have to go. Right now.

      Crysis is still my favourite of the series. I wish they had continued that storyline rather than rebooting. C2 seemed to have lost the plot. I didn't even play C3.

      Also, why did people hate the aliens in Crysis? I really likde them!

        I own all three on PC, and have only put an hour or two in Crysis so far. I'll be firing it up very soon though - I've only seen those pesky Koreans thus far.

        I actually didn't realise that C1 and C2 didn't go together. Oh well, I'll play them soon!

          They kind of do, but then they don't also.

          They took some of the characters, but abandoned the story :\

          EDIT: They also left the ending of C1 in a cliffhanger...

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        It felt like the game got halfway through and then jumped the shark.

        "On this island you have to fight these guys, then uhhh...then...they get cooler guns!, DON'T GO! ...ALIENS, THERE'S ALIENS AND SHIT!"

    ARGH! After two weeks of working very well, my Xbox will no longer connect online with my wifi device.
    I get an MTU error and unfortunately it looks like I can't change that with the Virgin wifi device thingy I have.
    It just seems strange (HI STRANGE) that it has worked fine, but all of a sudden it just won't connect.
    Anyone have any ideas, suggestions, plans for world domination?

    Morning every-

      Belated happy birthday Rize! At least I think that's right. Senor Cake was pretty adamant it was your birthday yesterday.

        I'm not sure we're thinking of the same thing here, but I have some bad news:

        I ate Senor Cake.


    Watched four movies over the weekend:

    Mission: Impossible 4. (Didn't care for it.)
    Chronicle (Pretty damn good. Reminded me slightly of Unbreakable.)
    50/50 (Slightly depressing, but genuinely good character story.)
    Argo (Holy freakin' damn. Definitely deserved best picture, I think.)

      Upvoted because of Argo for Best Picture. I was genuinely surprised at how good it was. I'm glad Ben Affleck is back, he's got some serious talent.

        I seriously doubted I would've liked it as much as Silver Linings Playbook, but it's equally as good. (Just in different ways.) Now I've seen all of the best picture nominees except for Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty, Beasts of the Southern Wilds and Amour. (Oh damn, that's only half of them. *shakes fist*)

          Lincoln's good, but you can wait for DVD I think

            Seemed like Oscar bait to me. Haha! (The trailer atleast. :P)

          I have the distinct feeling Amour will blow all of them out of the water. I haven't got to see it yet, but if it's anything like Haneke's other films...

            Haha! I think it's safe to say I haven't seen Haneke's other movies either. :'(


      I loved it, but it got very Hollywood towards the end. Not really that bad, but I found myself thinking how ridiculous it all was. Fantastic movie though.

        Yeah, it felt all true and authentic, but the more it went the more I thought things had been changed to make it a good movie rather than a historical record. Haha! Still great!

          I still think "Argo fuck yourself" is a great line.

            I was going to post that on Twitter after finishing the movie. :D

          Yeeeep. Basically this. It really spoilt it for me. I liked it, dont get me wrong, but as always there were better films last year.

            Silver Linings ending spoiler

            Come to think of it, this movie kind of got all Hollywood towards the end too. XD

            Sughly! Hope you're well, man! :D

              Definitely did haha! Yeahhhh, and both of them managed to build everything up well enough that the Hollywoodness of them was acceptable. But still, I'd personally rate a few films over them. Rust & Bone, Kid with a Bike, these come to mind... ummm... oh yeah, Lawless too. Etc.

              edit: And I am good haha! And you? We should watch Zero Dark Thirty this week, its sitting there waiting for us to have a try at that date again...

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                Those first two are foreign language ones, right? Lawless looks like it'd appeal to me too!

                Edit: Haha! The air matress is gone, right? :P

                Last edited 18/03/13 9:50 am

                  Oui oui, and I reckon you'd like Lawless. Really good characters, great writing, and surprising in numerous points.

                  edit: nope XD

                  Last edited 18/03/13 9:51 am

        Except, at the end, I almost cried
        with happiness once the captain said "We have left the border"

      It's weird, those Mission Impossible films seem really average, are not my thing and star a twat ...and I like them all. Weeeeird.

        I actually loved the third movie. It was J.J. Abrams and felt much more of a character story, which seemed the opposite of this new movie. ("Let's have as many set pieces as possible to cut into an actiony trailer!" :P)

          And the first. First is really good. Brian De Palma after all, plus Jean Reno, hanging from roofs, etc.

          edit: But 2 is an abomination and should be eradicated from the earth, for the good of mankind.

