The Coolest, Weirdest Gabe Newell Fan Art We Could Find

How much does the internet love Valve's Gabe Newell? Enough to regularly draw fan art of the man, apparently. I've never seen anything like it.

Here's a collection of some of the coolest, weirdest, most WTF Gabe Newell fanart on the web (that we could find). The leading image up there? It's by DarrenGeers on deviantART.

And here's the incredibly cool time-lapse of that illustration.

Classic Gabe Newell as lord of the Glorious PC Master Race by Saejin Oh.

It seems that DarrenGeers has a THING for Gaben.

Jabba the Gabe? OK! This one is by Aniforce.

Don't ask questions. Just accept this ballerina by Redditor msc4160.

Good ol' Gabe, prancing about. Thanks valvesoftware Tumblr!

Our eternal saviour, Gabe Newell — by freddre on deviantART.

An artistic (?) rendition of Newell by deviantART user porkcow.

Adventure Time meets Gabe Newell? Sure! By flyingdoombunny.

Gabe said he liked ponies! So don't blame CheesyChan.

OH GOD THERE'S MORE, only this one is by Greywander87.

Some Gaben pixelart by Nox-id.

This is Michelangelo's famous Valve chapel ceiling piece, reproduced by tfantoni.

A rather happy-looking Gabe by Konnestra.

That one too happy? Here, have a stern Gabe by UnidColor.

Gabe wants his cake, by dendrok.

This Newell sure is... robust. By victorroa.

Remember this scene from this video?

This speaks for itself. Amazing work, Inappropriate Blingees.

You got to the end. Congrats. Here is your prize. Thank mechadoru.

Though if that last one is, um, up your alley, you might want to check out the Gaben Gone Wild Subreddit. Just be warned, it's not really safe for life. And naturally, if you've drawn or have come across any good Gabe Newell fan art, make sure to share in the comments!


    Well, that was equal parts awesome and disturbing.

    Duuuude these aren't being credited properly!
    The Gabe running animation came from the pen of Fanboys-Online's Scott DeWitt.
    The Gabe reaching for a cake through a portal image came from some other comic, that dA guy has just uploaded it with "lol funny" because deviantart is full of retarded people who fail to understand the common courtesy of not uploading other people's work.

    So has that first Gabe made it on to the Left 4 Dead Workshop page yet?

    Speaking of ponies, have you seen Tiffany? Mwahahaha

    WHOA, thanks for include my fanart! ^^

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