Tell Us Dammit: Disgusting Things

Yesterday our sister site Lifehacker published one of the most insane local stories I've ever read. Lifehacker's newest local writer Chris Jager just had a baby and he did something a little strange: he kept the placenta. He took it home and he made a goddamn pizza using the placenta. Then he ate it. It got me wondering — what's the most disgusting thing you've ever done/eaten?

You can read the full story here — it's pretty amazing, but not for the squeamish. The photographs are pretty... insane.

Me? I've eaten a couple of rancid things in my life, but nothing like Chris. I've eaten Lamb's brains. That was rank. I've also eaten insects dipped in honey. That was actually quite tasty.

What about you guys and girls?


    I thought the placenta story was awesome. If I have a child one day I'd like to try it myself. :)

      I agree, it was a great article. But I don't think I'd ever be quite ready to eat placenta.

      Unless I was vegetarian and desperate for some sort of 'guilt-free' meat.

      Haha Gus! You would. How bout you start with my ass? Plenty of vitamins in there.

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        Yeah, but also WAY too many diseases. ;)

    Not something I've done, but the story of a friend of mine:
    (hidden in spoiler tags on there)

      WTF. Seemed ok until he put vegemite on it. The rest, eh could do it.

        You were okay with the shaving cream but not the vegemite? :P

          More likely to eat shaving cream than vegemite that's for sure :D

    Not me personally, but in high school there was a kid who would eat anything for a couple of bucks. Ended up eating what we presume was the liver of a half rotten dead bird, then the school kinda intervened and said to stop doing it and for us to stop encouraging him.

    not really sure why he did it, it was literally for change some times and he wasn't poorly off, cry for attention maybe?

      That's awful...did he get sick or anything?

        Still alive last time we spoke, no sickness afterwards. He had guts if iron though, through a whole medium tin of Pal dog food without even gagging

    Ive tried things that arent necessarily disgusting or weird, just odd. Cow tongue in Japan was odd but delicious.

    Ate a dried out bug/cicada looking thing in China, tour guide said it was a special snack. It was crunchy and I had the weird meat taste for the rest of the day.

    When travelling through south east asia I made it my mission to try all sorts of crazy foods. The most nuts one I tried was hot vin lon in Vietnam, also known as Balut in the Philippines.
    It was delicious :D

    My friends mum was a midwife, and she would sneakily bring placentas home for spaghetti. She'd save them up till she had a nice big bag. Seriously messed up.

      This is now the worst thing I have ever heard of.

    I once stupidly thought that mixing chocolate with supermarket block cheese was a good idea. It wasn't a good idea. I've also eaten snails before, tastes a lot like calamari. Other than that, I can't really remember eating anything too odd or disgusting, but then, I'm a bit of a walking gastropod so it generally comes down to whether or not I like the food rather than what it is.

    Also, am I the only one that thinks of the movie Dumplings when reading that story?

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      By snails, do you mean at a restaurant, or just something you picked up in the garden? I recall reading something that your average garden variety snails can contain a parasite that can kill people if someone eats an infected snail. Don't recall any more details though.

    I thought the placenta on the pizza was an actual turd. I'm not sure what's worse. I suppose at least one is meant to be quite nutritious.

    This one time I drank a Pepsi.

    The toilets at any train station in NSW. Seriously WTF is wrong with people? You piss and shit IN the toilet not on the roof.

    I've eaten monkey when I was over in malaysia ... that was interesting

    Thanks for redirecting us to this article it seriously made my day, what a trooper.

    I've eaten at Subway. It's the only franchise you can go to where the dominant smell is either bile, or like one of their subs has taken a shit in the bread oven.

    Not exactly on topic (close enough) but I got the WORST case of food poisoning in my entire life eating 1 slice of vegetarian pizza from NY pizza slice in Kings cross. I know, I know I shouldn't have eaten there to begin with but it was literally the only thing i had time for that night.

    ...10 hours of excruciating agony later (4am) I was pacing around my lounge room shaking and sweating profusely, reading anything i picked up as it was the only thing i could do to stop my bowels from exploding and projectile vomiting everywhere.

    I wanted to burn the place down with everyone in it.

    One time, I thought getting two pieces of toast and putting a Caramello Koala sandwiched in between would be tasty. It's actually the most disgusting thing I've ever eaten.

    Yeah, I'm pretty adventurous.

    I have another story. When I was five, I went to my friends house. He was odd, but whatever, I was five. Anyway, he hears his mum feeding his dogs, and he says to me 'check this out'. He gets in there with the dogs and starts wolfing down raw chicken necks and dog biscuits with them. Just pigs out on them.

    The weird part is, he went full dog and refused to break character. Like for hours. His mum had to take me home.

    I heard later that he was autistic, but I don't know that for a fact.

    I've had scorpions and other weird bugs when on a school trip to China

    Worst thing was stinky tofu though, pretty sure that was my only case of food poisoning EVER...

    For my mum's generation in Indonesia eating placenta was considered a normal part of becoming a mother. Attitudes have probably changed a bit for the current generation due to increased 'westernisation', but it's certainly not a practice that's unheard of for this generation.

    I don't think I'd want to try it myself, but I wouldn't have any issues with my partner wanting to do so.

    I ate a chicken's heart once. A Portuguese dude was grilling them at a hostel in San Diego. He was pretty insistent that I try one - they're a street food delicacy where he's from - so I gave it a go. They were battered; kinda like McNuggets. Really chewy and just a horrible texture. Good thing I'd been drinking Tequila all day...

      I tried chicken heart at an izakaya when I was trying all different sorts of yakitori when on holiday in Hiroshima. I tried some kokoro/hatsu (skewered chicken heart), and I agree, there's something about the texture that feels a bit strange.

    Well I haven't eaten anything even close to vile.

    But the stench of 1,000 tonnes of bio solids, more than enough to make me spew my guts up. Even 76 tonnes of it is bad enough.

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