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            I haven't seen the second one since it was in cinemas. I remember the novelty of it being in Sydney kind of won me over, but not game to rewatch. :D

            I rewatched the 1st semi-recently and although it is still good, it has dated a bit.
            I don't know why I cared but I did.
            (I love dated Sci-fi, LOVE IT. The more obvious "future" designs are the better, Dune is awesome for this)

          Yeah, third was the best, second was the biggest turd. I just couldn't take Kung-Fu Tom seriously at all.

          I suppose I don't expect too much from them and am then pleasently suprised.

          I liked the end of 4 with
          seeing his wife from 3. That was nice.

            That was lame Jimu. So lame.

              What, the bit? It was nice. I hate how Batman & James Bond films reurlarly forget important characters.

              You are the penis.

            Yeah, though I felt a little stupid at being riled up the entire movie that they killed off the wife, the best thing about the previous movie, in a line of passing dialogue. :P That scene didn't redeem it.

            Last edited 18/03/13 9:53 am

              Totally disagree, you are both LAMOZE @sughly

              And you have no hearts!

    A friend of mine used to be a terrible electrician. He was completely unable to replace fuses and would never turn down a job.

    You could say he wasn't able to refuse.


      That was pretty bad...

        Fine, this one then:

        There once was a caveman who was made of rubbish. He was asked when he would describe himself to others.

        "I refuse"


    Happy burfday for yesterday @rize

      Cheers, and thanks for the game!

      Also, I didn't realise how long till AoE 2 HD actually gets released...

      Happy Birthday @rize

      (Insert funny joke about a high rise and a birthday here)

      Man, @dc is getting slack! How am I supposed to know whose birthday it is if you don't find out for us and post it >:(

      Happy Birthday for yesterday Rize :D

      Last edited 18/03/13 9:46 am

        People need to mention the bday in order for it to be remembered in the Rain Man vault! :P

        Happy birthday, Rize! :D

    Sorry you can't post during the day any more @spaghett, but we'll honour you with:


      Hold up - The Living End

      Umm...can't remember what it's called (even though Mr. Strange has the setlist) but whatever Ensiferum played last last night. :D

      Find The Real - Alter Bridge

      Hmm I need to see if JB has my copy of that album today as well!

      Marle, Lucca Schala (Jay-Z vs. Chrono trigger mashup) - mello.

    Morning all! I'm really tired. Too many late nights recently. Went to a friend's birthday party/sleepover on Saturday night, which was fun. I was the oldest there, every one else was in the 12 to 14 year old range. Where on earth do they get all their energy from?? Its like they have an unlimited supply of it. We stayed up till midnight playing games (Trials Evolution, Doritos Crash Course and Skate) and snacking. Everyone hates Crash Course now... :P

    Also, on Friday night some of my older (but still younger than me) friends did a Thank God You're Here type thing at youth group. The result was hilarious! I'm so glad I filmed it: (the clueless person that walked through the door is my younger brother)

    And lastly, I discovered Electro Swing this weekend, and it's awesome!

      Caravan Palace?

      It has to be Caravan Palace.

        I heard one of their songs. I can't remember what most of the songs I heard are. I just saw Electro Swing as one of the genres in the Nokia Music app (free music streaming service), and have been listening to random songs from that mix. Most of the songs seem to have come from the White Mink: Black Cotton albums.

      Damn trials..... i refuse to buy it as i am sure it will result in constant frustration, cussing, and sleepless nights....

        Dude, Trials is amazing! The sleepness nights will come from playing too much of it and waiting in anticipation for more ಠ_ಠ


            Sleepless nights also come from when you can't beat that jerk who's just ahead of you on the leaderboards >:(

    Radio Numbers request line is open.

    I am Numbers, Please insert Song Request.

      You never have any Arcade Fire? What's the point? :P


        See reply to Greenius

        Can't, haven't got a copy to play.

          Then someone needs to get one ASAP!

            Perhaps we should find some way to provide funding so that @tadmod can record these songs for us..

            If only there was a way to do that..


      This one:

        I know we don't have this one.

