The Australian Puzzle Game That's Big In Italy For Some Reason...

Unstoppabot was released last week on iOS and despite the fact it was developed in Australia, it's yet to make any kind of sales dent in this country. But the Italians and the Chinese? They seem to totally love it!

Nick Kolan, one of the designers behind the game, came into the Kotaku office to give me an early look at Unstoppabot. It's a bit like Lemmings if Lemmings was an endless runner. You don't control the Unstoppabot, you control his environment and it's your job to add things in that environment to help him survive!

Nick has no idea why Italians love Unstoppabot. There are no pasta references as far as he can remember, and the game doesn't even have Italian language support. I forgot to ask if there were any pizza references in the game. Maybe that explains it.

Anyway, Unstoppabot is free to play, and I actually really enjoyed playing it. You should check it out.


    Here's the iTunes link if anyone's interested.

    went to high school with one of the devs of the game and we're still good friends....wish I'd gone for the launch party but theres this thing called work which tends to get in the way

    Until I clicked on this article I had no idea it existed - that's why it's not a hit in Australia - it's VERY hard to get noticed on the App Store!

    Bring it to Android.....would be awesome if that music played the whole time

      One of the devs here, we're currently working on an android version - the game works on android, but we've gotta do a lot of device testing before we can release

      It's coming to Android soon. Actually I should be working on that right now ...

        Yay! This makes me happy.

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