The Awesome Giant Monsters Of Japanese Video Games

The Awesome Giant Monsters Of Japanese Video Games

Godzilla and his atomic breath are one of the most recognisable metaphors for the atomic bombings of WWII — and they’re also icons of Japanese pop culture. With a steady supply of Kaiju movies, giant monsters nestled themselves comfortably in video games, creating a huge library of monster mayhem-based titles. We have selected some of them, both niche and well-known, featuring battles with these towering beasts.

Daikaijuu Deburas (NES – 1990)

Shadow Of The Colossus (PS2 – 2005)

Super Godzilla (SNES – 1993)

Cho Aniki (PC Engine – 1992)

Godzilla Generations (Sega Dreamcast – 1998)

Dark Souls (PS3/360/PC – 2011/2012)

Lost Planet 1-2 (PS3/360/PC – 2006/2010)

Ultraman: Towards The Future (SNES/Sega Genesis – 1991/1993)

King Of The Monsters 1-2 (SNES/Sega Genesis/NeoGeo – 1991/1992)

Do you know any other huge monsters from Japanese video games? Tell us in the comments below.

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