        Last edited 18/03/13 9:52 am


    Started Tomb Raider on the weekend.
    It was... how should I put this;
    Holy Carp, I was constantly surprised by how much I enjoyed playing the game.
    Beautiful setting, great use of maps, actually enjoyable hunting through every last crevice and bush, but the biggest enjoyment for me, was Lara herself.
    Having played other Tomb Raiders, I was used to Lara as this unstoppable force, nothing EVER fazed her. But this new Lara is just so damn human, and is all the better for it.
    Her active reaction to different events (fighting and platforming) is still impressive, yet she shows a far more believable emotional and physical reaction to events. Everytime she started to seem like the old superhero version, something would come along to show just how human and vulnerable she still is.
    Thoroughly enjoying this reboot and can't wait to get home and play some more.

    Morning all. Finished Tomb Raider on the weekend. 98% complete. I have no idea how I'm supposed to get the last 2% seeing as I've purchased every skill, fully upgraded every weapon and have 100% every section of the map.

    Also played some of the multiplayer. The multiplayer is okay, but it takes a while to find a game (I guess not a lot of people are playing it) and it's pretty laggy. When it works though it's fun.

    Spoilers for Tomb Raider's ending:

    I was pleasantly surprised with how it ended. After the speech early on in the game about Lara needing to learn to make sacrifices I thought for sure that it would turn out Sam was too far possessed and Lara would have to kill her to both save her (Sam) and stop the storms. Glad to see it ended with Lara saving the day though.

    I'm already looking forward to the inevitable sequel.

      You might be missing stuff from the Cliffside Bunker (I think that's what it was called?) It's one of the only areas that doesn't have a fast-travel bonfire. You can access it from the beach area.

    Howdy Tayberinos


    Friday was the (I believe) inaugural SA TAY meat, where we took advantage of @Shane's presence in town to go eat dumplings

    We went to Dumpling King, which is a legendary hole-in-the-wall dumpling place near the Adelaide central market. James Mac got there first, and we did the whole "what-do-you-look-like" thing over twitter to find one another. We were joined shortly after by Shane (I looked for the recently shaven head) and finally by Jamesmacusedmyhandle.

    Topics of discussion included

    - X-wing. How good was X-wing!
    - Final Fantasy
    - The Adelaide Festivals, as Shane wondered about all the activity that was going on
    - Wolf Creek The Musical
    - When a game goes from "challenging" to "too much effort"
    - Science that bleeds
    - Comic Books! and Comiccon!
    - The presents Shane was taking home to his kids

    After we'd finished dumplings, I introduced Shane to Bubble Tea (to a... mixed reaction) and Me, Shane and James Mac went for a drink at the Pimp Pad, which is a gaming-themed bar in Adelaide (that we worked out was an old bank).

    Twas good fun.

      Old bank? @Neinhandle would have been right at home :p


          You ask him next time you see him. ;-)

            (or you know, on Twitter)

              Is this a Snowtown joke?

                Dunno what Snowtown is...

                It's not even really a joke (Well, not a funny one)

                  Ah, OK. I thought you were making a reference to Snowtown, where bodies were discovered in a disused bank vault, which would be funny except you had the wrong TAYbie- I'm the one that lived there :)

      And yet no satays were consumed...


      You, Shane and James hanging out at the Pimp Pad. XD

      Sounds awesome man. Hermes didn't go? :'(

        Nah, he had lab stuff.

        He did put a call out on Twitter on sun to see if we were around, I think he'd had a couple of St Pats beverages.

    Also, a Monday Morning Question, apropos of nothing: Which sport would be the most UN suitable for a video game? I'm not sure we'll ever get Korfball Simulator 2013

      Given the current climate in contemporary VG journolism: Women's Mud-Wrestling.

      It would get SHIT ON.

      (Can't imagine it would be very good either)

        I know I can edit my spelling, but I refuse. Part of the fun


        That was on the Nagano Winter Olympics on N64 and we LOVED IT. Serious.

      World Championship Power Walking!

    *looks at gigantic list of to do things for Anna's Quest*

    *opens up Ticket to Ride instead*

      Do you have an ETA on Anna's Quest yet? I saw the blog post on the website!

        Yep. End of June... 2014 :)

          You're worse than Patrick Rothfuss...

          That guy takes AGES to write a book...

          He wrote NotW in the Iron Age.

            But I is doing it alone :'(

              This is true. I forgive you (I have faith in Sughly, I hear he always delivers)

      *six months pass*

        Hahaha! So scared of this happening though :'(

          Nah, you've got discipline and stuff.

          *glances at D.C.'s unfinished pieces of writing folder*


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