The Best Of Last Week's Cosplay: Hitman, Dark Link, Mononoke & Freakin' Wind Waker

For all the controversy Hitman: Absolution's "sexy nun" trailer generated, it's nice to see three cosplayers find a way to have a little fun with the characters.

It's also nice seeing people make exquisite Wind Waker costumes because, well, there is no higher calling in life, cosplay or not, than making exquisite Wind Waker-based things.

To see the larger pics in all their glory (or, if they're big enough, so you can save them as wallpaper), right-click on them below and select "open in new tab".
Fancy Pants is a weekly look at the very best in the world of cosplay (costume play), where people dress up as their favourite video game characters.

As seen on alternatecoppa.

As seen on Kudrel-Cosplay.

As seen on MolecularAgatha.

As seen on InkyLink.

As seen on shamblesofhearts.

As seen on yayacosplay.

As seen on Donttellme.

As seen on chelseycosplay.

As seen on LuceCosplay.

As seen on Drefan-cosplay.

As seen on E-Nekos.

As seen on CatalystSirene.

As seen on Arorea.

As seen on diriagoly.


    Be nice if that dude was in character for 47...

      Not sure about that, his face made that picture IMO, busted myself laughing

    What's up with that male Link, 3rd pic from the bottom. Looks like it should be more like Tingle lol

    Oh my god it's a MALE Tifa. I'm sure Don Corneo approves...

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