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    TELL ME WHY /o\



      I don't like Mondays! \o/


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      Tell me why
      Ain't nothin' but a heartache
      Tell me why
      Ain't nothin' but a mistake
      Tell me why
      I never wanna hear you say
      I want it that way

      EDIT: Good God, what have you done?!?

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        Tell me why
        I need another pet rock
        Tell me why
        I got that Alf alarm clock
        Tell me why
        I bid on Shatner's old toupee
        They had it on eBay

      And now I've started off the week thinking about Berserk. This is a good thing. :D

        Remember to put your grasses on so nothing will be wrong.

      ... are weee sooo bliiinnnd to seee that the ooonnesss we huuurrrt are youuUuUUuuU and meee...

      Oh... what? Wrong song?

    Morning TAYbies! How are we all?

    EDIT: PAGE GE-oh, never mind...

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      Hello. I'm not sure I've seen you around before. My old lady brain is often wrong though. :P
      Anyway, welcome/back!

    It takes ages to unfollow nearly 2000 people on Twitter.

      o_0 wait, what? you are following TWO THOUSAND PEOPLE?!?

        I went and dun Twitter wrong when I signed up. Am now amending things.

    Morning all! Cannot express how happy I am that it's a short week this week.

    C'mon Lego City Undercover street date break!

    Seriously, it's hot again in Melbourne tomorrow and Wednesday... I want this game out today or tomorrow so I can play my Wii U instead of festering in my 30+ degree computer room.

    This weeks has so many releases. My wallet is currently sobbing in the corner.

      Two vita releases in one week. D:
      DOA 5+ and the new Sly game.

      Aww.... ; _ ;

        Did we get a slow release on Sly here?
        Cos Im sure peeple have PLATINUMMED it in the States of 'Merckuh.

          Yeah it was like 1-2 months after the US release for some reason :P

    I played To The Moon on the weekend: it was pretty great!

    I played most of Thomas was Alone on the weekend: it's really great!

    I got plenty excited for BioShock on the weekend: i'm excited for new games!

    I like games!

    Morning gents.

    Obligatory Dark Souls \o/

    I didn't play it once over the weekend! /o\


      I started a new character, I'm going a boxer type. Only allowed fist weapons, no shields, no other weapons. I beat the Undead Burg, Depths and Moonlight Butterfly place!

        @freezespreston started a run like that. He was even chronicling it for us at one point. Hope you don't leave us hanging in the same way. *shakes fist @dc-style*

          Was watching a speedrunner try fist-only...
          Apparently Ornstein and the other dude (hammer and pike) are damned near impossible.

        Join covenant of the sun.

        Fists imbued with the power of sunlight.

        Doug McCreedy!

        The cestus is amazingly fast and can do a heck of a lot of damage in a short time. The zero reach can cause problems later on though.


      I feel dirty. I farmed the Darkroot Garden for pyromancy upgrade souls. And will do it again.

        Next time you want delicious souls you should try some Jolly Cooperation. I was reading the JC guide on one of the wikis and it almost convinced me to try, too. I feel like I'm missing out on half the game by not summoning/being summoned by real people.

          Don't got the Xbox Live Gold. Am totally offline on this one. Not even messages :(

            Oh yeah, I forgot about that. So stupid. Not cool, Microsoft. >:(

      I'm currently playing as a Pyromancer because fire is OP.

      I lost 10,000+ souls in the Depths, got cursed, and lost another 7,000 souls in New Londo that I should have used to level up. Fun.

        Tiny setbacks.
        I vouch for the OP nature of fire.

        At NG+ Orn and Smough on an SL1
        That stupid starting charge ; _ ;

    Morning all!
    Stuck visiing family most of the weekend resulted in playing a heap of post-campaign Pokemon Conquest. Starting to have a lot more fun with it now, for some reason.

    Also, Monster Hunter is awesome! My only minor complaints so far are that I was hoping non-player textures would be better than they are, and some features are not explained well...or at all.
    Other than that, it's good fun! Once I pick a favourite weapon I'll be keen for some online.

      I'm using dual daggers / swords / whatever-they-call-it. Enjoying it so far, trying to get use to the whole "no block" thing.

        Some of the weapons have a block function but those are lame!

          I know right!? Just out of curiosity, what button is block for other weapons?

