The Chronicles Of Onederboy: The Movie

Back when I was on paternity leave we had Jeremy 'Junglist' Ray covering on Kotaku. During his tenure he kicked off a great series called The Chronicles of Onederboy, where he attempted to play through the entirety of Dark Souls without leveling up. Insanity. When he left Kotaku, however, he didn't stop playing. He kept going, and this is a video diary of his exploits...

Junglist emailed this to me, and he told me to tell you guys that he actually had to start the game again to capture footage! He also mentioned that Artorias, Kalameet, and Manus were by far the hardest. I watched half this video — mainly because I'm still only halfway through the game, but it's great stuff. If you love Dark Souls, you have to watch this video.


    Ah cool so he did it as a 5 inch floppy episode.

    How can i say 'I really like 5 inch floppy' wihtout it sounding wierd? Anyway people should watch his other episodes if they haven't already.

      The floppy is gud.

        Now that you've had him on kotaku, Mark, don't you think he should return the favour and interview you on the floppy or something similar?? :P

    Great video! That gwyn fight looked intense.

    MAN, that's hardcore. I'm level 17 at the moment, and feeling underpowered (focusing as much as possible on equipment) :P

    I remember when I did a onerun.
    Good times. <3 pyromancy

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