‘That’ GDC Party Co-Host Releases Statement Regarding Female Dancers

‘That’ GDC Party Co-Host Releases Statement Regarding Female Dancers

Yetizen, co-host of a party featuring scantily clad dancers at the Game Developers Conference, has released a statement on the controversy.

YetiZen’s CEO says the IGDA’s director approved the dancers’ costumes; you can read the full statement here.


  • Since their blog is badly configured, here’s the comment it wouldn’t let me leave:

    If you’re all about female equality, why hire ‘avid gamers’ who ‘happen’ to be models? Just guessing, but the percentage of ‘avid gamers’ who ‘happen’ to be models would be somewhat in the less than 1% range.

    So either you selected them because you were in a position where you needed gamers and amazingly the only ones you could find were from the infinitesmal sample that happen to be models…

    …or you chose them because you wanted eye-candy, meaning that much of what you said is, if not exactly lying, not entirely honest.

    So let’s be honest. As a business manager with a grasp of marketing, it’s your JOB to present these kinds of events with content that you know will appeal to the audience. If you chose attractive model gamers over frumpy gamers then you’re doing your JOB properly.

    However, to match the principles you describe in your post, what you should have done is admitted this as the main focus, and then gone on to make some further points how the issue is with the wider community and that you simply are doing your JOB. And then suggested some ways in which the community can move towards the ways of thinking you claim to hold as a person.

    Instead, your focus was covering your ass. Again, this is your JOB and that’s understandable.

    But as a person, you sure aren’t matching up to the principles you espoused in the process.

    I’d just suggest for future reference that with a bit of thought you can be more honest in your explanation and still fulfil your job requirements – you just need to have the fortitude to engage in further commentary with those who cleave to the status quo.

    Something along the lines of ‘We hired models because T&A is what people want and it’s our job to supply that. Does anyone have any constructive suggestions as to how we can still do our job in a more progressive fashion?’

    Hint – What you can do is just hire in a bunch of random gamers and then make a big point of how you actually hired random, representative people, rather than trying for cheesecake. You look like the biggest grown ups in the industry, you get lots of positive press and it costs a lot less. Yes, I am available at a reasonable rate.

    These issues are great as you get to decide whether your principles are more important than just trying to sweep things under the rug because it’s easier to do.

    Maybe next time.

  • What a refreshing change from the usual knee-jerk “there’s not a sexism problem in the industry men are objectified too blah blah” response.

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