            I believe it's R

              Ahhh, okay, I just have a red glowing ability! Yay for glow red ability! \o/

                Yeah, I believe R is the "special ability" button. Depending on what you have it does different things. I use the Switch Axe so it swaps it from Axe mode to Sword mode :D a.k.a the BADASS BUTTON

            EDIT: not a reply. D:

            Sometimes you need to be in 2H mode to block, with the larger swords I think.

            Rule of thumb is never use your weapons to block though.

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        I've given them a whirl, they're OK.

        Massively surprised by how slow (and massive) the starting katana was :|

      3DS or WiiU? Cause on the 3DS I believe there's a guide, or rather the manual you can access out of the game. I has no WiiU so mreh.

      Great Sword, man. You feel like a tank, you hit like a tank, and sending people flying in the air by 'accident' is great fun.

        I believe the Wii U does have a manual but I doubt it'll be very good. There's also in-game tutorial things you can read in the menu but I don't know if they're any good or they're just the same as the ones that pop up during quests.

      Also, this may sound stupid but is there a targeting mechanic in this game?

        No :(

        Although they did add a lock on thing. Ummm this might be hard as I've never used a Pro controller but on the CPP the ZR button turns it on or not and when it's on pressing L will no longer center the camera behind the player but focus it on the main monster

        EDIT: GREENNNIUUUS *waves fist in air*

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      Someone was taking about Armour having skills on them? How do I know what armour has what and can you learn the abilities in said armour?

        Why are you asking Rize? :D

        You can press Y to view the skills.

        I believe you can't learn the skills but they're just on each piece of armour. I have no idea how to activate them but I'm going to assume that each piece has a certain % of the skill and having more pieces with that % would build it up until you have that skill whenever you wear those pieces of armour. This is probably why wearing sets is better than mixing and matching (Hinden said this on Twitter once) as it's harder to get skills that way.

        But yeah, I still don't know how they work or what each one does but Hinden said later on in the game skills are more important than defence!

          It was more of a general question to everyone!

          So what you're saying is that you don't actually learn this skill but your armour does?

            From what I've gathered, I don't think you actually learn the skills at all. I think the skills are already on the armour so equipping them activates them.

            But yeah, I haven't read anything into it... just basing it off what I've seen in-game :P. Like I haven't seen a "equip skill" or "view learnt skills" menu so I figured you don't actually permanently learn them.

            @thecracks @hindenlagen @ynefel HALP

              Makes me think of GW2 somewhat, as in current equipment defines what your character can do, not learned abilities.

              Skills are gained by equipping armour/charms/decorations. Once the total point value of a skill exceeds a certain threshold (different for different skills), the skill activates. Many of these are awesome - check the wiki. As soon as your points fall below the threshold, you lose the skill. So, good idea not to mix'n'match armour for a while.

                One of my favourites is earplugs. Monster roar = free hits.

                OOOOOHHHH, is that what that bar is under Stamina? I don't think I figured out what that was yet...

                  The bar under stamina? Which weapon? Because certain weapons have unique meters for special attacks...

                  Yeah that's different :P

                  I'm using the Switch Axe so the bar refers to my Sword "ammo/fuel"

                Further to what The Cracks said: If you have a piece of armour that says Health+2, equipping this armour does nothing. To make that skill actually be useful, you need to have all of your pieces of armour have Health such that the total is above 10. If you have done this, then while wearing this armour you have the skill "Health up" (or something like that) which increases your maximum health. sometimes there are higher tiers; if you can get a sum of health +15 on your armour, then you get "Health up L" which increases your maximum health by more.

                In the early stages of the game, the easiest way to get skills is to use all armour from the same set. Later on you will have more options available to customise and mix N match.

                To check what armour skills you have, go menu -> page 2 -> status

                cc @greenius @rize @sernobulus

                Last edited 25/03/13 11:22 am

                  Also remember if a skill gets to -10, it will usually incur a negative effect.

    vidya gamez!

      Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, do you like 'em?
      'Cos me too! :D

        I like em too, what are the odds of finding 3 people on the internet that like gaymes.


    so i am feeling a lot better than i should be feeling...

    friday night went to sleep at 3am, up at 8am
    saturday night went to sleep at 5am, up at 8:30am
    last night in bed at 1am, up at 6am

    so yeah. yesterday morning i felt horrible till about 7:30pm, just felt very "delayed" due to lack of sleep and was walking around like a zombie... all my bones were aching, headache, almost fell asleep whilst walking. horrible horrible feeling....slurring my words. got a half hour nap in the arvo though which must have helped in my 7:30pm recovery.

    i feel like it will all come crashing down in a couple of hours... on the brightside i scored a $130 logitech sound system for $1 which is now hooked up to my pc and ps3 \o/

    Is Bioshock tomorrow? Thursday? Or street broken?

      Late reply is late, but I do believe it's tomorrow. Also, I'd say it's pretty unlikely that it will break street date, given it's a tuesday release, and I doubt all the stores will have stock yet, but I would love to be proven wrong.

    also, (mini rant incoming) dam NVIDIA and their crappy Optimus software... it tends to use the integrated intel graphics chipset for java on my work laptop and my bros laptop, so getting really low framerates of about 15-20... assigning x64 javaw.exe to the nvidia chipset does not work... with most laptops anyway.... it worked first shot on my bro in laws machine and went from 10fps, to 120fps...

      Could you not just disable the integrated hardware? Or does that just make it fail to find a graphics device?

        cant disable the intel chipset... the way it works is that the intel chipset is always active... even when you are using the nvidia gpu, it does the rendering then copies the framebuffer to the intel chipset which outputs the image to screen... if you disable the intel gpu then you are stuck with a blank screen.

        it does this to avoide having to reboot on gpu change and it is able to do this silently....

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    So I'm coughing a lot more as the days go by :/. Does this mean I'm getting better or worse? I'm not too sure how to interpret it as my headache and my random sore throat has gone (it's just sore from the coughing now), however, the cough is getting worse.

    On the other hand I figured I'm coughing up more (green! :D... D:) phlegm so it's a sign of my body getting rid of icky germs...

    Am I right in thinking that?

    Lay your knowledge on to me! Pretty please with a cherry on top?

    I also probably should've bought and taken those antibiotics :/



    Also, why do all the working people have Monster Hunter? :(

    C'mon @blaghman and @benj, help a brother out! I need buddies during the day :P

      You know what will make you feel better? Explaining how the skill system works in MH!

      I am not talking to you ever again. Obviously my response in oldTAY isn't enough for you, or you don't trust me or something....

        But I already upvoted it before reposting! I said I'd repost it so I'd be lying if I didn't :P

        I know it's an infection but I want to know whether I'm getting better or not... I'm tempted to tag our resident TAY Doctor but that's probably abusing our friendship and her profession :P

        And getting more opinions doesn't hurt :D.

        TALK TO ME STRANGE T____________T

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      Pretty sure horking up more chunkies (or oysters, as I like to call them) means you're at the tail end. That's how it usually works for me.

      I'm no doctor but I'd guess if you're coughing all the stuff up then that could mean it's breaking up and your body is getting rid of it. But like I said I'm not a doctor. Perhaps you should see a doctor.

        I saw a doctor early on (when I had a fever and a sore throat) and he prescribed some antibiotics and said to take them if I'm feeling worse by the next day. I actually felt better so I didn't bother but slowly developed a cough (which is worsening). So I'll probably buy and start to take the antibiotics today but I'd hate to be magically cured by tomorrow :P


          In all honesty, odds are it's a viral infection, in which case antibiotics will do nothing to make you better, and taking them assists in the continual weakening of your immune system/continual reinforcement of bacteria.

          I'll admit, I'm a bit paranoid in this regard(and I say this as someone who spent 2 years on continuous antibiotics), but I'd only endorse their use if you're noticeably febrile, and experiencing some sort of nausea, delusion, or other bad symptom.

          I find that, yeah, coughs can stick around for quite a while after you have a cold. By this point, you shouldn't be infectious, but you may want to get something to deal with your throat.

          Insert standard disclaimer that I am not a doctor, even though you already know that.

            How come you were on them for 2 years?

              I was on a very minor antibiotic dose to deal with rather bad acne as a teen. :/

      Are you sure it's phlegm. Might be rotting bits of your lungs.

    Morning all,
    Knocked another game off my pile of shame this weekend, Armored Core V.
    Spent ages fighting the final boss that showed up outta nowhere for no reason, but got him eventually.

    It's funny that the game shows it has taken some notes from Dark Souls with the multiplayer, basically you can recruit (summon) other mercs to help you out on any campaign mission for a share of the spoils, and the game has this sense of being always connected while not needing to be.

