The Evolution Of Crazy Japanese Professional Wrestling Video Games

Wrestling video games have a wide variety. It's not just about annual licensed stuff! And to find the craziest ones, you can always count on the Japanese devs. So we have selected a few Japanese titles — some of these only came out in Japan — to see how far wrestling games (and the muscles) evolved in the last 25 years.

Champion Pro Wrestling (1985 - MSX / SG-1000)

Tag Team Wrestling (1986 - NES / C64)

Cutie Suzuki No Ringside Angel (1990 - Sega Genesis)

Wrestle War (1991 - Sega Genesis)

3 Count Bout (1993 - Neo Geo)

Saturday Night Slam Masters (1994 - SNES / Sega Genesis)

Jikkyou Power Pro Wrestling '96: Max Voltage (1996 - Super Famicom)

Virtual Pro Wrestling 64 (1997 - Nintendo 64)

Big Bang Pro Wrestling (2000 - Neo Geo Pocket colour)

King of Colosseum Red / Green (2002 / 2003 - PlayStation 2)

Rumble Roses (2004 - PlayStation 2)

Lucha Libre AAA: Héroes del Ring (2010 - PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360)

Which Japanese pro wrestling game would you pick as a good-looking one or as your favourite one? You can post them with images in the comments below.

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    Giant gram for dreamcast was awesome, best wrestling game I've ever played.

    Oh man, thanks Gergo! You just reminded me of one of my all time favorite games that i had completely forgotten about! Saturday Night Slam Masters was the bomb!!! #nostalgia

    Fire Pro Wrestling has always been one of my favourites.

      Also, Lucha Libre AAA: Héroes del Ring is not a Japanese wrestling game by any definition. It was made by a Mexican company, and features wrestlers from AAA, a Mexican wrestling company.

      Fire Pro Wrestling D all the way, not so much a wrestling game but a wrestling simulator, you could fully customise your own wrestler and then program their style so the computer would play them the way you would.

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