The (Fake) True Story Of The Wreck-It Ralph High Score Wars

Oh my lord this is amazing. You have most likely watched the classic documentary The King of Kong — the story of the Donkey Kong high score, Billy Mitchell and Steve Weibe. Classic stuff. Now Wreck-It Ralph's Director Rich Moore has just hosted a 30 minute parody documentary which does the precise same thing for Wreck-It Ralph. This is the fake true story of the Wreck-it Ralph high score, and it's absolutely genius!

It's perfect. Just perfect. If you have a spare 30 minutes it's a complete must watch. As much as I truly enjoyed Wreck-It Ralph I think this may actually be more interesting. Super clever piss-take, truly entertaining on almost every possible level! Even if it is promotional material, it's promotional material done right. Great stuff.

Via First Showing


    I'm watching this when I go home tonight for sure.

    Someone remind me to watch this later.

      You should watch this later, Mr Taco.

        Thanks, I totally forgot about it!

        ...*gets distracted and forgets again*

    Haha, This was cute.

    And wow, Rich Moore. First time for me seeing the face of the guy I hear in all those old Futurama commentaries I repeatedly watch

    Is that the young Keith Apicary :P

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