    Although the story has been completed I have not touched the multiplayer all that much, partially because A) I don't know if people are still playing and B) I would be severely behind the curve on anyone still playing the game. But I dunno, at the moment I feel like I am walking away from the game when it still has a lot to offer me, especially here seems to be a shit-ton of bosses on the map that I haven't seen yet that appear to be co-op only.

    Anybody else play ACV recently? Is the online still active? Am I missing out on what could be the best aspect of Armored Core V or should I just walk away.

    Also I started playing Silent Hill 2 HD on the xbox, not as bad a part as everyone says. Not perfect but I wouldn't call it broken by any means. And Pyramid Head still managed to get a jump out of me at one occasion, this game has still got it.

      If it's anything like AC4A, there was still people playing that online for years after release. The only issue was you usually got thrown up against insane Japanese people that destroyed you before you knew what day it was.

        Yeah that's what I was thinking the case would be for online.
        Oh well, I always have MWO and Hawken for my online mech battle fix :)


      You're too cheerful for a Monday morning. :P

        This is true.
        This is due to having a half day at work, due to uni and a short work week due to Good (BEST) Friday!


    What does "weekend jimu" mean, @dc ?

      I'm guessing it's an excited exclamation about you being around on a weekend for once.

        Oh, I pop in when I can. It's usually a ghost town around here.

    After struggling to play and enjoy games for the past fortnight I finally started enjoying them again this weekend. Naturally it was at 9pm last night though....

      Which game was it??
      SPACE MARINE!??!?!

    Sitting at the crossing in front of my daughters school waiting for the lights to change. She asks why are we waiting if there's no cars coming. I tell her she has to wait for the green man otherwise it isn't safe. Man goes green, I point at it and say its safe now. We start crossing and some young guy on the phone in a ute blows through the red light and misses Piper by less than an inch and catches my arm with the back of the tray. Now my arm is in agony and I had to leave my girl in hysterics at school.


      Oh man :(
      Hope you got his licence plate and can get the police onto it...

      That kind of driving, especially near a school... :(

      Last edited 25/03/13 9:27 am

        Didn't have my glasses on so there was no chance of me getting that plate. Guy didn't even slow down. :(

          Is there a red-light camera at the stop?
          I'm not sure where, but I'm sure you could make an inquiry with the proper authorities.

          Glad to hear your daughter is fine, albeit shaken.

      Jesus man. I'm assuming you didn't get the plate or more details considering you got clipped? That's fucked up, at least you and your girl are OK? People with phones in cars, man - it kills me. I see it multiple times, every single day. Every time I stop at the lights, I see people texting/facebooking/whatever. I see people talking on the phone doing 100 on the freeway.

      Poor form.

      Fucking hell man - that's just insane.
      I swear to god that people are just getting more and more selfish/careless on the roads. It's absolutely disgusting.
      Do you think anything is broken? I hope you're ok, man - and more so, you're little girl.

      Did you happen to get the licence plate? - Granted it probably would have been the last thing to cross your mind when you had your little one with you.

        Nothing's broken. Just wrenched the shoulder a bit at an odd angle. Just sore. More so cranky about it but not much I can do.

      What the frack?! Bloody humans! I hope you and your daughter are both okay :(

      Aw man. :( I'm sorry to hear that, man. That's horrible.

      mankind sucks at times... hope you guys are ok man....

      Holy. Shit.
      That could have been much worse. Glad to hear everyone's still alive.

      I'm sending that guy bad vibes right now >:(


    Last edited 25/03/13 9:26 am

      If you don't know who the other two are, you don't get to ask for the picture to be brought back. :P


        Going to take a wild stab at you're the guy next to Shiggy, and that you're Sharples. :P Didn't recognize you without the fro.

        But I honestly have no idea who the other bloke is.

    So it looks like Monster Hunter 3U isn't coming to Vita or PS3 (I'm not optimistic any more, but It's fine.)

    Phil Fish -- Creator of FEZ, has been getting hate for putting together some thoughts out on the 3DS and it's optional circle pad pro. And how he feels the newest MH game would have been better on the vita, claiming the higher quality screen and the 2nd control stick standard would have improved the game play experience. -- Although people have been enjoying the game without the 2nd stick, and single stick mechanics work on original PSP no worries, too.

    >> - The artigle at GN
    >> - Fish's Twitter

    What does everyone think of the Vita? C'mon guys be honest. ; _ ;

    Also, someone try and sway me to get a 3DS, please. I wouldn't mind playing some of the games on there, (Luigi's mansion 2/MH3U/Revelations) but Nintendo let me down in the DS era, licensing endless shelves of shovel-ware next to the sparse, great titles.

    End of week activity log:
    So finished HotS on Friday night, and am having mixed emotions. While on one hand, the gameplay feels seamless - they've really tightened up the single player, it's great - on the other hand, I felt it was far too easy, and the story was absolute rubbish.

    I mean Raynor and Kerrigan hardly knew each other in SC1. Sure, they flirted a bit over comms and it was clear they had a tiny bit of a crush on each other, but all of a sudden they're like long lost lovers? I don't get it. I can understand Raynor being all shattered after Kerrigan was betrayed by Mengsk, left to die, captured by the Zerg and converted - but HotS makes it seem mutual. Feels like they're really reaching on that one.

    Then there's the fact the entire game was just Kerrigan going back to the swarm slowly, to achieve the power to kill Mengsk, and that was it. Sure, we got a bit of ominous stuff about this Amon, but there was fuck all to it. It's like 'Yay, we saved Kerrigan!' Then, after HotS, we're back at square one with naught to show for it but a scary name and some ominous backstory.

    I guess it just felt like nothing was achieved. I found the Zerg didn't seem to have much of an indentity either. Sounds weird, because Zerg and all, but it used to be Kerrigan was the Queen of Blades and basically a representation of the Zerg. Tireless, numberless, all that. But in HotS, she was basically just using the Zerg to achieve her own goal. It made the whole race feel very insignificant.

    Then there was the missions - I didn't like the way they were designed. Half of it was 'control the hero with periodic reinforcements and no building'. There's seldom any straight building missions, and when there is, there's some sort of time limit or 'hurry the fuck up' constraint put on it. Really irked me.

    Sounds like I'm bagging it, and I guess I am. The thing that did make it enjoyable was the gameplay. But story and mission design failed outright, as far as I'm concerned.

    WoL felt so much more interesting, and satisfying.


    Got so caught up in my rant I forgot about the rest of my weekend. Saturday was spent playing a shitload of BF3 with a mate. Rest of the weekend was MH here and there, some more Breaking Bad catching up, and plotting my new cooling system for my PC.

    Last edited 25/03/13 9:34 am

      Yeah the Raynor/Kerrigan romance thing seemed pretty contrived, even in WoL.
      Have not played HotS but I was secretly hoping Kerrigan would wake up and be all "wtf Raynor, we were never a thing." then beat everyone up and go back to pub-stomping the galaxy.

        As someone who only has vague memories of the story from Starcraft 1/Brood War, I thought the Kerrigan/Raynor romance was fairly well established. I don't know what kind of treatment it's been given in SC2/HotS though.

          They did not even have a relationship, it was just Raynor hitting on Kerrigan over coms in like the two missions they are both in.

            Yeah, and I'm pretty sure Kerrigan got taken and converted before anything more could occur.

            Huh. well, I guess I just read too much into it or assumed they had known each other before they "met" in SC1.

    Public Service Announcment!

    @freezespreston is a great guy!

      Probably one of the best people I know!

      So great that he even organises joint parties without the other guy anything! Wow, what a guy. Right..?

    I played through a whole chapter of Dead Space 2 on the weekend cos Ni No just isn't doing it for me atm.

    (Dunno what it is, but I just didn't care, so I turned it off to return when I do)

    Stamping on already dead bodies is really quite de-stressful, I could really go for a bit of the old stamp-stamp right about now(Mondayitus)

      I know what it is - the game isn't designed that great :P

      Xenoblade is still the best JRPG this generation!

        Did you even play Dragon Quest IX or Pokemon Black&White?

          Yes but handhelds are weird when determining the generation. That's still sorta last-gen ya know?

          The World Ends with You was good too but I just consider handheld and console separately...

          FINE, best console JRPG :P

            Several times today, TAY has furked urp and I have landed here.


            And here I am again o_O

            Dood, I'm here again, this is an old TAY!!!

        Ever hear that Daft Punk song - One More Time?

        I think I'm experiencing that today...

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